what to leave in, what to leave out -Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Here's hoping THE FINAL SCENE has sown the seeds of an entirely fresh start, as final scenes are supposed to do.

At the shows, I was introduced as a singer-songwriter and the composer and author of "THE RAZZ." The houses were packed, and the ovations huge and warm, with shouts and cheers for performances that still raise chills when I look at the footage.

When I showed the play and the music to a New York producer, he said his audiences wouldn't get it because they aren't that smart. Too bad he couldn't see how completely the Dorchester crowd caught on. After last weekend, I'm absolutely sure it isn't over anybody's head. Time to start thinking about what kind of film can be made from the various takes. I am reviewing footage and still photography, selecting images and clips to share with the company and also preparing materials in response to specific requests from people who saw me filming and begged for copies. The piece featured in these pictures is rather short, yet quite dramatic, and speaks straight to the point with little embellishment.

But the possibilities are endless. Who resists the byzantine gilded lily any more?

The performances were remarkably uniform, so it should be easy to compose freely using pieces from all of them as well as throwing in the whole box of effects offered by Final Cut. But would this achieve all the film should do: convey the tone and message of the song, attract interest in seeing the complete work (actually some people have already said they want more), make the performers proud, still look great in twenty years, and endear me to these sweet people who have done so much on my behalf. Did I leave anything out?

Memories of the live performances continue to cast a spell. I'm glad to have another occasion to work with MP in the next couple of weeks -- filming his performance at The Kennedy Library. For a little while longer I can kid myself we are still going forward together. But realistically I am aware that the two Mikes and the rest of the gang have worked long and hard and will be needing to take a break (and, if they are like me, make some money). For my part, I am in darkness and light -- as always, a bit low when a living piece suddenly ceases to exist, missing people one has held so close for a couple of months, wondering why I am near tears sometimes. On the bright side, there is the little film to make. And I have been very musical this week, with new melodies and lyrics coming in a storm. Depression can be a surprisingly productive state for a musician. But I'm certain you've heard that before. Until later,

Good morning, Viet Nam! Hi, Thai! -Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Opening night of THE FINAL SCENE (last night) was a great success. The show has come together beautifully and I've already started processing imagery for the pix and vids.

BTW, when reviewing servers visiting the site, I am cheered by the growing number of people from Southeast Asia interested in the work we do here. And even though I can't tell who you are individually, I trust the connection is meaningful.

A couple of months ago, Google decided to drop our "Ancient Primer to Practical Godhead" pages from the high ranking they have enjoyed ever since the 90's when the web was small. It appears the same has happened to the "Castle Island" pages. Perhaps it is only coincidence that these actions were taken within a week or so of adding the "Squib" references (ads).

While the resulting drop in traffic made me unhappy for awhile, today I feel it's okay because apparently the visitors who visit now are here for the art and ideas and henceforth it should be safer to assume that growth will be reflect interest in those areas. I certainly can't hate that.

Thank you one and all. Please tell your friends to drop by, too. a breeze in the stairs, capybaras and cotis come knocking -Friday, April 25th, 2008 With windows open on the first floor and the back doors open upstairs, what a delicious seabreeze wafts up, all the way to the top where my office is.

Chatting over the backyard fences with neighbors while hanging the winter down comforters on the line for airing, I am told a capybara visited the front porch of someone up the street. Wonder what's going on with wildlife indigenous to South America showing up around here. Our backyards, some of them quite large and mostly nearly forested with 100 year-old trees, run the entire lengths of the streets, so it's no doubt a very reasonable habitat for all sorts of critters.

I've seen the telltale signs of the coti recently, also -- hope to meet up with that one again soon when camera is at the ready so I can document what may seem an unlikely story.

The ambience is beginning to resemble Walker Percy's description of near-future New Orleans in Love Among the Ruins . In an elegant stage of collapse, life is full and good but the traces of encroaching wilderness, dreamlike, intrude. xto -Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008 The girls look captivating in their costumes. Did you see the rehearsal film/promo of the same dancers wearing their sweats? ( )

I do hope it will encourage contributions.

I also added the picture of a colonnade of trees standing before a fanciful seat set into a hillside at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline.

It's the perfect spot for an oracle to sit while contemplating her answer. No doubt talking to the trees is immeasurably helpful.

Some may be surprised at how little leafing has developed by this date. It reminds me of what a local wag said yesterday about Massachusetts weather: "The great thing about this time of year is there are only two more months of winter."

Humorous, but inaccurate. Yesterday may have been rather cold, but today it is hot -- almost 80éF here in the studio. It feels like time to put away the furnace and get out the air conditioning. This is what is meant when it's said, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute." Just once I'd love to have a few weeks of springlike weather that necessitates neither heating nor cooling.

Tomorrow we shoot the final dress rehearsal of THE FINAL SCENE.

breargimb -Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Hello my friends :)


cris -Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Not at all. No one is required to post. Benign lurkers are agreeable enough. I myself am fond of occasionally posting on the New York Times or other blogspots, then only rarely or even never coming back to see whether anyone has replied. Perhaps others think that's rude. What if one's ideas have created a virtual or literal brouhaha, while one is merrily off on some other pursuit, wholly ignorant of the firestorm? Isn't that, at the best, a little irresponsible?

