"Harrier Angel" — a rock'drama in three acts

If you save yourself it will make him happy.

T H E    P R E S S U R E    I S    O N .

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Mouseover the kisser and click to listen to the title song, or listen to sound of Harry Gunn ranking the girl down . . . ANGELINE!

Angeline is a young marilyn of the post-literate generation. Will she ever be able to answer the question: "Is he her brave man, is he her cave man OR does he just love the bruises on her lips?"

Sheet Music for "Red River Valley" now available
Whether you play the blues, folk, or hard rock, "Red River Valley" is a melody that rips down the heartstrings of American soul at its most basic, and this version follows true to a great tradition. All the usual restrictions apply for commercial uses (if you get paid, we get paid), but that shouldn't prevent you learning it and sharing it and realizing the incredible power of this expression of a great American song, updated for our time. Download the pdf files, won't you? And hear the most popular download from the CD at this location.

Story — Check out the frames, Belle — with animations and a picture of the author, boopboop a doo.

Music and Lyrics — A guide to the action revealed through lyrics, samples of music, and animations from photography of live performances.

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Act 1 Scene i — Where the Lost Boys give Angeline the Marilyn Treatment ("Take her down, pass her around, the girls get as tough as the boys in this town")

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