light, life, love .Valentine's

reflections in the grotto of the love god

light, life, love do not wonder if . love should be expressed.

. It . must be.. This is part of what makes it the very principle and force of life itself.
Conceptually, the Valentine is more than meets the eye or hits the inbox.
I T ' S . E T H E R I A L , .N O T .M A T E R I A L .

Eros is Ready
This two-part message is an ardent epistle, classically sanguine, and available for distribution free to non-commercial purposes, from the HEART Department at nine3

This image of Eros and the image of the romantic encounter, which follows, comprise the outside and the inside of the Valentine. They can be configured to meet your individual preference with your choice among three slightly different messages. Following the path here provided will direct you to the three different messages, and then back to the form, where you can initiate the transmission.

If you've been down this path before and know what you want, proceed directly to Draw Arrow, Aim, and Shoot on the order form. There you can select a valentine to send.

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