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great mother in the sky - Thursday, December 18th, 2008

i see the part that makes me guess it is female but where is the rest of the girl?

my story about a personal encounter with something like a pulsar - Thursday, December 18th, 2008

I came across the movie (at right) of Crab nebula (a pulsar -- i.e., "PULsating stAR") taken with telescopes Chandra and Hubble

Pulsars transmit a signal that can be processed to be depicted as conventional sound. You can hear various examples at

I came across this while thinking about an experience from a couple of years ago. I believe I've written about this previously. It was a peak experience, to say the least, etched indelibly in my mind.

My bed faces a large window with a southeastern exposure. More windows in a bay on the eastern exposure provide a wide view of the sky.

There was thunder and lightning that night, flashing and rumbling and crashing all around for many hours. Stirred with the slight trepidation of knowing that something dreadful could descend on a body in such a storm, yet certain there was no real likelihood there could be any better place to be than in my own bed -- and thus there was nothing to be done -- I had fallen asleep.

Suddenly fully awake, I opened my eyes and sat bolt upright. Through the window directly in front of my eyes a virtual torrent of light pulsations were being discharged out of the storm -- not from above, but from straight away in the distance. Other than the fact that there were hundreds or even thousands of them, the most unusual thing visually was that they were advancing in geometrical forms, "growing" in complexity as they approached and poured over me in my bed.

The feeling was quite strange. I watched for some moments, wondering what it could mean. Although it caused no physical sensation like pain or cold, I thought it might mean that I was dying or dead, which upset me not at all. But neither did it gladden me, and this represented a step forward, for it had been more usual in my life to look upon moments of such questioning with hope I would soon be released from my life.

The sight was exquisitely beautiful, and silent except for the continuous thunder and crashing of the storm. After a time it seemed I would not be killed by it after all. Indeed, it seemed there was definitely a purpose in my being so bathed in such a mystery. My heart spoke to the Great One, and it occurred to me that the phenomena had been going on for some time while I slept. I wondered why I had suddenly awakened. As I contemplated what this meant I must do, I realized I had no idea beyond the works and plans already in progress. I said I hoped to receive whatever I need to do whatever it is that will be required of me. It seemed noteworthy that whatever it was that was happening clearly did not require my continued attention, I did not see the point of continuing, and so I decided to go back to sleep. I lay down again and do not remember anything more except opening my eyes briefly to see if everything was still going on, which it was, then closing my eyes and immediately disappearing to the senses.

The next day I described this event to someone who said it sounded like a pulsar. I made the little movie here as a quick approximation of the appearance of each projectile. As I said, the color was entirely golden, but my artwork did not convey an accurate impression without the full spectrum of color seen here. Neither did they seem to rotate as this quick sketch does, but merely pulsated from small in the far distance to huge as they passed over me and through me, growing in complexity and number of geometrical extrusions in their course.

After several experiments, this is the best I could create in available time.

This is a mad digression, as I came here to write about Couloumb and the relationship I see with the corollary to gravity occurring at the atomic level which Couloumb verified -- and, of course, the symbolism inherent in that crazy eight, the infinity sign, evinced by the dual nature of the attraction/repulsion equations.

But I found the telescope movies, thought you would like to think about this, and time got away from me again -- alas, now I must go.

To the post below, and others, offering assistance, may I suggest purchasing individual tracks or the entire CD, and telling your friends about the project. Eventually I hope to demonstrate these threads are all of a piece.

I have received many interesting visits and emails and hope to pull materials together and make some meetings in the New Year. I believe some of you have given me some solid leads, and this is a great thing, so thank you very much!

BTW, the NYC project is apparently not dead. I am told they love the MIND piece and want to pursue it eventually. Supposedly we will meet in February, we have rehearsal space and commitment from Ripley-Grier to present at their facilities.

Thanks so much for your support.

With love, as ever, xto

Conor - Wednesday, December 17th, 2008
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p.s. BTW, what happened to your site template? Or is it just my browser? :)

Intisseendate - Tuesday, December 16th, 2008
Dear administration, I am assured, that I shall express the general opinion of all visitors and consequently on behalf of everything, I speak you the hugest thanks for creation and maintenance of such remarkable project! Thanks!

As very much it would be desirable to hear something about plans for development of the project.

P.S. If our help is necessary - address, we always with pleasure shall help you!

sorry, english only - Monday, December 15th, 2008
We sent our regrets for the dismissal of posts not in English.

The only other language I have is French, so you may feel free to try that. However English is much preferred.

Increasingly the way of the world, even Prof. Dr. Dr. Northoff (native language, German), who has been asked to write a trade book to be published in German, has decided to write it in English and then translate it to German. Books created in this way seem to sell well because ideas can be more succinct -- shorter, and more accurate.

Also, the rapidly evolving field of neuroscience (and in Northoff's case, Neuroscience and Philosophy) nomenclature and modes of expression surrounding are given in English worldwide.

English is iambic, lub-dub -- in the rhythm of our hearts. This is not a bad place for a tongue to begin. For now, we will leave it at that.

Monday, December 15th, 2008
Thank you for letting me know, it really means a lot.

In passing through, I must expend myself in such creative states as engage nearly constant excitation, and to be quite frank I'm not sure it's always so good for the health. Sometimes my brain pulls me into such swirling states as I find what must be meant by "swooning." Luckily there is a couch where I can fall back and settle. When little by little the loss of control over the ideas subsides. Often the return to a state of knowing what comes next is accompanied by a dreary little reminding needler voice that the truest essence of what was about to be conveyed eluded capture. Once or twice it has also felt like knowing how easy it would be to "lose" my mind, and in those moments there is no choice but to pull away from the abyss and let genius run away unfettered by my grasp.

So it's good to hear an exciting vibe comes through and has an infectious quality. That means it rings, strikes a chord anbd sounds true, as it is soaked up by he psyche like pre-cognition -- ante verbal, verbatum. That's recognition of the highest order, and for such reckoning, the nod reflects back on you. and on some level we are kin.

Feel free to quote me! I love you. Please help me. Thank you.

Blessings and profound peace in the knowledge you ken,
as ever humbly, your cristo

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not snobbish - Sunday, December 14th, 2008

I just can't make meetings in places like Tokyo, London and Stockholm. OTOH, New York is doable for less than $100.

"With the rich and powerful, always a little patience."

That's what I always say ; )

Okay, I know I'm supposed to go out and pitch everyone on the planet who might become convinced that if they could bottle and package me it would be like capturing liquid currency.

No, it's definitely not snobbish, although it is something that demands characterization to observe an entity who seemingly possesses all that should be necessary to achieve success, yet instead waits for opportunity to come knocking rather than goes out knocking on every door out there, thus creating opportunity.

I have been contemplating a post on this very subject but have not yet mustered.

I will try to explain. Soon,

fresh cut christmas trees - Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Thank You - Sunday, December 14th, 2008
Promising, indeed.

I'm a business person when it comes down to it, though, so if you have an idea you want me to help you with -- better still, if you want to invest in my ideas -- i.e., in the ideas of this specific time, place, necessity and intellect (coalescing in the construct that is yr's tr'ly) -- all you have to do is let me know.

I do promise to visit some of the web sites recommended and see if people there would like to hear a pitch. Glad to see you have New York offices.

Thank you for visiting! xto

break christmas girl party - Sunday, December 14th, 2008
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BTW - Monday, December 8th, 2008
Hello to the visitor who recently wrote to say, "I'm telling everyone I know about you!"

To you, dear friend, let me say you apparently have many friends, as the visitors have been showing up from all over the globe like never before.

That's wonderful! Thanks!
casz - Monday, December 8th, 2008
The guestbook is moderated, which explains why submissions do not always appear.

Interesting ideas usually make it through, but only a few of the one-liners like the one from lahore Wednesday. In that case, I thought the origin sufficiently interesting (it came from Lahore, Pakistan).

I always hope guests will share insights and experiences with as much specificity as possible. In the case of Lahore, the place name alone evokes strong emotions. I hope the poster from Lahore will one day let us know more than the surge of affection, sympathy, and curiosity that is our response to the thought of the person who lifted digits to keys and let us know they were here.

Blessings and peace,

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Hi How i can propagate images here ? I try upload it, but something wrong.

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It Has Great ResourcesGreat Job, Keep up the good work

Here's Johnny - Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008
Just had to share this sweet sleepy pic of the jet-lagged but cheerful composer in my office. He's back in Berlin now, but will be moving to North America in a few months.


lahore - Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008
Absolutly AMAZING! Good Job Guys

hi, doc - Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008
Backatcha there, doc. How's tricks?

flag football leagues in - Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008
Just Stopped by to say hi, Thanks casz - Monday, December 1st, 2008
A spate of notes have arrived, most of which cannot appear, but for those sending sincere appreciation, I thank you.

I hope soon to have a little time to sit down and share some of the thoughts that go racing through my skull. A little burned out from the long hours working on commercial projects recently, I just hope the money comes in the way it should, which would give me a few weeks at least to pursue some of the more meaningful projects piling up everywhere and gathering dust since the end of summer.

If everyone pays, I'll be in good shape. If not -- well, better not to think about that right now.

But tomorrow is the Gala and I still need all the help I can get at the spa -- hands and feet, skin and hair. Somewhere in there I hope to regain joie de vivre.

Until later,

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3d animal block in autocad - Friday, November 28th, 2008
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appreciation appreciated - Thursday, November 27th, 2008
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i klimat sydamerika - Thursday, November 27th, 2008
You Might Be Interested In thisYou Have a Great Site, Good Job casz - Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
catching up on all your letters, I've added a paragraph to my latest. Search "Axel Munthe"

There are so many ideas arising from your inputs, I hasten to add them catch as catch can in the midst of this crazy river of pre-con for An Mtg and Preview Nite.

I can't wait to see the new electric / hybrid vehicles !

We're going to get out of this economic boondoggle and find a whole new world of technology where energy is once more CHEAP. Then we will see all humanity may BE-come, as we are able, TO BE.

see ya!
cristobal -

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
Hi, everyone ! It's exciting to meet so many new friends during my birthday week, which is also Thanksgiving week.

Blessings -- stay in touch. I'm almost off the cart, by which I mean the "charette" that has had me on more than a few late nights and one actual instance of an all-nighter going 48+ hours. It's been crazy. OTOH, the assembled pieces of this campaign would look pretty good in portfolio.

Looking forward to writing much more after Dec. 2 (show date). Thanks for checking in with your stories and insights.
l8r, bambini ; )

Engattyrony - Tuesday, November 25th, 2008
Hi all Jamie here 23 UK , just thought I would introduce myself first beore posting and helpful learn some things and help others.

EliVreni - Monday, November 24th, 2008
Hello all. My groom - the 52 year old inebriating who won't admit it - with acloholic liver infirmity, cirrosis, tumour and a peculiar stink on him rounded off be that as it may he showers because he itches like crazy. Looks execrable, perfect pale-faced coloured, papery peel on legs , bruising, ice-distant distant all the continuously. It's a smashing day here in south Wales (UK) and there he is in not too layers, a famed big fleecy jacket and wooly GLOVES!!! I'm in a sun-dress. He has hepatic encepholepathy (I ever course it misrecordn, guilt-ridden), and won't liberate his medication properly. He is also no hope draughting Guinness. He was out of infirmary for a day and he's promote on it. He is staying with his maw tonight and I've fair oral to him on the phone and he is particular negating, was tortuous has plainly drank today and was slurring terribly. I was told another draught could silence him. That was 2 weeks ago. He's been boozeing up to 5 pints of Guinness a day for settled a week. I'm at the end of my tempt and don't be acquainted with what to do. Any suggestion and alnonetheless I be sure it's relentlessly to collapse a again proportion but does anyone bear like stories of relatives/friends and how sustained did they last? xto - Monday, November 24th, 2008

Estepona, thank you for your recent letter with the report of vigilantism in Karachi. I hope you understand that it cannot be posted. It interested me greatly, however, and I felt it was important that I should be told.

As you may know, the fierce reality of such sad failures in the nation's legal system is that it results in vigilantism -- moreover giving rise to profound satisfaction at justice being served, however ugly and brutal.

This is heartbreaking. I wish you good speed in building your nation and your world on solid foundations where people may live without fear and helplessness from marauders.

Do you know why the robbers are so desperate? to kill for cell phones and cash? Are they drug addicts, for example? or just morally insane?

The cases of such thievery and murderous impunity I am aware of in USA were usually enacted by drug addicts and/or crazed humans who have completely lost their moral compass.

Axel Munthe commented on the syndrome in canines. As you may know, he was a great lover of human and animal being, and he would never countenance cruelty or barbarity against good creatures. However, he described instances of moral insanity in canines and unequivocally advocated they be summarily put down.

The dispatch with which thie great physician would shoot a bad dog I've considered may have been from instinct -- the precognition that such madness may be in some sense be contagious. Really virulently contagious, as much as any biological pathogen could be, and as destructive.

You have my gratitude for your participation in this forum.

for light, life, and love,
y'rs tr'ly, as ev'r, cristobal

MartinaMargarethe - Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Have been depressed as long as I can remember, since about 3 years old. Now 42. Have tried sundry of new antidepressants, but all had side affects, at bottom sexual. Problem: I'm currently running a warehouse. Work efficiently and effectively, but my boss & office mgr. find it really weird that I can't remember specifics on orders I've worked on. Are my concerns of memory loss due to antidepressants justified?

Thanks! jeroen -

Monday, November 17th, 2008
I thank the Lord for giving us the gift of brilliant preachers!:

Rosina - Saturday, November 15th, 2008
Hi, everybody okay, you win - Friday, November 14th, 2008
That is so funny. Okay, we'll leave it up awhile longer.

