The female entity.
Production design by Cristobal von Dessin
with assistance from Brynne Williams

Harley "This project is interesting because of the way the costumes cross over to traditional fashion design. Many of the designs are offered as part of Shelter Style, a classless interpretation couture that recognizes a woman wants to look great, and can look great, even if she's on the street. It's more a matter of styling than money. We've seen plenty of very expensive garments in the finest boutiques that are mass produced in Asia. Shelter Style garments are handmade in the U.S.A. to benefit the Women, Infants, Children, Craftsmen and Artisans (wiccans) of Griselda's Fat Farm of Studio Art. All beauty is merely a question of taste, and everyone knows there's no direct correlation between taste and cost. It's just as easy to look perfectly awful wearing clothes that cost a fortune, and as far as wearability is concerned, there's certainly no contest. Shelter Styles last longer. Shelter Styles is whole cloth. Everything piece is preshrunk before cutting, and it's 100% washable.

"The company wanted to take a step towards including designers in the spectrum of those who profit from the show, so when these designs are sold retail, the designer is paid a royalty on every item. In practice, this unique merchandising approach should go a long way towards offsetting the slave status of designers working in theater." -- Cristobal

The musical director gives the girl a turn We used charcoal purple as gray, shading to black -- with cobalt and electric blue for counterpoint -- and graphic black and white.

The secondary palette is based on purple-brown fading to flesh tones. Mongolian horsewoman, sleeve based on a design by Utamaro Wisteria, wisteria, boogieboogie vine
Don't worry, girl, I'll be going. Just as soon as I say goodbye to your mama one last time We treated carpathian and clear red as adjacent complementaries to purple-brown, introducing these at the beginning of Act II and adding a range of greens in the climactic "Give In To It" scene.

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