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Prostate Massage


Conception (Jen-Mo) Acupressure Point
Prostate Gland Conception Acupressure Point

Conception (Jen-Mo) Acupressure Point location indicated by black dot
Prostate Massage

There is another technique that can be used to care for the anal area, in addition to the Deer Exercise and careful washing of the anus. This technique is the prostate massage.

You can massage your prostate by simply inserting your finger into the anus and reaching back and up towards the navel until you feel the prostate gland. Use natural-content personal lubricant of the type specific to this purpose (available in drug stores) to facilitate insertion of the finger, and gently rub back and forth on the prostate using as much pressure as you can without causing pain.

This massage can be made even more pleasurable if your partner is willing to do the massage for you. You need not concern yourself about about bacterial transmission if the hands are clean.

Traditionally, doctors would massage their patients' prostates regularly to cure or prevent disease. Now, however, most doctors only check the prostate, and if they find a problem prefer to cut it out or prescribe medication. But a doctor is not necessarily required for prostate massage. You can do it yourself or have your partner do it for you. Try this practice and discover its health benefits. When you do it yourself, you can be very gentle and make the treatment pleasurable as well as efficacious.

Some people have a psychological block against examining or massaging their prostates. They think the anus is dirty. But there is nothing dirty about the body, which must be cared for. The only thing that might be considered dirty is disease; and these practices are intended to prevent and cure disease through regular care for the entire body, including the anus and prostate.

Many men are troubled by these massages because they think there is something "homosexual" about it, especially if it is pleasurable. They might feel differently if they knew the extent to which neglect ultimately results in prostate dysfunction, malfunction, and disease. Inserting a finger into the anus never turned anyone into a homosexual.

It is important that men examine themselves often by checking the condition of their prostates. You can determine the condition of the prostate by feeling for changes in size and resilience. Check this as often as possible, at least weekly, and you will be able to establish a standard for yourself. By doing so, you will be able to detect any changes in the size and flexibility of your prostate.

A very hard, enlarged, or painful prostate is an indication of a disorder that could lead to cancer or some other major problem. However, prostate disorders do not develop overnight, and regular massage can prevent and reverse problems.

Medical science accepts that it is normal for men over the age of fifty to experience problems with their prostates. Although prostate problems may be common, they are not normal. They are abnormal.

There is no need for any man to have prostate problems. With regular examination and massage and practice of the Deer Exercise, prostate problems may never occur at all.

Prostate Support Products
Holistic/natural ways of alleviating symptoms and treating prostate conditions

The prostate gland has a specific function, namely semen ejacuation. Ejaculation is a complex process. When the penis is stimulated, the prostate swells with secretions. After the prostate gland swells to its maximum capacity, it undergoes a rapid series of contractions until it shrinks to its normal size. These contractions squeeze the secretions from the prostate, through the urethra, into the penis, and then out the tip of the penis. Every time the prostate contracts and relaxes, it draws sperm from the seminal vesicle. It is possible for a man to experience more than twenty contractions. Since ejaculation is a function of the prostate, someone with prostate problems may experience as few as five or even only one contraction. Because orgasms are comprised of these contractions, problems of the prostate will affect orgasm.

The male sexual glands consist of the prostate and testicles. The penis itself is not considered to be part of the sexual glands, since it does not produce anything. It is simply the channel through which the glandular secretions can pass — the instrument to be used by the sexual glands for procreation. The testicles produce sperm and hormones and the prostate produces the nutrient-, hormone-, and energy-rich seminal fluid. The secretions produced in the prostate contain not only the chemical components of thsese compounds, but also Vital Life Force. These secretions constitute the semen, which is the substance that serves as the carrier of sperm.

When the average man ejaculates, he loses about one tablespoon of semen.According to research, the nutritional value of this amount of semen is equal to that of 8 ounces of beefsteak, ten eggs, six oranges, and two lemons combined. That includes proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and everything else associated with these nutrients.

The semon alson contains a great deal of Vital Life Force; therefore, an ejaculation also represents a great deal of lost vital energy. This is demonstrated by the exhaustion and even depression experienced after ejaculation.

Ejaculation is often called "coming," but a more precise term for it would be "going," since everything — including the erection, vital energy, millions of live sperm, hormones, nutrients, even a little of the man's personality — goes away through the action. It is a great sacrifice for the man spiritually, mentally, and physically.

