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Cuddlesome girl for whom nothing in the world could be more important than loving and being loved. So you¼re telling me now this is a crime?
Even Angeline's beloved (not her baby's sire) disagrees with her choice, but this is what her mother Naomi thinks when she sees her daughter's face:

"That smile is a mask of pain.

"To this girl for whom nothing in the world could be more important than loving and being loved, they were saying it was wrong.

"Oh, but never you mind, my Angeline. It turns out they say this is so because you don't have an owner — there's no man to stake the claim.

"Yet, for some time now, that hasn't even mattered. A girl can use her own, her mother's, or any other name.

"So if you want your baby, then go ahead and have it. You are my hero. My number one angel, Angeline. I should be so lucky as to be your child, too.


© Cass von Braun
Vocal by Michael Mazola

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You don't even know what you want. Yet you think you know what I should do.

You'd stop me in my tracks, just for something to prove.
I care, but I can't stay here. I'm afraid of you.

Good-bye. Good luck, exasperating girl!

Excruciating fact extraordinaire:
They love eachother.
So WHY must they say goodbye?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
But we love eachother
. . . . . . . . . . . . . Holy cow, you want the kid, don't you! Admit it. You want the kid!

Okay, I want the kid.

What's so terrible about that?

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