It has a noticeably duck- or goose-like aspect, non?

A friend was telling me today about the strange behavior of flocking birds outside the window at work.

Imagine flying a thousand miles or so by flapping your wings. Guess you'd get the rhythm thing down. (See Summum aphorism No. 5.) hadasas - Friday, November 14th, 2008
hi all webmasters

Cars gotta fly - Friday, November 14th, 2008
Now they're talking about flying cars over at Darpa.

Looks like we put the flying car away too quick.
Summun ' n' moi -

T Thursday, November 13th, 2008
re: U.S. Supreme Court consideration of the request by a religious group in Utah to list their Seven Aphorisms adjacent to the Ten Commandments in a public square

Entry of September 2 is such an interesting example of ideas being in the wire, and -- when sitting down to write -- it actually may be possible to tune it in like some kind of crazy radio.

This is the sort of thing that happens to me quite a bit. Another example that may strike a chord happened when N and I were in New York. It was the week of August 23, 2001. We were looking at the World Trade Center, and N said something like, "Wouldn't you just love to work there? You'd really feel like you were part of something amazing." After thinking about it for a few moments, I replied, "I don't think so. It still looks kind of like Ground Zero to me." I remembered the bombing of 1993, you see. That's what came to mind when he asked me that. Then two weeks later it came true. N had to call me up and remind me that I'd said that. In fact, I had forgotten until he mentioned it. Must have been in the zone, eh! I learned later the chatter had been especially intense around that time. It's like the times I start singing some pop song, then flip on the radio and it is playing. At some level I am hearing it.

You may remember, "Pieces of Mind" is the one-act musical I drafted for last summer's workshop in New York, with an opening scene like something from an "Allah-paloozza_ (see picture at right). Moses, angry with the deity for having given him people to lead who were too venal and enslaved by passions to understand the laws written on the first set of tablets that were given, saw himself as the fool in a dangerous game of the blind leading the blind. He was equally angry with His Oneness for having chosen himself as agent -- for having decided to enlist a passionate, angry man far too volatile to control his situation. Moses destroyed those first tablets in his rage, whereupon he was obliged to climb right back up on the mountain again, where he was given the Ten Commandments -- a substitute set of rules far more suited to the understanding (intellectual capacities) of the people at that time. Aside from Moses, the characters are Intellect, Time, Place and Necessity.

My piece got quite a few giggles from the workshop when we read it, but one of the men quickly appointed himself head writer, threw my script under the bus, and started improvising along the lines of lesbian sex and urban animosity, shooting me an intense look when he noticed I was writing things down, saying, "I hope you're getting this!"

At the time I considered myself lucky to have bitten my tongue just in time, as I was about to utter a highly non-politically correct comparison between concubines and administrative assistants. ("Administrative assistants are like concubines -- if you require the service, you have to bring it with you as it will not be provided here." By the so-called peer collaborator whom you now anticipate will be glad to play secretary during this, your amazing dictation of your idea of how her idea should be done. Ad libidum, naturellement. I did fail to transcribe his improv into a scrutible text, which seemed to surprise him at the next meeting when the script form of the extemporizing had not materialized.

Actually I did take some notes that da. However, it should surprise no one that what they did that day was completely lost to history. I did express frustration at the way things were going, and later he wrote to me and said, "Not to worry. I transcribe." But of course he didn't, and thus it ended in a daft pornoclusion of astounding predictability.

This is why I thought it so funny this week when the subject of PIECES OF MIND that I originally wrote showed up before the U.S. Supreme Court. Did you see that? A very funny coincidence. The Summum group wants to erect a monument listing the laws Moses received on the first set of tablets (that he broke when the children of Israel started worshipping livestock the minute he turned his back : ) just like in my play.

Very interesting that it should turn up in the news now. Maybe if we'd stuck with Plan A we'd have a brand new piece on a subject now appearing before the Supreme Court.

That would have been a selling point for a flyer to get the audience and the critics in. Would you like to bet that no one else has a piece ready on that subject? Was coming up with that idea really a coincidence, or was it some kind of psychokenesis? Guess it was in the wires, eh! and when I sat down to write a piece for The **** Company to work with, I might have been some kind of radio.

Whatever else it was, I can tell you the writing experience was very intense. It felt like being caught in a swirling current. My hands could not keep up with the torrent of words, and several times I had to stop and lie down to rest. It hasn't been that often in my life that I've thought I knew how it's possible to lose your mind trying to capture a work of art that is flying past an open window in your soul.

So it was really disappointing that after the laughter and excitement of the first reading of that script that the men would discard my piece without a backward glance. But I can still finish it if I want to -- moreover the tune, "Fuck You Asshole" (one of the other collaborator's offerings) doesn't have to be in it and neither does the monologue called "The Kiss" in the voice of a voyeur sitting on the park bench fixating (to put it nicely) on the lesbians making out on the next bench over.

I used to wonder how so much unmitigated crap could possibly find its way to the stage in New York, and now I guess I've seen such a process unfolding before my very eyes. The good news is this one isn't going anywhere. The female failed to take the male dictation of his idea of how her idea should be done. The female is not a doormat. Thus were we spared. Such a piece does not exist.

Perhaps this sudden change in the economic climate may bring some more -- how shall I say? -- worthwhile? thoughts into the fuzzy little heads of the artists.

Here's the link to the petitioners at the Supreme Court: horrible - Thursday, November 13th, 2008
You're going to have to take that down as soon as possible.

How far is it to that crimson dawn, anyhow? Thousands of miles?? Is he ever going to get there??

What a distraction.

lenticular - Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
I learned a new word yesterday. "Lenticular" refers to the technology that allows 2-cell animations to appear in printed pieces via a raised pattern that has a secondary image which appears when the viewer moves it. Some people call them "holographs."

Anyway, this is my first crack at what will be a 6" x 9" post card. It will change, certainly. I don't plan to leave this draft here very long, but it's so silly it makes me laugh. xto - Friday, November 7th, 2008
I wasn't sure what you were referring to at first, but I think I get it now. It's the nines that make you say this. Novenas are sets of nines.

It takes all kinds of nines. The RC's practice nines in their own way. Glad to hear it.

Thank you for the insight.

judy - Friday, November 7th, 2008
I have always wanted a compendium of novena prayers. Thank you for sharing all these prayers with us. It brings joy and happiness to everyone. I know, I do feel that way.

jeannemagali - Friday, November 7th, 2008
I bankrupt up with my boyfriend because of his smoking 5x's and the items that I was quitting. I ended up getting so sad I started smoking and we got disregard together 3 days ago.

He hasnt responded to my romance letter. I was a hypocrit, is he prevailing to junk me now?

Melissa - Friday, November 7th, 2008
The site\'\'s very professional! Keep up the good work! Oh yes, one extra comment - maybe you could add more pictures too! So, good luck to your team!=

seetencanda - Thursday, November 6th, 2008
Sounds crazy. I want everyone to know about my magnificent grin I have a nice joke. What do you call Santa's helpers? Subordinate Clauses.

eustains lee - Thursday, November 6th, 2008
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ZAZi5 - Wednesday, November 5th, 2008
express you! I'm indeed new here, but I positive Maeko who old to finish in the money be here.

I faith her old friends are in addition on here.

here's how i quit - Tuesday, November 4th, 2008
Did you ever "engrave it in your brain" that something would become? I remember performing this mental exercise as a basic form of self direction from a very young age -- to me it was an automatic response for addressing specific needs -- the very technique I used in giving up my bottle, as a matter of fact. I remember that event quite clearly. I must have been about two years old. There were many children, and no one could be a baby very long. But I digress.

I meant to say that I think speaking to the inner self very natural. The mind works. You understand quite well, even quite well before the vocal apparatus can give outward expression. So what, pray tell, is it that conveys this understanding? Mostly this is in the realm of the core being.

Each of us has this, what the sages sometimes refer to as the "unseparated part" who, by the way, should have a name. By all means, if you have not given this part of you a name, then you must do so. Than you may state your command directly) saying, for example, as I said when quitting smoking, when I knew it must be my last smoke, "Cristobal," (for that is the name of the part that lives in me, "Remember this deathly sensation in your lungs, the stinky tang in your mouth, on your fingers, skin, clothing, and the crushing stench of smoke in the rooms, their furnishings, your clothes." It will turn your stomach. Then the next time you reach for a smoke, Cristobal will call all these sensations into your awareness, and it will turn your stomach again. It's from the magic ability your unseparated part has to recall for you the exact emotional and physical knowledge of what you must do. You will feel sick, like you've just had a smoke, only instead of having one you will experience post-smoking regret -- for the ugliness and the waste. It will make you strong, for you will know what you must do and you will know that you are doing it. Nothing is more powerful.

If you let him do his job, your unseparated part will be a faithful dog eagerly running to the master and bringing back everything you need, releasing you from childlike fears, to be well, to succeed.

So be it!
xto ; ) y'rs tr'ly

sheridan - Monday, November 3rd, 2008
My son knew he needed to stop smoking. He'd just seen his father die at 38 from lung cancer. That was the spark that made him realize that smoking could literally kill him. Unfortunately, every time he tried to stop, he would yield to temptation within a few days. I looked at using a nicotine patch and nicotine gum, but didn't want him to use either. For me, it seemed silly to take the same substance that causes the addiction - nicotine.

I searched for a natural and safe method to quit smoking:

How it works?

Albert - Sunday, November 2nd, 2008
Hi! Definitely nice and neat site you got there.

Accerrysteemi - Sunday, November 2nd, 2008
Hi pals! I'm new here. I've accidentally found this interesting site and took decision to sign up here!

I hope we'll communicate with each other nicely! So this is my first post!

this is me - Thursday, October 30th, 2008
I chose an envelope with a giant window, then used the window not for the address but for a "Preview" of the invitation cover -- a cool exterior with a surprise of color to come when flipping the envelope over and opening to reveal the contents.

Much of the photography is mine as well.

The animation itself is quickie -- could look a lot smoother and more realistic with another hour of work ; ) so not worth it at this busy time. Just wanted to show you what I've been doing lately.

This is part of a current project for an event upcoming in December. I'm doing print and collateral, kiosks, pylons, signage, email blast graphics, etc. Sponsorships often arrive at the very last moment, requiring breakneck deadlines as the giant graphics for the exhibition floor are produced in Texas and airmailed on pallets to Boston. This can mean true brinksmanship at its most ennervating, but we've never missed a deadline and compromised very little if at all in showcasing the sponsors.

After Dec. 2 would be a good time to plan on contracting my services. Need a whole art department's worth of skills in a single person? Need an entrepreneurial mind working on your marketing?

Send email from any page on

Thanks, casz

casz - Thursday, October 30th, 2008
I googled you, piongulikaza. You seem to be into some interesting music.

So anyway, you found me. I am the owner of

Send email from any page at and let me know what interests you.

thanks, best,

piongulikaza - Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Guten Tag. Sagen Sie bitte vor, wo man die Kontaktdaten des Besitzers dieser Webseite finden kann? Danke. (ich piongulikaza)

one of my secret formulae - Thursday, October 30th, 2008
To achieve my personal sense of self-realization (beyond or in addition to the poet and artist I already embody ; ), there still remain several realms where I conceive insights that I would love to pursue to a scientific certainty. Yet certainly, without another life at least to study them in, I fear there is little chance for achieving the scientific certainty part of my hypotheses.

But just for the indulgence of curiosity (and a level of practical necessity to be sure), I do dabble. Indeed I do.

For more than this, not only would there were a clone of me to be in botany, but another for entering the field of chemistry.

Yet in dabbling, inventions do arise.

For example, among the improvised naturopathic products I create and use in pursuit of my own well being, there is an eye cream that has reached the third generation of its formulation and now achieves, I think, an almost ideal state for the preservation of petal soft, dewy conditions around the most delicate tissues of the face and neck.

Ingredients of this wondrous concoction are numerous -- all readily available and previously tested for safety and efficacy. Chief among the components, needless to say, are oils and butters of various consistencies and densities (along with herbal extracts, roots and so forth).

From time to time I have gifted samples I have called "Petals" cream to friends of a certain age, and invariably they express surprise at just how much improvement can be achieved by lavishing problem areas with the compound.

One lady of a certain age who in general looks almost ageless had nevertheless been unable to prevent the neck starting directly under the chin from collapsing in a soft drape all the way to the clavicle. I gave her a 4 oz. jar of my Petals Cream to try, and within a few months she came to see me to ask for more. It was really astonished to see the improvement the cream had made.

This friend is by more than a decade my elder, so it was encouraging to realize that significant improvement can be seen all along the time line.

Tests for devising the exact method and order for combining the ingredients into the pleasant-smelling emulsion have yielded many observations.

Today I thought I would mention the most interesting, concerning a white butter from India (which at present shall remain nameless (we are, after all talking about a "secret formula" ; )

This oil arrives in a hard solid state, radically dimpled in appearance and with a deep well sinking in the center of the mass. I discovered immediately that the liquid state of the oil has far greater volume than the solid; i.e., it shrinks by as much as 30% when cool.

Even without knowing the ancient tradition of this plant's efficacy in soothing and strengthening the skin, the curious chemist would wonder whether in taking up such an oil the tissue might also contract, like the raw material does.

The answer is: yes, it does. In fact it is the reason that use of Petals cream results in significant contraction and plumping of skin tissue.

Along the way to the current batch of Petals I have concocted, I discovered fascinating properties.

