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What is a nine-three configuration?

Nine-three configurations, of which there are three distinct types, are geometrical constructions that express special relationships with the pulsations we like to think of as the COSMIC BINARY CODE, otherwise known as that CRAZY EIGHT,   i n f i n i t y".

Formally, there are three ways of arranging nine lines and nine points so that there are three lines through every point and three points on every line. The number and variety of harmonic relationships with infinity contained in these figures is significant, with multiple instances of infinity often occuring within a single construct.

I see in nine three configurations a way to navigate an animated system for calculation. My system attempts to account for pulse. Its use can breathe life into art, or any calculated expression.

I got the idea for this system when introduced to the concept of pi at age 10. My first thought about pi was that someone ought to figure out a way to make pi the standard, rather than an anomaly, in a mathematical system. This essay attempts to express is my solution, thus far. What I've arrived at helps me enormously as an artist, however far removed from academic proofs my hypothesis may be.

The philosophical precept that for every object there is an equal and opposite non-object that can be described on another plane has persisted from ancient times through the arcane mystery schools and ancient mathematical theories as well as throughout traditional Western schools of thought, from the works of Plato and Kant down to the works of present day philosophers and mathematicians. Implications of the recent proof of Fermat's Last Theorem effectively codify the principle mathematically.

In this discussion, we propose a form of the hexadecimal system, updated graphically and rhythmically. We call this system "sexadecimal," which is, in fact, the unadulterated name for a base-16 system. The alternate term "hexadecimal" was adopted by corporate policy at IBM in the late 1940's due to what were felt to be "nasty" and "embarrassing" connotations suggested by the term "sexadecimal." Perhaps this was an early indication of our cultural tendency to favor political correctness over accuracy, even in fields purveying methods utterly dependent upon logic and rationality.

    But let us not maunder far afield . . .

     At right are the characters used to represent the figures in one cycle of sixteen. Note how, graphically, the second half of the cycle contains a mirror image of the first half. The two sides of the cycle are thus analogous to a binary system. It is easy to see how an extension of this idea through horizontal reflections of the figures as well as the vertical shown, the system can be applied to calculations in four dimensions / quadrants.


1. Name the quad system. If we call the hexadecimal system described here "sexadecimal," what do you think we should call the base-32 system?

2. I have created a font for the figures shown, and it is available to download at the links below. I would like to see a calculator that uses these figures in place of the usual figures used in hexadecimal calculators. Please drop me a line if you create such a calculator. I would love to see it.

    An important quality of our graphical depiction of the proposed system makes it a form of abacus analogy, enabling instantaneous, visual transliteration between binary, or base-2, values and their base-16 equivalents. Use of the pi  in place of "3" assumes a certain "rounding" -- if you please, applying a dynamic effect, so that "strong/weak" or "pulse" may play in every phase of every calculation, or as designed by specific algorithms.

Note: I am aware that pi does not occur at the 3-point-something position in sex/hex as it does in decimal, however I like to keep it there (at least temporarily) as a touchstone, a reminder, a symbol or something like that. Until the system shakes out a bit, if you will. In any base 16 system, pi occurs at 5-point-something, has been calculated to some thousands of places, and so far (like the decimal equivalent) shows no sign of ever coming out even or displaying a pattern.

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Eternally cycling through darkness and light

The phrase, "Beauty will save the world," were the dying words of Leo Tolstoy. I have pondered what could be meant by this. Here is a description of how to arrive at an expression of that principle:

Beauty will be served
When men know
How every line is curved

Where  nought   is not, we figure without zero, as music — in double eights of meaning  crazy8

furthermore, as was written on the temple wall.

"To being there never has been a beginning, for nothing cannot give rise to something." Thus an ancient axiom dispenses with many of the false precepts of our modern age.

Does anyone want to argue about the Big Bang Theory? Some still give it credence.



    Let us contemplate a theory of number that is simultaneously hexadecimal and binary. Through the dynamic symmetry introduced by  pi  standing in at "3," we are able to denote pulsation in what has traditionally been considered a uniform field of number. Thus finding its pulse, the field of number suddenly comes alive. Now calculations may approach the multidimensionality that our metaphysical thinking has been slow to codify.

     In the proposed system, numbers advance in sets of coupled pairs, as our world does — in light and dark, yin and yang — and we allow for "fat" and "thin" values emanating from the pi to help describe the dynamics of pulse.

     Notable also is the omission of the cipher, zero.

     To consider whether you are looking at your calculations from the proper perspective, click here, or on the spectrum graphic, below.

     Like time, eternally cycling through darkness and light, form coalesces through the agency of pattern which arises spontaneously and — magically — with even greater facility and dazzling inventiveness in the  living media of nature itself as is ever proved in mathematics. All forms are quite literally the sums of their being and their not-being.

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