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I'm going with him
I am going with him

Red River Valley

Traditional melody with additional music and words
by Cass von Braun © Cass von Braun, all rights reserved

Vocal by Didi Stewart, Brent Newcomb, Amber Casares and Mike Mazola. Traditional song interplayed with new version, on player at right, vocal by Cass von Braun.

Cassie's "Red River Valley"

From this valley they say you are going
We will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile
For they say you are taking the sunshine
That has brightened our pathways awhile

In the flood you were borne through the water
Like a foundling, I carried you here
We could pass forty years like a moment
Far too soon I must leave you, my dear

Come and sit by my side if you love me,
For the last time
There are different ways ahead we must go
Our prayers for eachother make it right
Where ever we are bound, let it be for the light

In darkness I came to this place
The mystery of love
The rhythm of the blood bids our return
There was never any happiness
Like lying in your arms
Sweeter than the pear the secrets we share
So like the leaves, all my beliefs
Travel far upon the storm
The roots of my existence
Are planted deep along these shores

So remember the Red River Valley
Remember the breeze in your hair
How we sat on the banks in the moonlight
How it seemed we would always be here

And if they want the answer
Why angels should be born
Say just because you wanted it
Juice and fruit and thorn

I've been thinking, my darling, a long time
All the sweet things I never could say
Now, alas, I may speak or be silent
It won't keep you from going away

NEW REFRAIN (repeated, as above
Come and sit by my side if you love me,
For the last time
There are different ways ahead we must go
Our prayers for eachother make it right
Where ever we are bound, let it be for the light

Come and sit by my side if you love me
Do not hasten to bid me adieu
Just remember the Red River Valley
And the one who has loved you so true

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I was playing an acoustic version of this song, in a long form that includes most of the traditional verses. Rob Mooney wanted to hear some violin in it, so he decided to record a version that way, with guitars, drums and piano. This isn't the final track. The piano part exists, but isn't in here yet and the vocal is just a scratch. But I wanted to run it past you and see how it flies. Hope you like it, and will return soon to hear final takes. Singers and players, be sure to try it out at
the usual place, where a new instrumental now resides.

Naro and I were giving it a close listen, and I was trying out some new vocal stylings for the final. As usual the song "resonates" in this space in a most profound way. I had commented on how the roses standing in a vase on the piano continued to fill the room with a wonderful fragrance despite the fact that they looked rather tired, having fainted yesterday. The fragrance of rose still goes so deep into the middle of my brain that can often still experience something akin to giddiness or swooning from burying my nose deep in the scent, When I was a small child playing in the yard, I found the presence of blooming roses rapturous, as I confess is remains the case today.

You may recall I wrote this setting for "Red River Valley" for my father upon his passing, and that a strange kinetic event accompanied its completion.

This time, as we were listening critically to this new arrangement yesterday, Naro and I decided I should use the English pronunciation of "adieu." He teasingly asked what I meant by singing the French pronunciation that no one understands in this context except as I may be saying "ad-Ewww"! I admitted it had been my favorite word to sing in the song, as it was a rare occasion to use a French vowel sound that actually has no exact corollary in English. It's just a very fun word to say, in my opinion.

But he was right, of course! I laughed and repeated the old chestnut that often serves art well: "If you've got some little detail that for some reason you really, really, like, that you are sure is so very cool, . . . then that's a pretty good indication you should DROP IT!"

As if on cue, the fading yet still beautiful roses standing in the vase on the piano suddenly dropped their petals. It was a very funny moment, like another little cosmic comment from Daddy.

Drop by the bulletin board and let me know how you're doing.

I need to get more pages up on the live concert, so everyone can hear what an incredible job our players do. Three complete numbers are up there now, and I've recently added movie shorts from live performances, so don't be a stranger --


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