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Photographic depictions throughout these sections courtesy of the players in the original cast production.
Rock'drama for
the re generation
Harrier Angel
Come practice the sacred mysteries with the girls at Griselda's Fat Farm of Studio Art. "It's a beauty cult" -- where the muses are at play, for fun and profit. "Won't you come inside?" (Music and lyrics guide)
It's a car (it's a girl)

Take Me For A Drive -- live!
Sherlock Jones
Give In To It
Bad Dream on Easy Street
Boney Boney

Check in with the CD Release Concert pages. Those Berklee cats can play the flocking off the wallpaper. Words can scarcely espress the trepidations I experienced when Sandy said they only needed one rehearsal to pull this concert together. Since it took a really long time to complete the album, some of the performers hadn't worked on the material -- literally -- in years. Pull 65 minutes of not-so-simple music together in one rehearsal? I am talking about some serious trepidations, nonetheless faint heartedness was soon enough overwhelmed by awe and elation when something I thought must be impossible turned out to be absolutely true. They performed brilliantly.

Anyone who wants to pursue a career in music can get no better training than offered at Berklee.

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