TRY A SHAREWARE SAMPLE of "Red River Valley"

Traditional melody with additional music and lyrics by Cass von Braun. Vocal by Cass von Braun

Instrumental performances and arrangement by Robert J. Mooney

. . . The HARRIER ANGEL "Red River Valley" sheet music is available here.
So many visitors asked if they could have the chords to the "Harrier Angel" version of "Red River Valley" that we decided to offer the sheet music on-line.

There is nothing more healing than music. Maybe it's because a deep need for healing has overtaken us since September 11, 2001. Suddenly everyone seems to want to be able to sing at least one song. "Red River Valley" is an excellent piece to work with because almost everyone knows the traditional version, and therefore know most of the melody already.

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Download the mp3 with vocals

and without vocals:

This version has the music for extra verses inserted so you can sing your favorites from the traditional lyrics, or write your own, to sing within the "Harrier Angel" setting. Also on this page, a note from the author tells the story of how this version of the song came to be written.

Get the lead sheet music now offered in its official version This one has notation for the melody, however it is the one used in the staged show and so does not have the extra verses for insertion of traditional lyrics. For that, use the guitar part's structure, at left.

Depending upon your browser settings, it may be necesary to "right click" the link to get the PDF file to download.

To keep the paperwork in order, we must remind visitors that all the usual restrictions apply for commercial uses of this work. Simply, you may not copy, record, or profit without formal arrangement with the composer.

Basically, if you get paid, please be sure it is listed on the playlist at the venue and make sure I receive payment for the sheet music.

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