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"HARRIER ANGEL -- rock remedy for the re generation"
Setting the scenes -- and songs from the commercially-recorded CD

Live performance tracks, flicks and other multimedia reside here (live performances) and here (studio recordings of music)

OTHER SHOWS with musical sketches that are complete but reflect various levels of development.
RFP: Singers, let us know if you hear something you'd like to perform.
We're always interested in hearing what you think about it -- and what your performance would sound like.

"The RaZz" synopsis of an experimental ("immersive") musical in one act
The Onion Rag
Tata Bulla Razz
Duncan's Song
In Nancy
Nicola, Nicole
All The World's A Stage

"Upside Downstairs" a Cambridge comedy of manners, in two acts
Act I
Dean Don
I Heard
Galadrial's Aria
The Chain of Being
Admiral Farragut's Campaign Song
The Wire Song
Work For It
Coppers (Worth A Fortune)

Act II
Falling For You
Pieces of One
What's New (Quite A Bed Of Roses)
I Ching!
Fada (Wise Enough To Play The Fool)
Fada (Tango -- Instrumental Dance)

"Ghosts We Have Deposed" a ten minute play with music
Act I
Lost & Found -- a sonnet musicalized

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