In concocting the most recent formula, the various types of solid butters I broke into rough chunks, and added extra virgin olive oil to cover, then began very slowly to warm the mixture. I set the timer for 5 minute intervals, at which points I returned to stir the pot.

It was interesting to note that the solids that were immersed at temperatures below their melting points repeatedly congealed into a single mass and had to be broken up over and over again. As I ever so slowly raised the temperature of the mixture, the hardest butters formed a brittle solid that sank to the bottom of the pot. Within perhaps a half dozen iterations of stirring the pot, breaking apart the solid mass at the bottom, and raising the temperature a few degrees, the solid continued to form at the bottom of the pot -- albeit in a smaller and smaller mass. Eventually I believe the mass remaining was of a single type -- the aforementioned amazing expanding and shrinking butter. It certainly looked the same, remaining white in a pool of golden oils, it's surface dimpled and roughly waving and curving.

What I had initially broken into chunks in order to facilitate melting had recombined again and again as a solid mass when the butters of lower melting points dissolved into the solution. Not until the mixture reached exactly 99" F, did all the ingredients finally begin to dissolve completely.

I won't describe the rest of the steps in combining the lighter oils and other ingredients -- for example, the whipping in a steel bowl over ice to achieve the smooth texture, and so on.

The reason I think the melting of the solid oils noteworthy has to do with cohesion and adhesion, two forces some sages believe comparable to gravity, but subtler, less observed, and less understood.

Except for some factor such as behaviors caused by such things as "adhesion" and "cohesion" imply, why would chunks of a material again and again cling together to the point of forming a hard solid rather than continuing to float autonomously in the liquids?

I seem to remember similar methods used in the refining of minerals, i.e., selection or "deselection" of specific minerals through gradual heating and cooling will cause the precipitation and "clumping together" of like materials at specific temperatures.

But back on the subject of the Petals formula, what is it, exactly that happens in the skin cell? The final consistency of the product is somewhere between a rich cookie dough and butter cream icing. When placed on warm, wet skin, it dissolves and is absorbed by the skin. But is it in a liquid or a solid state at this point? It's hard to know.

But I can't worry myself about the proof of my science. This is more of a pudding. And, as they say, "The proof is in the pudding!" I'm just glad Petals Cream keeps tender skin firm, supple and elastic. Hey, if it never starts to bag, it can never start to bag, eh!

Soon Petals will be available for sale in the store at


yours, as ever, cristobal

john - Thursday, October 30th, 2008
Fascinating site and well worth the visit. I will be back!

ouioui - Thursday, October 30th, 2008
Hello, my name is Kelly, I like yours site, gut photo, i with pleasure shall support a theme.

enteptsmand - Wednesday, October 29th, 2008
Happy Halloween my friends! :) :D :)

quovilee - Sunday, October 26th, 2008
All greetings! I have fallen in love today:)))))

I wish to shout about love to all world ! :)

Love this magnificent feeling:)))))

Christmassongs - Sunday, October 26th, 2008
test topic

Senks, good luck

xto - Saturday, October 25th, 2008
Thanks for saying hello.

It sounds very interesting.

hey you layered technology and engineering gurus out there -

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008
It's nice to see you care!

C'mon and jump on board with me, and let's away to a truly multidimensional state of mind.

The triumph of mediocrity has brought us to this plateau of sameness. But the good guys will soon get a chance to get their licks in. They've been biding their time, they've been in hiding amongst us. The world could change in the wink of an eye, but before you can play your part you've got to be tired of the same old games, and ready to pay your own way. When you do, you will find there is no luxury you've ever known that compares to your flashes and inklings of what lies in store. Together we can see (conceive) entirety, a world, in the whirl of reflections upon the surface of a pearl.

Thanks! glad you like my work - Thursday, October 23rd, 2008
I really appreciate your appreciation : )

Traffic is holding up pretty well, even after going on hiatus from the NY project while deadlines for designing a charitable foundation benefit are on the front burner.

I must say commercial art has its virtues in more than fiscal realms. This customer is superb for always trying to push for great stuff, resulting in products from my studio that are smart, flashy, colorful and hard-hitting : ) There is considerable satisfaction for the creative drive in doing this work. I mean, I really like it!

This particular client is wonderful in other, even more significant ways. His group pays me for every hour. Needless to say, this is monumentally important. Now if I could get just one or two more such clients, I would be all set.

I do have bad customers, too, unfortunately. For example, I am reduced to attempting to barter as I continue to try to get paid by the guys (brothers, scions of a wealthy old Boston family) who hired me to do the big pitch to Bank of America last spring. Can you imagine getting stiffed by those who are marking you up 200-300 percent? Now that hurts!!

Their client was a very large law firm, and I know they pay their bills, so here I am facing this dilemma.

I am in desperate need of a better piano because we're going to be doing some recording of new works, with key pieces of the puzzle arriving from Europe and New York.

My piano, which is already not so good (in dry winter weather adding funny noises to a few of the notes). The piano must be tuned before the sessions, so I was thinking I would do just as well to go and pick up a spare piano that someone around Boston may have sitting around somewhere in an extra house they are trying to get rid of, perhaps.

I am talking about people who have great material resources but who apparently think nothing of contracting one such as I for work they have no intention of remunerating. It's really shocking, but nonetheless a good illustration of what is meant when it's said, "The middle class are really the ones with values you can count on. Wealthy people often have more in common with desperados."

I lost a rich friend once when I grew so tired of her complaining about being unable to squeeze the seller of a luxury automobile she wanted down to the price that some friend of hers told her she ought to be able to get, and I'm afraid I spoke a little too candidly.

I know it was rude of me, and I do regret it because I miss her now, but my husband was trying his hand at sales during that period, and we were finding out first hand how difficult it is, and how narrow the margin can get. I understood why the car salesmen at all the dealerships she shopped wanted to blow her off. So I said to her, "What's really annoying is seeing someone act like they're desperate when they aren't. What do you think that says about character?"

Last I heard of her, she had inherited her millions, gone to Europe for training in the decorative arts, and was rising through the decorative arts scene at a major university.

Anyway. Sometimes I wish the rich would just return to being "the idle rich."

That's like this particularly lousy client. He boasts that he has old money, yes, but wouldn't call himself really rich -- not like some of his friends who are billionaires, presumably. Anyway, he is whiling away his time being a broker of creative services, and I guess that's reason enough for him to believe I should work for nothing. That, and the fact that I have no realistic way of forcing him to pay me -- at least, no way that wouldn't cost me even more of my time and money and still have no guaranteed results.

Therefore my present course with him is to try to enlist his aid in replacing my piano, which is about equal to the money that he owes me. I am about to call his mother! What do you think would happen if I tried that?

: )

Incidentally (or not incidentally), his mother was the lady who told me back in 2004 that Barak Obama was going to be the Democrat candidate for the presidency in 2008.

It was the first I heard of Obama, and his name did not crop up again in my awareness until the campaign actually began. Interesting.

judy - Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008
This site is really superb!!! Thank you for you work! Good Luck

a cure for melancholia - Wednesday, October 15th, 2008
Spending most of the week preparing the house for guests may explain tears so early on a Wednesday morning. I do so dislike housework, doesn't everyone? Actually, no. There are plenty of people who enjoy it. I am unfortunately not among them. However, everything looks lovely now and friends arrived last night.

The first thing I did today was cut the kernels from ears of corn and grill them with cumin, cayenne, garlic, jalapełos, red pepper and onion -- the basis of a corn salad I will finish later with tomatoes, avocado, black bean, cilantro and lime. The dish is very beautiful and fills the apartment with its lovely spice.

But it did make me cry, and now I'm deeply sad (looking at web traffic from yesterday, which was slow -- apparently because I have failed to write in this space. I have gotten spoiled from by trips to NYC, from the spike in the traffic they bring. Now I must add to the "To Do" list a lot more web page updates -- and new pages too -- to keep it growing. And try to find time for regular entries here.

Anyway, this is a momentary depression, a state I trust will be replaced by more agreeable emotions once everyone else wakes up and we set out on a tour of the city.

I submit that there is a fundamental state of denial in being the bonne femme, which the onion has the power to undo.

It it is pleasurable on some levels to perform the rites of preparing place for others, and nourishing bodies and souls with beautiful, delicious food. These are sacred arts, I know. They are blessings to the giver and to the receiver. And I am not sorry that I am their practitioner. But sometimes I am also glad to have the cover onions to explain tears.

That's where this song originated:

In some sense, a woman performing the traditional arts and duties of the feminine estate, does not truly own her own soul.

RoradadraxnaH - Wednesday, October 15th, 2008
Hello. :)

The images were released to celebrate the arrival on Monday of Emma Tallulah, the couple's third daughter. Bye.

LoladooNo - Wednesday, October 15th, 2008
Hi Guys,

A long time lurker thought i would finally say Hi :) sorry if this is the wrong section mods!

October gave a party - Monday, October 13th, 2008
Hi, Jessika.

Here's a view from Connecticut over Columbus Day. The faintest breeze kept the colors and the light jittering in exultation. Still images cannot really duplicate the effect, especially when you factor in the warmth of the sun through the car windows, mitigated by the chill of a little air conditioning. And when you roll down the window -- perfection!

Foolishly, I shot more than 500 pictures over the weekend, just looking out the window as we toured through the Quinebaug-Shetucket National Heritage Corridor. There are so many lovely ones -- many just streaming colors, blurred with constant motion. But what can we do with them? It's a mystery. Quixlidly - Saturday, October 11th, 2008
Hi! My name is Jessika!

hi marg - Sunday, October 5th, 2008
We love her, too. Does she sing?

