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All the world's a stage

copyright 1996 by Cass von Braun
all rights reserved

Duncan Dooley, a buddy of mine
Sold off his studio one piece at a time
He said he had an insight
How all the world's a stage
And thumbed it to the Apple to live the written page

Duncan Dooley duly wept and raged as in a dream
It gave him claustrophobia, it made him want to scream
The man he played was noble -- but Duncan, he was small
The director waved his magic wand and Duncan, he grew tall!

All the world's a stage
And time is the only wage
You're an actor so
You don't have to let what hurts you show
Now let's see you come through
The scenes it's better when you do

Someday we'll find place and time
And we'll play head to head
And there will be no questions, no betrayals, no deceit, and no regret

Duncan Dooley duly learned how a man could be so attracted
It didn't matter how he felt, it only mattered how he acted
Duncan worked until he knew how the hero could be played
The instructor left his credit off -- and Duncan, he got laid

Now Duncan Dooley duly wears the laurels that we gave
Next he says we're gonna do a play about the play
One character is a genius, one character has AIDS
They're running it on Broadway with the leading man in braids

repeat refrain and bridge