<bgsound src="http://www.nine3.com/sounds/tata.mp3" loop=1> Being attuned to God's dreaming Oh, to sing and dance in Nancy
Did we ever believe it possible
humanity would rise above animal nature whilst repressing sexuality?

Return with us now to the

Age of Enlightenment,

more than 300 years ago,

to The Confessions

and the tabla erase

of Jean Jacques Rousseau.

"Carress the noble savage doing worship at your breast."

The sacred erotic is be~ing attuned to God's dreaming

Perfection consists

in the physical order,
in the realization of the dream of beauty
in the moral order,
in the realization of the dream of love
in the intellectual order,
in the realization of the dream of poetry
in the spiritual order,
in the realization of the dream of enlightenment

The four orders of experience in the carnal state may intersect at perfection, enacting divinity, through ritual practice of the sacred erotic.

The perception of beauty evokes feelings of protectiveness, giving rise to the energies of love, for example:
The Flash multimedia experience of "In Nancy"

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