Acimmishimb - Sunday, October 5th, 2008
marg helgenberger mother and child yeah yeah yeahs More thoughts on the sexadecimal concept - Saturday, October 4th, 2008
I'm not sure I can adequately express the excitement of seeing visitors and correspondents seeking more information about the sexadecimal concept posted here and at from distinguished institutions like the Max Planck Institute (and others) as well as commercial interests in the development of technical computing. I would like to ask you to consider how the expression of Pi, as a ratio is affected in different base systems, specifically the true base 16 system that is described by the Sexadecimal system? I lack the vast computing capacity that would enable me to calculate the ratio to any great degree, but -- theoretically -- it is conceivable that the ratio would come out even, or at least as a pattern, in systems that are differently proportioned than our base 10 (decimal) system. If indeed Pi does resolve in non-decimal systems, might not the great anomaly seen in the decimal-system's expression of Pi be an important key for computing infinity? That is, with Pi re base 10 exhibiting movement (trajectory) toward infinity? This thinking emerged after the recent discovery of the largest ever prime number, and that fact that I continue to chafe over my so-called conversation with a Nobel prize-winner on a Boston talk radio show. The man dismissed interest in Pi, saying it is afterall "just a ratio," and he said he couldn't understand why people are so fascinated by it. What a was a nasty shock it was to discover the radio talk show format is not in the slightest a "conversation," since the call screener asks callers what they want to talk about but is really asking "What are you going to say?" The show's hosts and their guests listen to recordings of caller input, and then formulate their responses in advance. If the caller attempts a real conversational give and take, there's a good chance they will be rewarded with a dismissive tone that veils the host's and/or guest's unwillingness or inability to speak extemporaneously, i.e., conduct "conversation." But seriously, folks, all numbers are "just ratios" in the sense that they are a proportion of the base system in use, aren't they? Can we agree that was not an answer to my question? Thank you! Thank you! casz Moldova visitors - Saturday, October 4th, 2008
A big hello to the visitors from Moldova. I am indeed proud to have the interest of so many from this ancient land at the true crossroads of culture and commerce between the continents of Europe and Asia. A belated WELCOME, and thank you for your visits (almost 10,000 last month alone). That is amazing! Georgia - Friday, October 3rd, 2008
It seems like the NATO people have got Saakashvili's number . . .,1518,578273-2,00.html casz - Friday, October 3rd, 2008
Sure, shoot me an email, and I'll send you the pdf. butte - Friday, October 3rd, 2008
I went on the "One Thin Dime" page and heard a short snippet. Then a few minutes later I went back, and the whole song was playing! Great song! You must have been uploading it at the same time. Do you have the sheet music? cristo - Friday, October 3rd, 2008
Thanks, jammerlibre! I hope you are correct! Now that you have given your kind encouragement, I see that at first I neglected to be inspired by the hope at the end of my own dream of despair. (I heard news that I was dead, but I was not dead. In fact I was struggling to survive, and very much, intensely, alive.) Now that I think of it, this is actually a great big victory! Perhaps some of you don't know that in the early years of my life I was quite self-destructive. It has been a few years since the broken record that started playing in my head from that time ("I want to die") finally went silent. Perhaps sometime I will tell you more details from the life of that sad and angry child. For now, I will mention a couple of facts, and let a necessarily abbreviated explanation suffice to say that a dream expression of the desire to survive is something wonderful and new! More often, when survival is in question, I have dreamt of the Deity, in bliss -- a loving paternal presence in a world of light -- and I am begging Him to let me come back to Him. I also experience this "dream of paradise lost" when regaining consciousness after fainting. In those cases, I am running and running for the light, with the idea, "Hurray, I'm getting out of here!" But it is almost always the same: "No," says my Good Master. "You have to live. You have work to do." This saddens me greatly, but I know this is the way it must be. I tell him I will try. Then I say, "Well, will you fix me so at least I am whole?" Shamed at being unacceptable to remain in the light, I become aware of terrible blackness, roiling chaos, and my ears are ringing sickeningly in the loud, ugly din. Everything hurts. I am crying and crying as I begin to awaken and the chaos melts away. I began fainting and having petit mal seizures when I was nine years old, after overreacting (no doubt) to cruelty at the family dinner table, when -- fleeing in anger and mortification at the murderous rage I felt -- I attempted to break my neck. I remember looking in the mirror in my parents' bedroom and speaking to the Deity: "I want to make them die, and I'll bet I could get away with it, too! I'm going to break my neck and come back to You. If You don't take me, it will be Your problem." My hair was long -- to the waist. I was looking in the mirror and noticing how the rope of my hair could be twisted into the hairbrush so it wouldn't slide, and given a mighty yank that would rip my head off. Aware at the same time how wrong it was to do this, I said to Him, in all seriousness, "I can't be held responsible. I'm only a child." Then I did it. I hope you do not find this upsetting! It seems rather comical to me now. Perhaps this is the source of gallows humor that creeps into my work sometimes. Anyway, this was only the third time I tried a stunt like that. I was a good child, a docile girl, an excellent student. No one had any idea whatsoever how I struggled to suppress my anger. No one even knew what happened, because I lied about it. They were afraid to move me because I had the most horrendous-looking lump on the side of my neck, so the doctor came to the house. He gave me a fearfully large syringe of novacaine in the neck and began to massage the lump. He kept asking me what had happened. "Oh, I was just brushing my hair," I said, barely conscious. Still it was rather obvious he didn't believe a word of it. home - Thursday, October 2nd, 2008
Go to and send email. It's at the bottom of each page, where it says, "Contact Us." utisbunny - Wednesday, October 1st, 2008
How i may contact admin this site? I have a question. iijiivei jammarlibre - Wednesday, October 1st, 2008
I consider that beside Your site there is future! T my dream of New York - Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
I recently received an essay in aesthetics from a friend and would-be collaborator. It was the sort of thing you read in 8th grade English class ( Perrine's Sound and Sense: An Introduction to Poetry (11th edition) Authors: Laurence Perrine, Thomas R. Arp, Greg Johnson ) (at least we read this book in my 8th grade class, and I thought it quite wonderful) The essay attempted to make a few of the same points this textbook makes --, minus the clarity, that is, and except for containing veiled references to artistic shortcomings of the members of a particular group I worked with during the summer. This epistle roiled my psyche sufficient to inspire this dream that very night: I dreamed I was in New York to see three doctors. We were on a barge circumnavigating Manhattan. As I often do for at least part of the time when cruising on a boat, I was captivated by the beautiful wake of water seeming to pour from the stern of the boat. On the barge was a tall hill landscaped as a fantastical play area embedded with nice big "Jungle Jim" equipment -- swings, trapeze, slides and such, with ladders for climbing to the top. The climbing apparatuses were all far too loose and dodgy to be safe, yet after a scary climb, at last I made it to the top. There I found a park with a central sandbox playpen. Stepping into this area immediately revealed that the entire structure was made of sand, and in fact the entire structure was collapsing all over the place. Meanwhile, the doctors one by one were telling me how everything I do is wrong. I saw how the place could serve as a jumping off place to get into the beautiful shining crescent of water flowing in our wake. I dove in, but could not reach the strong, smooth stream gleaming in our wake. Instead, I plunged into a maelstrom!. Tumbling over and over in the chaos, I heard news that I had drowned. Deep in turbulent water, I struggled to create a small area of calm in front of my face where I might release a few bubbles of air to find out which way was up. Time after time the bubbles of my precious air streamed this way and that, driven by insane currents. Finally I made my decision and with lungs bursting began swimming and swimming and swimming for what I hoped and prayed would turn out to be the surface. Then I woke up. There are many times when I will enter into meditation, and sometimes consult I CHING -- for many reasons, including to learn the meaning of a dream. However for this dream I did no such thing, since the meaning of this dream, though symbolic, was perfectly obvious. xto - Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
It makes me happy indeed to meet a visitor from Qatar. Welcome! I will try to answer as I truly believe: love ("the very force and nature of the universe") is as fundamental as "opposites attract" -- a fact which ascends and descends all along the chain of being, even to the infinitesimal scale of photons (particles of light) which come in pairs of positive and negative that can be blasted apart, carried to remote locations, and yet remain somehow united as evidenced by their tendency to react to each other despite all efforts to separate them. Though they are apart, yet they remain one, like couples in love. Compulsion to union between members of mated pairs, in human Being, is capable of bringing the world of emotion and feeling to life, for better or worse. And, in biological terms, it literally is the cause of existence (as it is the cause of existence of all that is material in the world). I hope you are blessed to exist in a state where self realization is a possibility for you. And if you do, and if in this excellent state you find the mate of your heart, may you pass all love's tests, and remain true. For light, life, and love, your cristobal atosseJutle - Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
Hello friends! I am newbie here. And i have 1 question it is what is love? Test - Monday, September 29th, 2008
Hi all! Bye Jacky and Little E - Thursday, September 25th, 2008
This is the song that calls the yard cats to meals: "The cats will eat again today! Chittyvitty-vitty Chittyvitty hofski Prrrt! & Kevitch Prrrdn Kovski!" These little ragmuffins are the sole survivors from a litter of five. Like all of the stray cats around our yard, they are mostly wild, but I had to tame these two a little bit to help them with their health problems. There were perhaps 3 male sires represented in the litter. The toughest one is called Isis because of the marks around his eyes, like the Egyptian Eye In The Sky. Isis is really a clan name rather than an individual cat. All have the same markings on the eyes. These two babies don't have it, but I suspects one of the Isises is the sire because they are the only dun-colored tabbies around here. N said he saw Isis eyeing the litter with malevolence, after which only his own offspring were ever seen again. Jacky, on the left, was at first called "The One-Eyed Jack" because, after the disappearance of the first three kittens, something attacked him during the night, splitting the cornea on the right eye with a deep cut and crushing that side of his jaw as well. I believe his skull was also injured. After a day, there was a copious discharge, then the eye shrank back in its socket and clouded over. It seemed the eye was a goner, so I gave him the sad, comical name to try to get him to buck up, and set about trying to help him using the comfrey that grows in several places in the yard. Perhaps it is mainly because kittens, like babies of many species, have such great power to heal, but he did it! He got better. My best hope had been to prevent a fatal infection. I truly believe the comfrey had a lot to do with an astonishing recovery. I have used this plant for many years, often with amazing results. Despite being allergic to him, I worked out a routine for Jacky's treatment. I'd put on my hazmat gown, an ice pack and goggles over my eyes, and latex gloves. Taking the fastest growing part of the plant (in the summertime, that would be the burgeoning leaf), I would squeeze the juicy stem until it gave up a few drops of the mucilage, which is very soothing and can be almost magically healing for any topical concern. I brought the kitten into the potting room and ran warm water in the sink, wetting a small square of sponge and squeezing it above his eye so that warm water trickled down -- again and again -- until the eye had been rinsed very well, then let the comfrey juice fall right into the injury. It took only a few days before the cut in the cornea closed, the eye re-hydrated, and today you would never know he had ever had a problem. Now Jacky wants to live in the house, but he also wants to remain true to his own nature, which is wild. If the door is left ajar, he sneaks in and runs rampant -- up the stairs, down the stairs, and into as many places as possible. Looking after the stray cats (at present there are five) has given me some insights into the problems Deity must have in loving and caring for humans (and the rest of creation). In the musical play I am writing for the workshop in New York, we have a trombone to give voice to an Exalted Being in dialog with an angry human who cannot understand why his prayers have not been answered. The trombone will say (in trombone language), "You€re acting just like a stray kitty who can€t believe she won€t be allowed into paradise and become my master." Isn't this what people are really saying when they demand that their prayers must be answered? They are trying to demand that they should become the master of heaven. No wonder they are frustrated! What a silly idea. It's the reason prayers also always have to say, "Not my will, but Yours be done." Just to clarify our understanding of whose intentions should go forward, eh! Then the trombone, in Exalted Being language that no one except Mahler and Wagner really understand, will say, sympathetically and a little sad, "What you may never understand is what it means to me that you have fleas, and I am allergic to you." N has made a few comfortable places in the garage and on the porches -- filled with straw, lined with fleece and shielded from the wind, where the felines be cozy together once the cold weather sets in. okay, you win - Thursday, September 25th, 2008
Here are a couple of recent pictures taken while walking the loop at Castle Island. The lingering twilights of summer ended very quickly, with hardly any warning of decline into an autumnal phase. Suddenly evening descends fast. The sun drops like a plummeting phoenix below the horizon, flaming remains collapse into the cool folds of evening. hear hear - Thursday, September 25th, 2008
I'm with theedger. theedger - Thursday, September 25th, 2008
It just seems like it all just for fun and I hope it stays that way. confidential to Controller_John - Wednesday, September 24th, 2008
Quite! (I trust Controller_John's latest is a response to conversation here and not a secret code you are passing to the bad guys ; ) BTW, are you really in New York? (Folks, the poster put "NY" in the email line, but current sys setup removes that field when msg passes into html. In this case, the program returned a server in Germany, not New York. That's interesting : ) Cheers! ; ) XTO PS I have reduced the number of repetitions in your message, as the first 10% of them made the point adequately PPS If your stated location does not match that of the server from which the post was received, I may edit that info into your name so you know that we know there is a question. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, my own server is in a remote location so I know that discrepancy alone implies nothing about your good faith. I appreciate your input!! Thanks, kassie Controller_Jonn NY from server in Berlin - Wednesday, September 24th, 2008
switch in check in check switch in check switch in check manage manage manage check switch manage in check . . . buyouts - Wednesday, September 24th, 2008
And while we're on the subject of speculation, I'd like to clarify that the taxpayers should not be paying full value for these phony mortgages. Warren Buffet isn't paying last year's stock price for Goldman stock, now is he? And neither should we pay the full "value" of the defaulted mortgages. The properties should be auctioned, and our tab should reflect the true market value. There are plenty of honest people who would have liked to buy a house over the past several years. This is a great opportunity for them. speculation - Wednesday, September 24th, 2008
. . . the quote from below, June 10, was a bit cynical at the time because unless the major media are trumpeting a story, it doesn't exist, right? So this comment was just a little ahead of the buzz. To quote: ". . . Or is it merely a truism that he who hasn't learned how to make ten thousand percent really just hasn't learned how to legally steal?" Howevver now that the stew has come to the boil, I see what real cynicism sounds like. For example, it just frustrates me to the point of apoplexy to hear media commentators describe the whole mess and then say, "And meantime the perpetrators walk away rich, of course!" to which I can only respond, "You mean, of course NOT!!" Please. Please, Get Real, America! Let's all come together, if only to slam their heads to the pavement. These are crimes. We common folk may have our day if the law is applied equally to all criminals. The crimes are too numerous and too expensive for the Dept. of Justice to undertake? How about turning some of our multitudinous flocks of lawyers to a path of "legal vigilantism." Turn them loose on the crooks and offer a monetary bounty on their quarry. Thank you. so take a tip from Chaucer -- ENJOY - Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
Yeah, Chaucer's astounding, every character bursting with life. The tales are full of joy and laughter. WIKIPEDIA says "the poet consistently revalues and reinvents older traditions while managing to avoid completely abandoning them." We should all take a few turns around that practice every once in awhile. "What else is there? Ritual: Time. Place. Necessity." Perhaps you practice your traditions to an extreme degree. Comfort that they are, they can also drive you crazy. Try something new once in awhile. Do you fret over providing a sum of wealth to ease the fears and discomforts even of your children's children? Relax. Everything isn't up to you. Not even your own family is your own doing. Since when do you believe in purgatory anyway? I thought you were a jew. exisyBetzoots - Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
I am getting more and more worried about the economy and global meltdown. The more things change the more they remain the same. The fundamental challenges we face today have changed little since Chaucer penned his observations on life and distilled them in a set of tales. In the modern city of Canterbury University Students analyse and dissect the meanings conveyed in texts set in that very locale in the 1300€s. Youngsters face today€s Jekyll and Hyde society not knowing that the Constants remain; love, betrayal, desire, fear. Each story conveys a lesson as we study for our degree in the University of Life, the big diploma mill of which we are all Alumni. We sit grinning like Cheshire cats, thinking we have all the answers. We call it a success when we pollute our atmosphere shooting down our own Satellite USA 193, Market Street Credibility is our preferred accreditation and recognition from our peers and fellow consumers, we Poison our Planet for Profit. Banks have crashed before and remember  you can€t eat money. Globalization has consequences. Everything we do has consequences, even something simple like buying firewood. The Oregon ODA advises not to obtain anything from out-of-state because of all the insects and diseases it might carry. That is just a relatively local issue. Imagine all the things that are carried around the world each day  each hour. We must protect our future, just as we should remember our past. All over the world, From the UK to the USA and the Seychelles to Egypt, still, yes, STILL, there is no REAL alternative to fossil fuels. Are we all going to purgatory in a wheelbarrow telling each other stories to pass the time? Sometimes I wonder! Sorry guys, I had a long day and feel sick of the world. Rant Over! Christopher Dodd, 2 Fade Away NOW -- what a putz - Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
I just about threw up when I saw this thieving parasite walk out of the Banking Committee discussions, still at the helm, as big as the smirk on his face on the cover of the New York Times Online yesterday. So I stole this picture and crammed him into a format for cutting out and manipulating in the most humiliating fashion possible so he will perhaps open his eyes to what he has become and slink away from the public view, preferably to a place where he will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for his blatant betrayals of the public trust. Send me the names of more of the corrupt cronies and I will make up a whole clothesline of editorial tools for leveraging the drip-drip-dripping fools out of our Congress. Raise your voices, people. These is no partisan line here, there is no color line here -- this is one place where red-blooded Americans of everystripe can march together. thetleway - Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
How i may contact the administrator of a site? I have a question. Russo - Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
Hello I am Russo visitor - Monday, September 22nd, 2008
A friend tells me his lady friend of a rather advanced age, an Iranian-born naturalized American citizen living in Germany, actually began to weep when they were discussing the absentee ballots they expect to receive soon for voting in the presidential election upcoming. "Please tell everyone they must not vote for Obama!" she said. "George Bush is the only one who was man enough to stand up and say Iran's president is evil. A vote for Obama is a vote for Ahmadinijad!" I thought this an interesting case, as we in the U.S. are generally unaware of the suffering of the Iranian people. Both my friend and the older woman remember Iran when it was a country where for the most part people could live their own lives. Now they are being deprived of education, and every moment of life is dominated by the religious extremists who dictate thought and behavior to the infinitesimal degree. Families have been shattered to the corners of the earth because for so many it became dangerous to stay in Iran. My friend's sisters, for example, were already grown or nearly grown when suddenly the restrictions of dress were forced upon them. The family had many unpleasant occasions to collect the girls from the religious police because their garments could not be made to work. I remember one story of the younger sister who was accused of having insufficient clothing on under the shroud. At first she thought she had forgotten to put on a skirt, but when the religious police lifted up the burka and stood staring at her naked legs, she discovered the normal movements of walking had caused the skirt and shift to ride up around her waist. Can you imagine?? Of course this sort of thing must be the least of the humiliations to which people are forced to submit. This family fled in all directions with different members landing in Greece, Italy, Turkey, USA, England. To their credit they kept trying to come back together and for the most part now live in the United States. I thought the least I could do for this poor woman would be to convey her message that a vote for Obama is a vote for Ahmadinijad. I really never did hear that before. XTO - Monday, September 22nd, 2008
The number of visits from esteemed readers in Serbia, Montenegro, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Germany and Netherlands over the past couple of weeks (added to the always ubiquitous visits from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary and other former soviet-block nations) has added significantly to the recovery of the site's standing. Maybe the site's booming growth was what brought it to Google's attention in the first place, precipitating their kicking us to the curb ; ) But it's okay now. We surge anew! thanks in great part to the readers of this page. So many visits are from university system servers that I wonder, are we going to get an offer for a HARRIER ANGEL production from one of these places soon?? You know you want it! Spread the word. casz - Saturday, September 20th, 2008
Just to be perfectly clear, I am interested in these developments and appreciate thoughtful inputs on most subjects related to arts and culture (including politics). Of course I am in no position to verify that odommania's comments are indeed factual. However I do agree they certainly are interesting. stephanazs - Saturday, September 20th, 2008
Interesting facts.I have bookmarked this site. stephanazs odommania - Saturday, September 20th, 2008
Georgia Offers Fresh Evidence on War€s Start A new front has opened between Georgia and Russia, now over which side was the aggressor whose military activities early last month ignited the lopsided five-day war. At issue is new intelligence, inconclusive on its own, that nonetheless paints a more complicated picture of the critical last hours before war broke out. Georgia has released intercepted telephone calls purporting to show that part of a Russian armored regiment crossed into the separatist enclave of South Ossetia nearly a full day before Georgia€s attack on the capital, Tskhinvali, late on Aug. 7. judy - Friday, September 19th, 2008
I you all love!H xto - Wednesday, September 17th, 2008
You're very welcome. I'd like to remind visitors that the url is It has been gratifying to see the steady stream of downloads of this lead sheet, and also of the instrumental practice track, especially often recently from Serbia, Montenegro, Lebanon, and other places associated with newly-brilliant progress in potential for self-realization of individuals, as well as recent tragic upheavals in once-brilliant cities and nations. I hope this song may restore you to happiness for the miracle of being alive, for all its fruits, juices and thorns. My high school class has heard of the suicide of one of our mates yesterday. This tragedy has stirred an outpouring of stories and sentiments, and this song has been in my practice today. I hope you may sing it, too, and in so doing remember in the deepest part of your existence the reason for being is for light, life, and love. xxxx,your cristo Mike - Wednesday, September 17th, 2008
Just a quick word of thanks!... for posting the words/music for Red River Valley in PDF for free :) Sserver - Saturday, September 13th, 2008
Hi! E-Mail Bye for now! xto - Friday, September 12th, 2008
The visitor's site is very cool, with many wonderful photos and illustrations of botanicals. Crazy about botanicals, myself ; ) If I could clone me the way you can clone most of this order of life, one of me would have studied botany. Hey, rhyming again! diggit! Thanks for posting. eruccubterlof - Friday, September 12th, 2008
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Sorry! Here's the multidimensional numbering system jpg. I'm trying to get mathematicians to use graphical numerals in their hexadecimal calculators -- have created fonts for these figures to plug in to software calculators. The first two courses comprise a base-16 system called "Sexadecimal" (the accurate name for "hexadecimal" which was so-named b/c the IBM guys who invented it thought the correct expression sounded nasty ; ) Anyway, if you include all four courses, it becomes a base-32 system -- handling HUGE numbers -- but it still retains the capability of enabling quick divisibility, summing, etc., because the visual component wherein all the courses contain mirror images of [instant corollaries with] their counterparts and are thus instantly comprehensible, visually, like an abacus. "Pi" of course is no longer at or around "3" when calculated in different base systems. But the figure from our decimal system for Pi (standing in at "3") is the reminder of the "pulse" ("fat" and "thin" values) that calculations in this system can account for. Guess it could seem a little nutty (or at least highly controversial) without all the proofs and rules required in a proper system, but it still gets a lot of downloads ; ) The graphic at right is actually twice the size shown here, so if you download it, it will be a lot more legible. your concept - Friday, September 12th, 2008
I couldn't open the attachment u sent. said inc - Thursday, September 11th, 2008
confidential to the special apps for industrial diamond folks who tried to post -- very interesting company, but you still have to say something thoughtful before your message will pass muster with the monitor, i.e., with me : ) There are a remarkable number of recent attempts to post by people who have nothing to say, at least not in English. Sorry to disappoint -- I hope to catch a few minutes to write a real entry soon. Thanks, casz hurricane prophylactics - Friday, September 5th, 2008
Er, suppose that could be so. I do tend to assume a certain level of common sense on the part of those who, in the general course of exploring solution, are looking at options suggested by others. So, okay, yes. Do try it out a tropical storm that has not yet become a raging banshee ; ) Pick a low-level storm that our best estimates expect to advance in severity. Then, if it retreats instead, the changes that occur may reasonably be attributed to something other than mere coincidence. Thanks the reality check : ), tropical storms - Thursday, September 4th, 2008
If they do decide to test your hurricane prevention method, I hope someone will have the sense to apply it to a tropical storm before it becomes a 'urricane! caszy ru - Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008
After two years of relative quiet on the hurricane front in the tropics, 2008
's is a pretty busy season. In the new piece in development by the workshop (working title, "Pieces of Mind") the middle section is "Chaos," correponding to Necessity (one of the four component parts of mind described by the Greek philosopher Thales, the other three of which are Time, Place and Intellect). One of the group asked how to characterize Necessity as a component of mind, and the present hurricane season seemed to present a useful example. Necessity will be found operating constantly in life, towards maintaining the material support that keeps body and soul together -- fundamentally, food and shelter. Necessity is also the factor that rears up to force a radical reordering of priorities when, for example, a hurricane strikes. All of the qualities of one's mind can be altered in a heartbeat from the manageable routine where Necessity is undeniably a factor yet very little in evidence -- perhaps even allowing a level of freedom from want that makes writing musical theater possible. Then suddenly things change: SURVIVE. KEEP THE WATER OUT. FLEE! On a lovely evening promenade down by the sea, thankfully far away from the tropics, GJC and I tried to think of ways we could disrupt a hurricane. What we arrived at was the stockpiling of fireworks loaded not with gunpowder but with frozen liquid gas or gases. The weather service aircraft flying into the eye of the hurricane should discharge these special "fireworks" ("liquid nitrogen bombs" of various configurations and effects) directly into the stream and perhaps also into the super low pressure atmosphere in the eye. The rapid dispersal of these devices and their pattern-breaking cooling effects might stymie the weather system, causing it to break down before it gathers sufficient energy and momentum to be destructive. What do you think of this hypothesis? So far I've no reason to think it lacks potential. Thus has procrastination engendered a new invention, for I was supposed to be drumming this lyric into my head in preparation for setting it to music, as my contribution to the Chaos section of "Pieces of Mind." THE WIRE SONG For electromagnetic induction You let it spin and cut the line As it stops and goes, the current flows In a binary force of mind But why are all the wires drawing Signals out of range when By the law of self induction I must resist the change refrain All I know is all I know It comes in through my radio What does it say in my dossier? And if they tell can I take it well? Are you hearing language in the static on the phone Signal to noise improves when you own The messages and the messages and the Messages are all one So if your head can take A minor audio tweak You suddenly find your core information Travelling peak to peak So what€s the frequency, Danny? A hundred percent out of phase Just flip your periodicity, man Next time you enjoy the exchange refrain All I know is all I know It comes in through my radio So what does it say in your dossier? And if they tell, will it cast a spell? bridge W. Fandango -- oh, where is he He once explained all this so passionately refrain2 All I know is all I know It comes in on my radio And what does it say in your dossier? And if they tell, will you take it well? vamp And if say tell, will you run away? And if you cry, can you tell me why? And if you're broke, should you bum a smoke? I am thinking the music will be loop-based, which implies the use of sequences (or "canned" audio bits) in the performance. But since we're likely to be using lots of sounds effects which will probably be sequenced, what's the difference? I have a large collection of audio samples, most of them never used. This could be a fun way to approach such a piece. Wish me luck -- workshop is in a little over 2 weeks. Pleace and love, your cristobal albertcupi - Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 enjoy. nami - Monday, September 1st, 2008
