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Carnal existence -- that is, the phase of be-ing when we are alive in a physical body -- is the soul's greatest opportunity.

N E W -- The 5 ancient rituals to achieve proper attunement of the body to benefit from the Vital Life Force are now available here.

     Between a man and a woman mindful of the sacred erotic, the Vital Life Force -- expressing its ceaseless tendency to be -- is free to expand the unseparated part, the id, or the energy we know as
godhead, within the physical instrument of each individual, enlarging the soul and its ability to enact divinity. Such coupling enables the two to consist together as one perfect be-ing. This expansion, or blossoming in ecstatic union, is a true expression of what the ancients knew as the Secret of the Golden Flower. It is the most attainable of paths to a divine state and demonstrates how love is -- both literally and figuratively -- the very force and nature of the universe.

     Tao the undivided, Great One, gives rise to two opposite reality principles, Darkness and Light, yin and yang. These are at first thought of only as forces of nature apart from man. Later, the sexual polarities and others as well, are derived from them. From yin comes K'un, the receptive feminine principle; from yang comes Ch'ien, the creative masculine principle; from yin comes ming, life; from yang, hsing or essence.

     Each individual contains a central monad which, at the moment of conception, splits into life and essence, ming and hsing. These two are super-individual principles, and so can be related to eros and logos.

     In the personal bodily existence of the individual they are represented by two other polarities, a p'o soul (or anima) and a hun soul (or animus). All during the life of the individual these two are in conflict, each striving for mastery. At death they separate and go different ways. The anima sinks to earth as kuei, a ghost-being. The animus rises and becomes shen, a revealing spirit or god. Shen may in time return to Tao.
     If the life-forces flow downward, that is, without let or hindrance into the outer world, the anima is victorious over the animus; no "spirit body" or "Golden Flower" is developed, and, at death, the ego is lost. If the life-forces are led through the "backward-flowing" process, that is, conserved, and made to "rise" instead of allowed to dissipate, the animus had been victorious, and the ego persists after death. It is then possessed of shen, the revealing spirit. A man who holds to the way of conservation all through life may reach the stage of the "Golden Flower," which then frees the ego from the conflict of the opposities, and it again becomes part of Tao, the undivided, Great One.

From The Secret of the Golden Flower, a Chinese Book of Life, translated and explained by Richard Wilhelm, with a European Commentary by C.G. Jung (Harcourt, Brace & Company, New York, 1931).


If you are not a partner in a mated pair, it is possible to attain oneness and balance through the practice of the Deer Exercise for Men and the Deer Exercise for Women.

It is said that to the extent a practitioner achieves oneness through these methods, aging ceases.

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