Take Me For A Drive, Cheri

©1996 Cass von Braun

A series of three segments, in which
the boys demonstrate the marilyn treatment


Then some caustic wooley bully,
Ranking on me fully --
Well, I ain't looking for a fight.

The manager said it was an ironclad contract
We had to open up the house
So we jumped in the Chevy, drove twenty-seven hours
Just to prove that we were serious
Now we're howling like a banshee, hauling ass for Nancy
Sure ain't working for the dough
Because it was seventy-five hundred for the man up in the office
And fifty bucks for me and Beau

Well it's a cold world, and my baby is floored
With high-lift cam, fueler heads, and it's never been bored
I'm talking long, broad, hot rod, covered in chrome
To drive my baby home.

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