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It's very cheering to see we have readers on servers of some oil companies in Iran and elsewhere in the Middle East, as well as some large contractors in the region. Perhaps they are still thinking they would like us to do the HARRIER ANGEL concert in that part of the world. That would be amazingly. We are ready and able, thanks to the decision to use hired musicians rather than having a regular band. Nobody has to starve between gigs, and we can put it together very quickly (see ). My internal clock is still turned around from having done the NYC trip in one day, but it is getting easier. The workshop is exciting as it's so very much work and interplay between people and no one knows yet what it is going to produce. Quite frankly, I can easily see it could come to nothing in the way of a show, just lots of neat experiences working with new and different people all the time. A wonderful choreography, Nicole (there's that name again ; ) has expressed interest in choreographing two of the numbers from HARRIER ANGEL -- "TO HERE" and "BAD DREAM ON EASY STREET." This could be a part of the proposed workshop show or independent of it. Nicole is a busy and dedicated dancer and choreographer so I have a feeling this could become a reality. The script had some hammer and tong applied to it and demands another draft as soon as possible. We remain rather freeform, trying things that may have no practical application in the final piece at all as well as including some very funny bits that popped up spontaneously and some revisions to avoid offending religious sentiments, the latter of which to me seems unfortunate in the sense that such restrictions might well reduce the depths we can hope to plumb. Wouldn't you know it -- it's the Moses thing, with the great leader's anger with the deity now stopping well short of firing the weapon at heaven. I'm sure most people would agree that anger with the deity is a very real component of human psychological makeup and in no way threatens Himself. Like atheism, it's a comment on and a reflection of the human condition only, as heaven can very well manage for itself. In favor of showing the great man letting his beast out on our stage, Moses was well-known to be a pretty angry guy. Yet perhaps the most interesting reason to include him is that The Books of Moses (the first five books of the Bible) are fundamental to the three contending religions of (in chronological order of emergence) Jews, Christians and Muslims. As an aside, I just wondered whether the Olympic Games in Beijing and related media features on Chinese culture that showed myriad preparations of worms and insects and the like have underscored a large area of commonality -- culinary tastes -- among those who call The Books of Moses. Anyway, the main difficulty seems to be that one of our company plays the organ at services of a Baptist congregation in New York City, and he feels he cannot participate in anything that would disrespect their sensitivities. I'm hoping we can be soothing to apparently raw emotions on this topic and still get our artistic licks in towards the end of helping to lift and enlighten as well as entertain. As I hope is very well known to the readership, I would do nothing I thought had any chance of injuring Heavenly Father. Our working title is "Pieces of Mind" and follows the train of thought running through "Pieces of One" and "Chain of Being." Hoping it is Stoppard-esque enough to draw comparisons to Master Tom. Please tell your friends to drop by and say hello, and don't be a stranger yourself. It's so gratifying to note that after Google kicked us to the curb a few months ago, it is the readership here that is largely responsible for bringing us about half way back already. Nice going! in peace profound, your cristobal Oscizeliaisse - Wednesday, August 20th, 2008
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Tomorrow I attend another meeting at the Ripley Grier Studios -- lots of fun, exciting even. The piece I conceived as a Tom Stoppard-esque romp through Thales (or at least a musical and comical explanation of his theory of the mind) is front and center, scheduled for half of the 4-hour meeting. The second draft I provided is as full of holes as a Swiss cheese, but hopefully it will spark the imaginations of my colleagues and we will start going at it hammer and tong, to arrive -- even more than at a finished piece -- as a group of artists of various stripes and styles who can really work together. So be it! Willem - Sunday, August 17th, 2008
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Funny question about the salary figure. I recall a friend's salary in 1974 -- at $16,000 (and working for the government), she was making a lot more than I was. Then when I got promoted to Art Director and was making $20,000, that seemed like a fortune. BTW, "girls and tuner cars [i guess you mean cars with radios?] harry s truman and social security" is a sweet insight into the poetry of America in a simpler time -- it's almost a song lyric. And it's very much in tune with "Take Me For A Drive" -- check out the live performance: I'm mad for automotive transport -- it's sublime! enabling the escalation of private life to include moments that resemble the paradisical. And let's not forget air conditioning! Sweet! Smoofannestem - Saturday, August 16th, 2008
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You guys are so easy! Thanks for letting me know you are smiling again when you visit here. But you know, of course, I'm no partisan. Let's see if this European attitude is more than the usual complacency and narrow self-interest, eh. Europe's willingness to allow the imperatives of old empires to continue in play is not unprecedented. Maybe they should try something different this time. If repeated, it may yet prove how much better it would be to stand for something, such as a commitment to supporting democratically elected governments, commitment to the checks and balances that prevent the political bad faith that can so easily use democratic processes to circumvent democracies, and commitment to trusting the voice of the people. Medvedev - Friday, August 15th, 2008
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girls and tuner cars harry s truman and social security xto - Friday, August 15th, 2008
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Thanks for posting on Ossetia's situation. The YouTube link is a horrific account of human suffering, and an eloquent reminder to US citizenry that "the truth is out there" so people need not rely in mainstream media for insight -- in fact, they do so at their peril. I had heard privately that Georgia's president is a political manipulator (in the YouTube vid compared to Saddam Hussein), and that if he had tended to politics and business in good faith the entire region would have been prospering and advancing. His preference for the powerplay has brought this on. Some say Turkey's subtle manipulations of Mikheil Saakashvili are obvious, and that Europeans would rather see Russian influence than Turkish. Medexpert_Nick - Tuesday, August 12th, 2008
What is really going on in South Ossetia xto - Sunday, August 10th, 2008
The url you posted with your latest was "not found" -- this is just to let you know the guestbook is monitored and all links sent in are tested. If they are found to be questionable in any way (or even if they are merely thematically unrelated) they cannot be included with your message, sorry. Lampop Maosw - Saturday, August 9th, 2008
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The rehearsal space in nyc is charming. The workshop is coming together too, I think -- at least, we have our mission. I hope we can pull it off, demonstrating what I have come to believe is the true miracle of human existence, and that is working together. So far so good. Thanks, WGN! The idea we've chosen for development has great potential. I didn't finish my war story about the RAZZ at the theater who were disappointed to have given a pet composer of theirs a commission to recompose my piece after it turned out someone should have had a conversation with me about that before they all travelled down the primrose path together, talking about how freaking brilliant it was all going to be once it had someone else's name listed as composer -- someone, need we confirm, with the right academic credentials to be taken seriously as a contender for the limelight 'pon the wicked stage. I believe I must have been the last to know about the amazingly brilliant plan. I had become friendly with a soprano who was singing one of the roles, and went to her home for tea. I saw the work lying on the table and asked if she had started working on it yet. She said, "No, I figured I would wait. What would be the point anyway, since the whole thing is being recomposed." "What?" I nearly fainted. "Who told you that?" I went to see ET. In a truly horrible moment, the beaming ET told me he was proud to be able to offer me a wonderful opportunity, as he was going to "svengali" me "to a big career" having secured a commission for himself to recompose The RAZZ. I hope dragging this tale from the depths will put it to rest. It has certainly lain like a banked coal in the bottom of my psyche for nearly ten years. On the theory that the truth will out, here it is. In truth, the reason I began telling the tale here in the first place is that the bad aftermath of my refusing this opportunity to be plundered included many difficult and ugly moments, including my having to remove the music director who had unfortunately fallen into the trap created by ET -- essentially being used as the key to making ET's intellectual property grab turn into a commission from the theater. I actually never demanded anyone tell me all the details, since it wasn't pertinent to the action I set myself to do, and I couldn't see the value of getting caught up in politics when I had a plot to circumvent and a reading to see through. It was truly disillusioning enough to watch it all unfold. Having invited my participation in the first place, it would have been rather difficult to throw me out, so they satisfied themselves with trying to prevent it going on. Thankfully, the original music director and I remain good friends to this day, so that part turned out okay. But getting that little show up was absolutely brutal. After a great deal of searching, pleading and beating the bushes to find a new music director, a friend finally agreed to take on the job. This fellow is a veritable lion of a man, with three times the strength and vitality of anyone else in the show. A mariner and sea captain as well as a lawyer and music director, he would leap onto the stage with a single bound, like a big cat. It was glorious to have such a talented and beautiful man come in to finish the job. The basis for the need to recompose the piece was an argument that my piece was not written because no sense could be made of the score I provided. Cat Man dispatched this notion without any fuss whatsoever. He had the music ready in a week because, of course, I am not actually so stupid that I cannot write conventional notation, despite the fact that I did not attend college in Boston. I'm concealing the identity of the heroic music director a little bit here as I think the whole affair still a rather painful memory for him. Unlike my own, his background does qualify his acceptance as a peer in this exalted group of intellectuals. I know he was thoroughly shocked and mortified and wholly unprepared for rough treatment. For of course, as you might well expect, ET wasn't finished yet. The show was in two parts -- The RAZZ and a showcase of new theater music from various composers. ET fired the new music director from the showcase half of the show. I'd never seen the dear Cat Man so depressed. And so my friend and I were cursed to walking the gauntlet together for the remaining weeks of the rehearsals and performances. Imagine walking past killing stares day after day. Smiling pleasantly and saying hello as though nothing at all were the matter was the way I was raised to cope. "Ignore it," was what my mother always said. "Pretend it isn't happening," would have been equally useless as a strategy, and I did both of those things, even as every possible opportunity to embarass me further was exploited with vengeance. People who had once been so open in their admiration of the piece turned cold as rigor mortis with shame at having to work with the one who was being shunned, or embarrassment at having expressed enthusiasms for the work of someone who, it turned out, was not going to be approved after all, except perhaps in the unlikely event that hell should suddenly freeze over. When I rose to speak briefly before the performance, somehow the microphone someone else had used only a moment before suddenly wouldn't work any more (this actually happened at both venues). An artistic director who introduced herself to me after a performance and told me how greatly she enjoyed my work turned out to hate my guts the next day when I tried to follow up on her interest. I heard second or third hand that the theater management had hated it and said, "We would never do anything this intellectual," which was amazing considering when I was finally given the audience response forms and tabulating every single category of response I discovered that fully 97% of them were positive to glowing, with comments like "extraordinary" and "the music is highly original." To me the most astonishing part of the post mortem on this experience took place almost a year later. I had decided to be very careful about the way I withdrew from the group, continuing to attend meetings and collaborate on new pieces. I was assigned with a composer and book writer (both men) to write lyrics for a scene we were to develop together. When we met for the first time, the two of them had already decided to musicalize a scene from a popular novel. The composer preferred to have lyrics before he began, so I wrote the lyric and gave it to him. The composer composed -- a gorgeously frivolous confection Richard Rodgers would have been proud to call his own. The book writer was for some reason just barely able to write five pages of dialog in support of the song in time for the performance, and ended up using many phrases and lines of dialog taken directly from the novel, which naturally read quite amusingly. When I got my copy of the music, I saw that the book writer (a Harvard man) had been credited with my lyric -- not second credit, but first credit. In fact he wrote not one single word of that lyric, and no matter what I did or said to anyone over the next few months to correct this, it was all to no avail and I finally had to cut and paste the correction onto the copy that went to the US Office of Copyrights. I wrote email to the book writer titled, "Stop it, man. You're embarrassing me" suggesting he should tell the composer unequivocally to remove the erroneous credit from the sheet music as he had no doubt been sufficiently embarrassed by the falsity already. And, no surprise here, I received an email from the book writer in the most incomprehensible doublespeak rationalizing every hope he could ever muster in an apparent effort to convince me that indeed his name should appear ahead of mine on a lyric that he had not lifted a single finger to create, not one word was his. When I told them I would not be participating in the workshop the next year, the aforementioned book writer actually pleaded and cajoled in his most winsome tones to attempt to convince me to return. Why would he do this? I will never understand it. I did not acquiesce, and when he asked why, I said, "Intellectual honesty is at an absolute minimum." He was so stunned his jaw literally went slack, so I repeated my statement, verbatum. I think he still did not understand. At this reading, the aforementioned book writer writes for the Boston Globe and presumably is living happily ever after. The most painful and damaging effect of the entire exercise, exemplified by the case of the amazing shrinking artistic director, was the thoroughgoing, blanket character assassination undertaken by ET and his infuriated patrons against me throughout channels wide and deep in darkly encrusted old beantown. I venture out but very little toward promoting my work in this town. If there are many people who think they know something about me, at least they must admit, like the theater management, that we have never had a conversation. I have not told this tale before, not in such a formal way as this. Advisors who no doubt have much better sense than I urged me to meet with every single person I could find to tell them my side of the story and explain what ET had done. At the time I could think of no more repulsive way to continue on the path of humiliation and degradation than going around town meeting with people for the sole purpose of attempting to clear my name by saying dreadful things about someone else. That is simply something that was never going to happen. This wasn't my first, but probably my most painful, lesson on the subject of why artists usually must leave Boston. But that is mere conventional wisdom -- not the sort of thinking I usually find very compelling. At any rate, I still believe that the kind of thinking that keeps a beautiful and blessed city like Boston mired in the cultural backwater can literally turn on a dime -- reverse direction, reverse trend -- and suddenly begin to enable unlimited brilliance seemingly at the drop of a hat. That, as you may know, is the intention of UPSIDE DOWNSTAIRS -- to show the many good people who may not be in the very top positions of authority that they should nevertheless watch and wait for the moment when it will be possible to get their licks in for the right and the good, after all -- and that wonderful and unexpected gifts await the courageous. At any rate, I still haven't given up. But I am doing much better at the moment, playing with a group in NYC ; ) So there is the end to my tale of woe, and may fortunes rise like a phoenix now that the ashes lie spent and cooling at the tip of the lordly creature's flaming wing. yours, cristo casz - Friday, August 1st, 2008
Sorry I cannot publish the foreign language posts. It looks like you are saying a lot, though! Wish I knew what you are saying. Ssend notes in English, won't you? thanks. jeroen - Thursday, July 31st, 2008
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I promise to finish my War Story as soon as I am able ; 0 Some funny things happened as a result of writing the first couple of installments. Not part of a war story, certainly. Just little things coming around right. In the meantime, has the new LIVE arrangement -- from the show with Michael Pratt and Friends -- devastatingly delicious RAZZ ! It's another shortcoming of mine that the film isn't done yet. Really a pain. I figured people might as well hear the audio performance with a couple of pix. Really busy now with 2 things on short deadlines where the worst part of it hasn't even come in and it's already late, eh. Trying to make it to a meeting in NYC Wednesday. Loving it. Wish me luck! See ya! cx Elena - Sunday, July 20th, 2008
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As Apple Inc. rolled out its newest iPhone in Asia on Friday, dealers and buyers said it's only a matter of time  maybe as little as a few days  before the popular device hits the region's thriving underground marketplace. boys having fun - Thursday, July 10th, 2008
Welcome, visitors from Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC). These are indeed lessons learned in time, presented here to help prepare you for tests to come. I hope and suppose there's something like a statute of limitations on anecdotes, after which time it becomes possible, permissible, and perhaps even necessary, to tell the tales. May stories have a bad guy any more? If you think not, then I can be sensitive to that, and can easily rationalize on ET's behalf. In fact, I can put him into any number of scenarios that would explain quite plausibly how he could have done what he did without being a bad person. Actually the best I would probably be able to do for him is acknowledge he was well equipped intellectually to assure himself and quite a few others that he certainly didn't intend to do anything dishonest. I know very well, for example, "where he was coming from." He was coming from Harvard. He was a regular swell from there, complete with the not uncommon sense of entitlement such rarified specimens may be seen to exhibit throughout their careers unless for some reason they hit the wall and splatter like a proper egg against the unexpected resilience of less sophisticated, less confident or less willing prey. I hadn't been aware of the new musical theater workshop ET founded. He telephoned and invited me to join. A Nine Three Configuration had already produced the world premiere performances of HARRIER ANGEL, and had been in existence for three or four years. I mention this to assure you that I was not naive. There had been plenty of scrapes with would-be plagiarists and others devoid of intellectual honesty along the path to blowing about $35K out of pocket (up to that point, and not counting my own time) on HARRIER ANGEL. Along with the libretto, I had written a "score" of lead sheets (melodies with chord changes) for the entire piece, and these I had given to a series of arrangers who, for about $125 per track, prepared quick recordings with vocals (mine) and without vocals for rehearsal references. These I provided when searching for the music director. To my surprise it took several months to find a music director and musicians who did not demand composing credit. In a couple of cases I had actually hired and begun rehearsing before the heinous expectations and retaliations at their being unmet would surface. Circumventing these predators consumed vast levels of time, energy and expense as again and again the great clich» of the wars on the creative front around Beantown were proven: unless you have already succeeded and are protected by fame and money, your work is fair game. Moreover, if it's any good at all, you should expect plenty of people to take a run at it. This is another facet of what it means when it's said of musical theater, "It's really tough." Here let me assure you how very glad I am to say that plenty of good things happened also on the road to making HARRIER ANGEL a reality. One good thing that happened is that I did find an honest man to be the music director. A music educator whose schooling matched and exceeded the schooling of anyone who had proclaimed my songs unwritten and thus fair game to be "recomposed," this wonderful man said the notation was fine, very clear and accurate, and he quickly put it in shape and into the hands of five ardent young rockers from the local scene who would play it. That was the very good thing about the musical component of that production. Then there was the GREAT thing about the musical component of this production: the wonderful music director had a special talent for medley, and he arranged a bona fide Overture, a true medley of the hooks and melodies from the show's songs. Doug Anderson's Overture remains with the piece and to this day it is still one of my favorite tracks on the album. This lengthy entry was made necessary by the need to assure you that when I joined ET's group and The RAZZ was slated for an outing, I was pretty well versed in the instant recognition department when yet another aspiring plagiarist turned his face in my direction and smiled at me through the jar encasing his head in what was certainly intended to be disarmingly pleasant exercise in theater games. At the time, I was the only female member of the group. I wouldn't swear this fact had special bearing on the case. But in any event, once more I found my self considered to be not only a highly interesting talent but also one of the mere flock, for the fleecing. War Stories - Monday, July 7th, 2008
Searching through the archives for something else entirely, I ran across this poster from a performance of "THE RAZZ" when it was titled the "Fin de Millennium RAZZ" instead of the "Fin Demonium RAZZ," as it is today. I thought I had lost this image from a performance that was all but lost to history itself, having been expunged from the history of the theater after a slight disaster of attempted piracy. It's a funny story now. A fellow who was apparently considered to be the next big thing in new musical theater coming out of Beantown, who will be known here simply as Enfant Terrible or "ET" for short, invited me to submit my "RAZZ" for performance in a festival of new works. Okay, it was not to be a full performance, but a "Book in Hand" reading with some blocking and, in this case, indicative costume. I cannot describe the heights of my elation. I was happier than happy. Having a work solicited for a program made it easy, too. It was a miraculous gift that didn't even reqire the filling out of applications, writing of essays, copying of manuscripts, disguising pleas in if not elegance then at least dignity in brief but pithy cover letters, and mailing of large envelopes. However, in the case of this group, I had actually already done many times that amount of work in the form of creating and hosting a web site for them, developing identity and marketing materials, and so on. To me it did seem logical and fair that ET, the director of the group, should be interested in seeing how one of my works would fare with an audience. I was working hard to prove a valuable asset in as many ways as possible. Such humble requirements as having to work for my share do not bother me in the slightest. I happen to enjoy design, marketing and promotion of entertainments like theater, concerts and charity fundraisers. As commercial work goes, it can be pretty satisfying creatively. Results are tangible. What more could be asked of endeavors that are remunerated on the material gain plane? It was the top. Of course, the main reason The RAZZ was invited is that it is a highly amusing, intriguing, cheeky and inventive piece that ET had openly admired. The first music director was one of the composers already involved in the group. I say "first music director" and you know there are going to be a few bumps in the road. More later, tata, darlings! lo-test, no-test - Monday, July 7th, 2008
If you would like to leave a message, please do so. If the moderator deems it to be of sufficient interest, it will appear here. No tests will be posted. Thanks. casz - Monday, July 7th, 2008
If you were this guy, would you be shooting at a helicopter or . . . ? the deity, Himself?? Pretty hard core. Maybe I should put up a t-shirt design for a much sweeter feel, eh! Just stretching the range, yr's h'mbly, xto boys having fun - Monday, July 7th, 2008
T-shirt design . . . xto - Sunday, July 6th, 2008
I keep saying that, too ; ) gengoparm - Sunday, July 6th, 2008
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Where do you go during the summer vacation? I go to Barcelona. Who goes to Barcelona yet? Teenage pregnancy pact - Monday, June 23rd, 2008
Maybe they'll start a Fat Farm of Studio Art . Whether the pregnant ladies of Gloucester, Mass. did or did not commit to a pregnancy pact to conceive at the same time and raise their children together, I am happy to realize it is at least becoming obvious that this is an option. I'm beginning to understand what Professor Beiger meant when he said HARRIER ANGEL was written decades before its time. In the first act of HARRIER ANGEL, there is shock and consternation that Angeline wants the baby conceived with the wrong man at the wrong time. Her new lover (not the fetus's sire) sings the personal and societal outrage at her behavior and her decision to follow her heart and carry the pregnancy to term. This work appeared on stage in 1995, and the web page appeared as soon as the existence of the internet and the author's proficiency with html could permit (I think this page appeared for the first time in 1994). Please listen to the song and consider what society sees compared to what Naomi sees. "That smile is a mask of pain. "To this girl, for whom nothing in the world could be more important than loving and being loved, they were saying it was wrong. "Oh, but never you mind, my Angeline. It turns out they say this just because you don't have an owner  there's no man to stake the claim. "Yet, for some time now, that hasn't even mattered. A girl can use her own, her mother's, or any other name. "So if you want your baby, then go ahead and have it. You are my hero. My number one angel, Angeline. I should be so lucky as to be your child, too. " Luckily, the best thing Angeline could do is go home to mother. Luckily, Naomi has already ripped the fabric of an illusion that conceals the fait accompli of radical social revolution in America. It is indeed possible for a young woman like Angeline to own her own soul, to be free to follow her own heart. The flagship institution already exists. It is Griselda's Fat Farm of Studio Art "-- an artistic and creative world of the girls, for the girls, and by the girls" invented to be a place where they and their babies may exist, grow and flourish, supported by the rest of the women, infants, children, craftsmen and artisans of Griselda's FFSA, and despite the possible lack of a sire's name stamping approval. So, lucky for Angeline, she has the perfect place to go. But Griselda's needs Angeline as much as Angeline needs Griselda's. And now methinks the young ladies of the world are beginning to notice that such a world does exist already, they have but to live it. humor most welcome - Sunday, June 22nd, 2008
Someone keeps sending jokes, which I appreciate even though it would run counter to the purpose of this page to let them appear here. I like your tone. Please don't be discouraged by the failure of your efforts to appear here. Perhaps someday you will get the courage to send them directly from your own isp instead of bouncing them around the world a few times first : ) BTW, congratulations on the (seven, wasn't it?) Tony awards. subprime cards - Sunday, June 22nd, 2008
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I€m happy to see you working I love you, too - Saturday, June 14th, 2008
Really : ) Thanks for checking in. BTW, is there any way you all who are sending notes in . . . ? (don't even know what language it is half the time, so sorry) . . . please post in English. Thanks. Junior - Saturday, June 14th, 2008
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Did you hear the horrible news about witch doctors in Africa prescribing body parts from other human beings for a cure? specifically, they are killing albinos (unpigmented people), who in the local jargon are called "zero zero" in the usual pattern of marginalization that eases group acceptance of barbaric practices. "Bring me the hand of an albino," the faker says, and the ignorant do it. Duh, somebody ought to come down on those witch doctors, eh? with BOTH feet. PLEASE! Speculation - Tuesday, June 10th, 2008
It's obvious to me by now that there is a pattern of speculation in the so-called free markets that in my lifetime I've seen, beginning with the savings and loan industry crisis, that has now made passes through industries of oil, mortgages, securities, dotcoms, back to oil and mortgages together, and also now lumping in banking and {coming soon from a predatory trader you may even know} . . . perhaps, the insurance industry? To me that would seem par for this course. I suppose those who see the loopholes in the system and figure out ways to exploit them think they are smart. But in truth many if not most people can easily see the same avenues or "opportunities" if they are rotten enough to fixate on it, figure out a way, and take the plunge. Having such abilities to seek and discover opportunities of various types is actually quite a commonplace among those who survive their infancy. However, to realize one could choose to live by the law of the jungle, so to speak -- to live by greed and feel inclined to return little or nothing -- is something most people, would find a repulsive and highly stressful mode of existence. I often get novel ideas for exploiting weaknesses and opportunities I can see (conceive) in existing systems. But to me that is all these ideas are -- stories and entertainments. Most people with any imagination could say the same I am sure. But there will always be some who are disposed to making it fast and big by taking a clever and easy way to the top and the intention of getting out before the house of cards comes down. The electronic age enables greater than ever numbers of such characters to go beyond musing and amusing themselves with the possibilities, and get in on the game of the bigtime opportunists. I've known a fellow for some years, one of the "active traders" literally living off stock market activity as the sole source of income (or visible income, at any rate). This guy got his feet wet as an independent trader during the dotcom boom. In the dotcom bust I saw him lose everything and over the next ten years claw his way back into the black. He describes himself as a spiritual person, and is a vegetarian for what seem to be political as well as health reasons. A former adherent to the hare krishna movement, he learned the methods of operating in the marketplace to make money grow as if by magic when he worked in the money handling area of the hare krishna temple. For a long time now he has attended the temple rituals only occasionally. It isn't unusual to hear him say his conscience bothers him because of the way he makes his living, that he'd like to find a way to give something back to balance the karma he fears he is amassing. I have never found it necessary to look very far for ways to give something back, since the pleas of the disenfranchised seem to stream from every direction. My husband is a generous supporter of several organizations serving poor children, veterans, police and fire fighters and the diseased. I, as the resident artisan with little responsibility (i.e., money) to call my own, am at the level of one who studies "parking karma." I believe I mentioned this previously. Essentially, it is the enactment of divinity -- becoming heaven's hand in the equation "ask and it will be given" -- wherein you give alms to beggars when they ask, and then watch in delight as the cosmos reciprocates on the same level as you have enacted heaven, heaven will return the favor. A direct way to verify this is that you may, when you know you are going to need a parking space in Boston, ask heaven for a parking place which you plan to use for a specific amount of time. If your account is paid-up within this very basic level of cause and effect ("parking karma"), when you arrive at your destination the parking place you need will be waiting, sometime with time remaining on the meter. If this sounds like a joke, you should test it for yourself. I assure you that for me at least it is a very reliable way to avoid paying fees in parking garages. Anyway, to return to the illustration of my active trader acquaintance, he has asked favors of me on numerous occasions, and I have sometimes been able to help. At least once I discovered after the fact that my action may have facilitated a deal that, had I known in advance the result of my contribution, I would have withheld. Then that, perhaps, would have been the last time he would ever call. However I did help him out, and so it was not the last time I would hear from him. I was to hear from him, at this juncture at least, one more time. The last time I heard from him, he told me he had extra cash and needed it in order to show a balance in his bank account. His idea was that he should give me the money, along with an invoice for professional services in that same amount, which I would then pay with a cheque that he could in turn deposit in his bank. Politely declining this "offer" time after time only brought more warmth to his appeals so that in the end I had to let him know I am aware such activities are in the category of bank fraud, a serious crime. "No, no, no, no. You misunderstand," he said, and roused himself to yet another slightly altered but no less self-serving explanation of why I should comply. Under the previous poster's list of the ancient Egyptian tenets of testing purity that says, "I have had no intimacy with worthless men," I am hopeful that the last time I heard from the active trader shall remain the last time I ever heard from him, for there can no longer be any doubt that this supposedly highly spiritually sensitive and aware person would like to be a criminal, or is one. When it is common knowledge that there is money to be made no matter which direction the markets are going, market volatility itself becomes the holy grail as markets are run up and down until the system grows weak, an organism beset by parasites. Thanks to the miracle of the electronic age, there are more people than ever trading in this field of "currency" and for many it becomes a compulsion and an obsession, which is not at all surprising, since it fits almost any definition of gambling, and often exerts the same addictive powers and grows inevitably to fever pitches in the rider of that most powerful of emotions (not for nothing listed among the seven deadly sins), greed. Before a relatively few such so-called capitalists as speculators claim to be can wreck the financial system for everyone, perhaps it is time to to look closely at the magnificently complex and telling paper trails that follows all transactions and ask a few simple questions. What is a free market, and would some kind of regulation to prevent collusion and "flipping" of stocks while running them up and down mean that it is no long a free market? (Does preventing rape mean there will be no more sex?) Who are the big traders in oil futures? Individuals? Organizations? Do they know one another well? Are they colluding and flipping their stocks as when the dotcom bubble puffed up? What percentage of the traders are actually taking delivery on the product? Shouldn't there be a distinction of some kind, for example a minimum amount of time a stock must be held without incurring special "bloodsucker" penalties? Should the ability to amass paper wealth without risking real wealth be placed in a special "net deficit" classification subject to windfall profits taxes? Or is it merely a truism that he who hasn't learned how to make ten thousand percent really just hasn't learned how to legally steal?

