"The Razz"
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A . G U I D E . T H R O U G H . T H E . T R A C K S

The Onion Rag
Tata Bulla Razz
Duncan's Song
In Nancy
Nicola, Nicole
All The World's A Stage

Nancy Girl S Y N O P S I S

Figurative elements operate within the dreamlike vignette of a theatrical company who have come to the house where props and sets are stored to pack what they need for a show they are taking on the road. Outside, the river is flooding and they wonder if they are to be stranded. While contemplating their escape, they rehearse their numbers.

In a quasi-absurdist style that might be expected in a collaboration between Tom Stoppard and Monty Python, with symbolic action as ballast and wordplay as swordplay, we embark upon the sea of dawning awareness, while the cities where we have so long writhed and revelled lie seething in ruins on the shore. Bit by bit, we discover it may be entirely unnecessary to discourse at all when unravelling the mittens of the pop culture clichés that lately hold in chokehold the levity and joie de vivre in entertainment. And we do get to do "Carmen," sort of : )

An act of metaphysical iconoclasm, "The Razz" sends up late Twentieth Century gender relations, bypassing the intellect in favor of a direct application to the psyche. The distinctions between an oral and a written tradition crumble as we explore whether it may be unnecessary to fully understand a conundrum in order to unravel its mittens.

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