After ejaculation, all of the Seven Glands are depleted, particularly the sexual glands. The Tao teaches that, if you go in this direction of moving the energy down through the Seven Glands and out of the body through ejaculation, you are moving in the direction of the human being, and all human beings eventually die. In contrast, by going in the other direction, moving the energy upward through the Seven Glands in the body, you can develop the instrument for living an immortal life, a Divine life. For this reason, the ancient Taoists searched for and discovered a way for the man to have even more enjoyable orgasms without ejaculation, to retain and utilize his own vital energy.

If a man is able to "injaculate," as explained in the next section, he will retain this previous vital energy and maintain his erection. This facilitates his taking the woman up through the nine levels of a complete Taoist orgasm. (What is commonly considered as an orgasm in a woman is actually only an indication of the fourth level of a nine-level sequence.)

Jen-Mo Acupressure Point


In Taoist sex traditions, the man has his orgasm without ejaculating. He injaculates, instead. By pressing an acupuncture point located halfway between the anus and scrotum, the ejaculation can be reversed into an improved orgasm and the semen is recycled from the full prostate and reabsorbed into the blood. This point is known as the Jen-Mo (Conception Meridian) acupuncture point. When pressed with a finger, this point feels as if there is a small indentation or hole in that location.

When the Jen-Mo point is pressed just prior to an anticipated ejaculation, the energy goes up into the body through the meridians which originate at this point, instead of going out of the body as it does during ordinary ejaculation.

Done in this way, the man still feels the pleasurable sensations which come with the pumping of the prostate, and he still experiences an orgasm. He continues to press this point until the orgasm, or "injaculation", is complete.

This Jen-Mo point was nicknamed "the Lion" by many of my students. They said they felt like kings after they began using this point. Everyone who tried it felt it deserved the name. Other students told me that before learning this method they felt like "lions" before orgasm but their moods took nose dives just after. With "the Lion" there are no more nose dives, just roaring lions! Another important benefit derived from this technique is that the man will dramatically increase his ability to maintain erection. This will allow him to carry out all the important steps toward ecstatic union of Man and Woman Together.

Finding and pressing the Lion is easy, and with a little practice, you can do it quite discreetly without your partner even knowing it. At the moment just before you are ready to ejaculate, simply reach around behind your buttocks and locate the point. Press it hard enough so that the semen is not allowed travel out of the prostate and through the urethra.

Some practice might be needed to learn exactly how and where to press. You may wish to practice alone to master the technique. The pressure should be neither too heavy nor too light. If you press too close toward the scrotum, the semen will enter the bladder and be lost when you urinate. If you press too close toward the anus, ejaculation will not be stopped. In either case, you will lose the benefit of the exercise. To prevent the loss of semen through ejaculation out of the body or into the bladder, the pressure must close the channels right at the base of the prostate gland. Only then is the semen recycled into the blood. (While learning this technique, you might press with three fingers just to be safe. Also, do not become discouraged. Much practice might be required for perfect mastery.)
WARNING: If you have a prostate infection, you must see a physician and clear it up before you begin using the Lion. It is perfectly fine to use the anal contraction technique from the Deer Exercise or the Prostate Massage to assist in the healing process. The point may be pressed after the problem is resolved.
After having pressed the point and prevented ejaculation, you could conduct a test to determine whether the semen was absorbed into the blood stream or passed into the bladder. To conduct the test, simply urinate into a glass.Cloudy urine indicates that the semen has passed into the bladder. If you set glass aside for an hour or two, the semen will settle to the bottom, leaving clear urine at the top.

Men whose diet is very alkaline tend to have bubbly urine. When semen is mixed with their urine, their urine will become even bubblier. During ordinary ejaculation — that is, ejaculation without the Lion — about one third of the semen goes into the bladder.

Taoism is not entirely theoretical. It gives you immediate results. When you press this point, not only will you feel intense pleasure, but you also will begin to experience the joyful blessings of being reborn. Rebirth results when creative energy is being drawn from your sexual glands.

In women, the equivalent of this is achieved by discontinuing the menstrual period by practicing the women's Deer Exercise. When a woman stops bleeding, she will no longer lose great amounts of energy contained in the blood. Cessation of menstruation occurs naturally during menopause, which is in reality a great blessing for women. The Deer Exercise anticipates the reversal of energy loss.

During the first forty years of life, according to actuarial figures, men and women die at about the same rates. This may be because men and women deplete themselves at equivalent rates — that is, men lose energy through ejacuation and women lose energy through menstruation. The statistics change for those in their fifties: the death rate for women becomes 25% lower than for men. It is also a fact that many women in their fifties stop bleeding after passing through menopause. It is also a fact that men continue to ejaculate in their fifties. This figure doubles when women are in their sixties (almost all women stop bleeding, whereas men continue to ejaculate). The figure becomes even more dramatic for septuagenarians: the death rate for men becomes 75% higher than that for women. The fact that men continue to ejaculate throughout their lives may be a much over-looked reason why there are so many widows and so few widowers.