42 Laws of g* Which Are G* - Tuesday, June 10th, 2008
Following is the quotation I mentioned. I am told it is from a wall in one of the chambers of the great pyramid. It also appears in THE EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD. Admittedly some of them may cause a lot of trouble (the first one, e.g.!), but it would appear the ancients understood a sense of "Divinity" which as a set of laws, natural laws, for which there are finite correlations (perhaps causal?) within the human experience. Here it what was written: Homage to Thee, O Great God, Thou Master of All Truth! I have come to thee, O my God, and have brought myself hither, that I may become conscous of Thy decrees. I know Thee, and am attuned with Thee and Thy Two and Forty laws which exist with Thee in this Chamber of Maat . . .. In truth have I come into Thine attunment, and I have brought Maat in my mind and Soul. I have destroyed wickedness for Thee.
I have not done evil to mankind.
I have not oppressed the members of my family.
I have not wrought evil in the place of right and truth.
I have had no intimacy with worthless men.
I have not demanded first consideration.
I have not decreed that excessive labor should be performed for me.
I have not brought forward my name for exaltation to honors.
I have not defrauded the opporessed of property.
I have made no man to suffer hunger.
I have made no one to weep.
I have caused no pain to be inflicted upon man or animal.
I have not defrauded the Temples of their oblations.
I have not diminished from the bushel.
I have not encroached upon the fields of others.
I have not filched away land.
I have not added to the weights of the scales to cheat the seller.
I have not misread the pointer of the scales to cheat the buyer.
I have not kept the milk from the mouths of children.
I have not turned back the water at the time when it should flow.
I have not extinguished the flame when it should burn.
I have not repulsed God in His manifestations.

