5 steps to tuning the body
Five Steps To Tuning The Body

The 5 ancient rituals diagram at left may be downloaded for your reference by right-clicking the image or holding mouse button down and saving to your computer. Document size fits 8.5x11 sheet.

Do each exercise, in the order given, for the same number of repetitions. Begin with doing each phase seven times. As you become stronger and wish to add more repetitions, do so in cycles of sevens or nines. For example, when you are comfortable with doing seven of all five steps, begin doing nine repetitions, then 14, then 18, then 21, then 27. Later we will teach you nines in praciticing the deer.

Approach these motions with gentleness. Do not force the exercises. At first one or more may seem foreign or even uncomfortable to do. With patience, in not a very long time, your body will begin understand the sense in which you are bringing all systems into balance. The exercises will become as a cherished ritual. Coordinate breathing to complement the pumping action of each movement.

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