Some people may still feel that stopping ejaculation is unnatural, regardless of the arguments against ejaculation. Lurking in their hearts may be a conviction that death is natural and that it should not be tampered with. Ejaculation and death are natural at the human level of consciousness. But at the Divine level of consciousness, what may otherwise be considered unnatural may be considered natural and necessary.

According to Taoist teachings, a Divine life exists beyond human life. God gave us a choice between death or an opportunity to achieve Divine, or perpetual, life. If we choose the latter, we must prevent ejaculation or menstruation in accordance with Taoist principles. Whether or not we reach the Divine Kingdom will be determined in part by how we practice the Deer Exercises.

How can such a simple technique have such a profound effect? The answer lies in the semen which is retained in the body.

During ordinary orgasm and ejaculation, the prostate contracts and expands, pumping its secretions out of the body, until it is depleted. Pressing the Lion controls and decreases the rate at which the prostate is emptied. The prostate does not get depleted as quickly, and semen is prevented from entering the penis. Instead, it remains in the prostate where it is absorbed into the blood stream and carried to the rest of the body. The prostate is still emptied, but at a greatly reduced rate. Some prostates are emptied in fractions of a second in regular orgasms. With depression of the Lion, it may take as long as five minutes to empty the prostate. This results in a five-minute long orgasm!

Even more important than the longer and more intense orgasm is the fact that the energy and nutrients of the semen are reserved for the body. Inside the body, the semen is dispersed throughout the Seven Glands to energize them. The semen further benefits the body by providing energy and nutrients to energize the entire body, by lubricating the skin and joints, and by lubricating and coating the nerves to prevent disorders such as multiple sclerosis.

In acupunture, the Lion is referred to as the Number One Conception Meridian, or Jen-Mo #1. This point is an "energy gate" through which our bodies continuously leak energy to the surroundings. Abstinence from sex will not prevent this leakage. Sexual intercourse, in fact, prevents energy leakage. So, when you press this point during sexual intercourse, you not only prevent the loss of semen from the body, but also check the loss of vital energy from your body. Another way of preventing energy loss involves our sitting positions. The Taoist sitting position, one that involves pressingg the heel of one foot against the Jen-Mo #1, blocks the pathway of energy loss. (The tip of the tongue is another point of energy leakage. In Taoist meditation it is recommended that you curve the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth in order to retain the energy in your body.)

The Lion technique is particularly useful to athletes before a game or competition. Many of them like to use sex as a way of relaxing, yet they are concerned about becoming tired before the competition. By using this point they will banish their worries; they will feel great when the time tocompete arrives.

It is also useful for a woman to know about the Lion. With it she can help her husband or lover obtain greater satisfaction from intercourse. When someone else presses the point for a man when he reaches orgasm, his pleasure increases incredibly. At that moment the Lion will become a priceless treasure. A student of mine told me that she did not say anything about the technique when she was with a new partner. When the time came she would reach over and press the point. She said that her partners were well impressed with their orgasmic experiences. She also confided that she takes the credit rather than explaining the technique.

If a man suffers from premature ejaculation, pressing the Lion may prevent it from happening, but it will not cure it. Pressing the point will only help the superficial symptoms of premature ejaculation. The underlying cause of premature ejaculation, a weak prostate, must be dealt with in other ways. For complete correction of the problem, Parts I and 2 of the Deer Exercise for men are recommended, as they strengthen the prostate. Prostate Massage is also invaluable. Lotus seeds, saw palmetto berries, and pumpkin seeds in the diet will also benefit the prostate.

Historical records show that, in the agricultural society of old, peasants have always welcomed newborn family members, as workers were always needed. Being able to conceive many children was considered a blessing. The nobility, on the other hand, had more complex considerations, such as the intelligence of the child, his legitimacy, heritage, status, etc. Their needs were met by the Lion. It was used to avoid unwise, unnecessary, illegal, or untimely pregnancies. (These men believed in "Seed Protection": they did not want their own flesh and blood to suffer because of their lust or mistakes.) The Lion played a very important role in family planning.

Although the Lion is valuable and pleasurable, it will soon be left behind once the beginner experiences other, more advanced techniques, like the Deer Exercise.

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