I am pure! I am pure! I am pure!
My purity is the purity of the Divinity of the Holy Temple.
Therefore, evil shall not befall me in this world, because I,
even I, know the laws of God which are God.

walking the loop - Thursday, June 5th, 2008
Boston's Castle Island Loop continues to be my favorite promenade -- so much excitement there, from the air traffic overhead and stunning panoramas and eternally fascinating plunge into a stream and a scene of humanity at play to a blissful state of slake, and exhaustion. If you are in Boston, you must go. Castle Island is part of a much larger park all along Carson Beach (Day Boulevard) in South Boston. Follow the shore to the east and you will discover the continent at this particular spot presents at a figure eight. One loop goes right out to the edge of Boston Channel where marine traffic of every size and kind passes incessantly back and forth before the massive granite fort and its many walkways and monuments to the great Age of Sail and Donald MacKay and those of fallen heroes. (Beautiful clipper ships paintings and prints at ) That's the "head" of the figure eight. The "tail," a much longer loop, is a curving causeway through the sea that carries you almost a mile offshore, and encloses the enormous tidal pool called Pleasure Bay. Pleasure Bay is a place to play in the sea without taking a thrashing, and when the weather is fine it hosts multitudes in every imaginable style taking the air. My happy fatigued brain had been immersed in this place when falling asleep and dreaming a graphical depiction of two gigantic rolling waves mothering a happy child between sea and sky. Commercial deadlines to the left and the right are keeping me away from my finishing my beloved little film from THE RAZZ (not to mention my sadly neglected libretto for UPSDIE DOWNSTAIRS). I did order the new edition of a book that promises to release me from hours wading through tutorials in Final Cut. The book is Final Cut Pro for News and Sports Quick-Reference Guide and it looks like exactly what's needed. Free Articles - Thursday, June 5th, 2008
Nice to play and easy to win but hard to fight. Bobi - Thursday, June 5th, 2008
today. tricky, sneaky and funny - Wednesday, June 4th, 2008
Thanks 4 the giggles. casz - Monday, June 2nd, 2008
I didn't know they got it working. Went to NASA.GOV to see the initial pix, and I must say it looks a lot like some of the real estate in Eastern Oregon. The NASA site is a little hard to nav, with tons of stuff buried all over the place, so if you find interesting pictures or news, please let us know. Bringers - Monday, June 2nd, 2008
NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander has scooped up a little dirt, scientists said on Sunday, a first step towards sampling the Martian soil for ice and the potential for life. BostonPass - Sunday, June 1st, 2008
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Buy MP3 Online Music Online Women, infants, children, craftsmen and artisans - Saturday, May 24th, 2008
Well, you've only got yourself to blame if they think you're a witch. After all, you were the one who had to go calling them "wiccans." Sure, I know it just stands for "Women, Infants, Children, Craftsmen and Artisans." You're scientists and technologists, at the fat farm. And artists and poets. You don't even believe in earth magic. For example, there's no such thing as a spell or a ritual that could make that abracadabra patch work. Is it too much to hope or expect people in this day and age to get that? "Of course not. Anyway, the government are the ones to blame, calling us 'WIC' -- which simply stands for 'women, Infants and Children.' ' "We just tacked on 'Craftsmen and Artisans,' is all. To make it more inclusive, is all. Because that's everyone, isn't it? Everyone qualifies as one of those things. So truly, it's the family of man we are working with here. "And what could be the matter with that? It is an ideal to attempt -- to create a place where the only dogma is 'No Dogma," which is the golden rule at the fat farm. Because -- in our capacities as women, infants, children, craftsmen and artisans -- everything here, to the very best of our intentions, works out and plays out for the greater benefit of the family of man. Therefore, first of all, dogmas are beside the point. And, second of all, dogmas are just opinions. Remember the sage once compared opinions with rectums. He said, "Everyone has one, and they all stink." Not that we have anything against it. And we do know that, yes, everyone has their very own. It's just that the spas, studios and workrooms of the fat farm are simply not the right place to bring them out and give them the air, so to speak, you see? It's simple. Very simple, and very good. Ritual - Friday, May 23rd, 2008
I was shocked and horrified to learn of the recent witch burnings in Kenya. Looking for a nice old engraving of John Adams in an antique encyclopedia, this entry for "abracadabra" caught my eye. How tenacious is the primitive in human thinking? Is there no limit to mankind's ability to devise such rituals? I don't want to know very much about the witch burnings. It's too horrific to contemplate. What I do want to know is how many stitches to the inch were preferred for affixing the abracadabra formula to its appointed task? Imagine some poor soul spending hours and days counting threads between insertion points of the needle, and then neatly tatting a lace edging to the greater perfection of the amulet, thus increasing its mystical powers? And, in lives past, might it have been my job to do this sewing? Does that explain how appalling I now find it? The people who could believe in such a charm might be pretty quick to blame the seamstress if the thing didn't work, eh. casz - Tuesday, May 20th, 2008
Recently the guestbook became a monitored page. Sorry to have to do it, but it was the only sensible thing to do considering all the variables out there ;.0 No bad guys, please! And say it in English, please. Thanks, Tried it & it works - Monday, May 19th, 2008
Do those come in stripes? : ) LOL!! Just kidding. But thanks for the spell. It really works, at least in the short term. Soon as a dark thought comes, zap it with the" I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you" trik that guy suggested. Started feeling better right away. Keep up the good work. zesty PS hope you're feeling better. I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. - Sunday, May 18th, 2008
Last fall I met a director who pointed me to Joe Vitale's method for setting things right in one's world: I confess I did not follow through with this director. The piece he requested I did not send because there are several important scene changes I would like to make and I no longer possess the naŚvet» that in an earlier phase of my life might have allowed me to believe that I could "explain" my intended changes and the reader would be delighted and appreciative of my acknowledgement that they are welcome to contribute direction at that level. It would appear I have been steaming along at a perilous pace and leaving the fine details unfinished for a variety of reasons, including the understanding that the director is planning to contribute at that level anyway so what would be the point of polishing anything to the state of a spit-shine when the plans of those who have the reins might require an entire dye-job of another color entirely and, moreover, the changes I plan to make will be so easily expropriated to appear in "transmogrified" form by anyone who reads them! And may I not just as well try to protect them as long as possible? I have had producers tell me that there is nothing original about any story or any idea. It is a convenient assumption in entertainment today that the only thing original about anything is "your particular rendering of it." And I have it on the highly credible authority of the friend of a friend who participates on the studio side in so-called "pitch sessions" with writers, too: "We're going to pass on it," after the door closes behind the writer's back, changes to, "That's a great idea. Let's do it." Don't laugh, this has happened to me many times already. But that is not exactly the point at this juncture. I think the URL mentioned above might help me, and maybe you, too -- to heal with others (perhaps even some of the malevolent lurkers mentioned now for the third time). The little copies of paintings by Jean-Antoine Watteau are "L'indifferent" (The Casual Lover) and "Pierrot, also known as Giles" that at this time seem to characterize my mood. Is it sheer folly to do original work and believe it may somehow remain one's own? Faith, what else can one do but reach for those hands full of cautions, seize upon the hope in those insulating prayers for healing one's world that it may become so full of bliss and good will, yet realizing you have nothing but the intention of throwing those cautions to the wind by submitting the work? "L'indifferent" especially seems like a very early work of impressionism. The suit of clothes, especially, are painted like no other textiles I have seen from that period (18th C.) and seem to shimmer at play with the light, like the pann» velvets that did not appear for another 200 years at least. Look closely and it will be revealed that the shimmering velvet is composed of nothing more brilliant than daubs of muted green, pink, gray, and blue. lolita sex stories - Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
I'll be delighted to sign this guestbook, and in time I will sign all of them! Kindest regards. xto - Tuesday, May 13th, 2008
Not sure what such borrowed "triks" would entail, but be assured it pains me greatly to see this site being hijacked all over the place. However I assume you know right from wrong, eh! You bringer of desktop illumination whose ads are permitted to appear here (as my way of applauding the bringing of desktop illumination)! If you love me you will do nothing to hurt or even diminish me in any way, for that is the proof of love. And, if you do not love me, as I have already requested of any who may be among the malevolent lurkers of humanity, the predators who lie in wait -- following beauty and blessings only to watch for opportunities to profit or destroy -- to such beings I say again: you should not be here! : ) But surely that would never describe a bringer of desktop illumination, so I will try not to worry. I hope to write to you here again soon, with affection for light, life and love (L.L.L.), it LALLA! Lampot Maosu - Tuesday, May 13th, 2008
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Okay, your expressed interested means you are doing your part : ) (Everything is teamwork, even the relationship between performer and audience.) Here is a picture of the director and star performer of the recent shows, Mike Pratt. A multi-talented performer, audiences love him -- perhaps more than he feels is fair to the other performers. What else explains the humor and modesty in which he takes a place near the back of the stage during company numbers (when he is by far the most expressive dancer, the one we want most to see, and that position makes it so very difficult for the photographer) and always encourages others to shine and be appreciated? I have been extremely fortunate to meet him and work together a little bit. I certainly hope for more of the same. I think perhaps there is some reason to hope, but (as I've said) this is a tough business and even the best intentions in the world in combination with one's own herculean efforts cannot offer any guarantees. I tried and tried and tried to get photos of him that truly represent the heart of the man, and his magnetic personality and beauty. But my equipment isn't very sophisticated, and he is constantly moving and changing when he is on stage. With that, and the lights constantly shifting, I'm afraid I didn't get many (if any) pictures of Mike that are good at full size. However, the web can't do full resolution anyhow, and many weak pictures can look okay in this format. I will try to get a clip on YouTube soon so you can see for yourself how the audiences respond. There were many exciting and humorous moments. I think I actually caught a few of them, and they may even look okay at web resolutions. Until later, your cristo aka casz DumPennyfen - Monday, May 5th, 2008
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I hope you all know how much I appreciate your comments. Thank you again! Last night JC and I attended a concert at MIT that was part of Cambridge Science Festival '08. Along with musicians Birdsongs of the Mesozoic were some computer science people, one guy adding loops -- which added nothing except distraction, even including some technical glitches like the incessant boop-boop-boop of unrendered content and elsewhere some burbling that sounded like bowel gas emitted from a whole flock of seagulls. The other two contributing artists projected real-time image generation that was supposedly some kind of enhancement to the music, although it was difficult to appreciate how these supposedly advanced technologies improve the "color organ" of yore that transferred signals from an oscilloscope to a string of Christmas lights mounted behind a scrim. I guess it's be a step in the right direction to add such visual interest using a laptop computer, eh. Baby steps. "Birdsongs" were interesting and fun as always, but the rest of the stuff started giving me a headache almost immediately and made me wonder whether my brain was going to seize from the mindlessness of it all. So we left at intermission. I have to admit that for me the main reason to attend was to see how far effects generation had advanced. I am always writing a style of live entertainment pieces that could benefit from a multi-dimensional approach to narrative. An obvious way to accomplish this today would be to use on-stage projection techniques. However I would not be interested in inserting random imaging unconnected to the greater intention of the presentation. To be interesting, the projections would have to be in some some sense written. I do have ideas to surfeit the character and content of such projections. It could be very exciting. Envision an advanced art form requiring presentation on a holodeck. However last night it did not appear that this particular branch of technology at MIT works to that end or even begins to bring the technology in line with the demands of narrative and meaning in a "new theater of the mind." Samuel - Sunday, May 4th, 2008
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Thanks for your expression of appreciation! The young ladies dancing are sisters -- and extraordinarily talented, sweet, beautiful and passionate. I would do a lot to try to help them succeed in the arts. They are the perfect embodiment of the two females in THE RAZZ -- two sides of the same coin. Wasn't it Luis Bułuel who once used two "similar but quite different" actresses to play the same rŤle? Both lovely and exciting, but one definitely naughtier and more daring and the other a serene, classy, intellectual version of the same "type." To make a culinary analogy, it's like using two varieties of peaches in a pudding. Then taste cannot settle. Instead, it's always moving, questing, wondering. It's the ideal way to tantalize the palate. czooyps - Thursday, May 1st, 2008
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A noble light

