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My father says things are changing for him now, and I believe him!
Whoa, back off!
He¼ll never really be civilized intil he can fold laundry and watch tv at the same time!

Sherlock Jones

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© Cass von Braun, vocal by Brent Newcomb
Recorded at Danger Multitrack, Providence, RI

There's so many joneses in the USA
It's easy to neglect some in the litany
There's people pointing fingers
Look at that jones
But don't forget the nasty habits everybody owns
Let's call them out
Confess to the crime
And talk about yours when we talk about mine

There isn't any righteous cause
Sherlock Holmes won't serve
But he takes a drop of morphine
Because he says it clears the nerve
And who will be the arbiter to make him quit that jones
He's got to get high above it all
And the wind has got to blow

I got a Sherlock jones, don't try to lie to me
I got a sherlock jones
A nasty habit to see
Sherlock jones, don't try to lie to me
Sherlock jones has got the habit to see

A bigger piece of a smaller pie
Mindless acceptance of the usual lie
U.S. Jones is on a trip he can't rout
Just another junkie taking the easy way out
The things they say they're doing
Don't explain what's going down
And I think they got some joneses
Uh-oh! of their own to talk about


{instrumental followed by spoken interlude:}I
I . . . I . . . I get in the amazing patterns of weaving
That make up the fabric of why . . . why . . . why
And I can see why because I can be
The secret of insight is not a mystery
What's in you is in me
One fact emerges the longer you survive
It's becoming clearer now
Stay a jerk, take a dive!


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