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Tata, Bulla Razz

copyright 1996 by Cass von Braun
Vocal by Cass von Braun.
All rights reserved

Tata, bulla razz
You want to
Intellect eclipse
Tata bulla
Indulge my new
Compulsion for your lips

Tata bulla razz
Ocean god
The motion of your hips
Tata bulla razz
Holy rod
The way your backbone slips

Jean Jacques said don't talk
I want perspective on that dress
Will you let me tie you up
Your knees up on your chest
Not so I enslave you
But just so you can rest
Carress the noble savage
Doing worship at your
Eh! Sh-h-h-h . . . ROUSSEAU !

Uh, did I just hear a nasty?
Someone is going to get a spanking
When we get home

Tata bulla razz, bulla razz, bulla razzx
It's pointless to resist
Tata bulla razz
Get ready to be kissed

Tata bulla razz, bulla razz, bulla razz
Consider what sweet luck
Ta tata bulla razz
Makes you want to
Eh! Sh-h-h-h . . . ROUSSEAU !

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