Mike Pratt is a wonderful performer
The RAZZ -- Nicole

The RAZZ -- Nicole
The RAZZ -- Nicole

In Brookline's Larz Anderson Park, a belvedere situated for communing with trees -- the perfect place for an oracle
Following the marsh inland, you arrive at the millstream behind the old Baker Chocolate factory, converted to residences in the 1980's
The scale of the garden scene creates the mood of childhood for wanderers by the marsh
This is a principality, i.e., it is ruled by a prince, and this is he
dynamic symmetry

March Sky
The moon was about to be eclipsed

Osiris in the world
Osiris with the scarab, Elijah Digger
New Year 2008<BR> dream image (tile)
sexadecimal concept grid
New Year 2008<BR> dream image (tile)
sexadecimal concept grid
depiction of horus in instances where sensitivity to point of view and dimensionality is paramount
Massachusetts December, 2007
Complete quadrilateral of the equilateral triangle and a nine three configuration
For the hero, to make much of time
For the hero, to make much of time
For the hero, to make much of time The King of Thailand's birthday
What's in Roman mortar? Oh, wait. I think I remember this. It's piss. And vinegar. The Japanese figure denoting totality, used here to exemplify a non-dogmatic ideal that through containing all systems of belief nevertheless subsumes all dogma Metaphysics/Physics -- this is all of a hierarchy. That's what's meant when it's said, ''As above, so below.''