I think not.

Of course there is nothing necessarily wrong with lurking, per se. Benignant lurking.

It's the other kind I worry about, the mal- ignant kind. Perhaps I shouldn't let it bother me. One reason I like to go slowly is it's a way to limit the number of those who will pit themselves against you.

It's upsetting to meet someone who could help, who -- having inquired and decided against your project -- immediately begin to see you as their competition and now watch and wait for ways to deliver a pre-emptive strike. The irony is, of course, happens when a work gets under your skin and makes you come back again and again in the compulsion to watch and be repelled and drawn at the same time, when you find yourself all but panting with the agita. "Oh, I CAN'T do that one!"

Chances are this very condition is the surest sign that it is, indeed the very project you SHOULD take on.

I think it was Elliot Goldenthal who said that.

the bad guys -Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

interesting  well, i think I agree. Guess if someone finds themselves lurking a little too much, it's almost the same as lying in wait.

so here i am, TADA. Not in the bad guys.

seven deadly sins -Monday, April 21st, 2008 To that venerable list I must add "Lying in wait."

Surely those good souls who are interested in seeing good work alive in the world do realize at least some of what is meant when it's said, "It's really HARD to get good work out there." In case you forget, let me remind you, "It's because the fault is not in our stars but in ourselves, dear Brute. And also because there really are bad guys out there who set themselves against things that come into their awareness, and lie in wait to cut off these imagined competitors, no matter how many years may go by, and for the self same reasons as the spammers, too: "just because they can."

So this is just another way to get at the cautionary adage about how for good people to do nothing will prove the fatal flaw.

I put a little movie trailer of THE FINAL SCENE on

I saw the first rehearsal using costumes last night! Lots of excitement, NERVES! strolling by the marsh -Friday, April 18th, 2008 Thanks for sharing good thoughts. The guestbook had to have a moderated status placed on it (due to the usual suspects exercising predictable mischief "just because they can"). As a result, publications of some valuable things visitors have expressed are delayed. Do not fear, however  I have received and appreciate your warmth very much.

Some people must pour crap out into the world, perhaps for the single reason that it is their belief they must pour something out into the world. Sad little disconnect there. Perhaps it is another symptom of the demand for instant gratification running rampant through a soul.

If you can wait for the good stuff, though, it may turn out that it's coming in hard on the heels of the nasty crack one is presently expending so much energy to produce, the silly, lowdown cheek that had to be tossed off instanter . That's the thought that occurs to me when sitting around in a workshop hearing a lecture about how anything can be art. And just to prove it, another group of energetic young hopefuls begins writing an opera about being here, just like this, sitting around imagining a big career in the arts.

I will put up some pictures from a recent stroll along the marsh that follows the railroad tracks into Lower Mills. It's Alice and Jerry land here in Massachusetts. Remember the beautiful water color illustrations of Boston in the Alice and Jerry reader? No? Well, do not doubt it still looks the same. Abundant biomass, richly diverse  it is so fragrant now.

But first I must prepare revisions on a small job that has arrived on my desk.

∑ bientŔt, mes vieux 

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trottogoucK -Thursday, April 17th, 2008

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I am glad to see here category this, it is so smart. JokesFunnn -Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

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unfamiliar machine -Friday, April 11th, 2008

I'm sitting here in the lobby on the house computer waiting for the second half of my lesson to begin. Practice last week was nearly impossible, I don't think my voice will be impressive today, but I did manage to practice the guitar piece I'm working on and ready for some instruction on the next section. It's quiet for a Friday afternoon.

I worked most of the week on trying to get paid, lining up new work, and editing some rehearsal footage into a potential selling tool for continuing to raise funds for the Steeple Restoration Project after the show is over.

It seems like it could be interesting enough to warrant posting on but the dancers may not be keen on the idea since they are in sweats without makeup and haven't quite figured out every single step yet. Still, I hope they'll let me put it up. The vocal performance has good energy, and the dancers to me are nearly irresistible no matter what.

I put a version of last year's on YouTube (search "One Thin Dime" -- it pops up about three or four down the list, with the pic of Michael and Lia as country folks singing the tune.

Michael and Michael saw it the other day and told me they laughed 'til they cried. It's meant to be sweet and hokey-pokey, so tried to make the typography and everything agreeable to that style. I think last year they were a little taken aback, but perhaps being one year on they have a different point of view. I'm glad they started liking it, and hope the current "rehearsal" version of "NICOLE" will strike the same chord of sweetness along with the urgency.

Do please go to and let me know what you think of their treatment of "One Thin Dime."

I do believe this year's finished peformance of "NICOLE" should render me the material needed to make a little film that looks like a bona fide scene from "THE RAZZ."

Everyone is excited and happy about doing original music in the fundraiser again this year. It's much more difficult, of course, but is paying off.

Stetcejutle -Wednesday, April 9th, 2008 s you!!!

casz -Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Thank you kindly. It's nice to have a long-time visitor check in.

Incormjoymn -Monday, April 7th, 2008

Hello! Excellent site! Searched a long ago

bobby -Sunday, April 6th, 2008

uooMJo Hi! Nice site! Where is a add to favorite button?

John Cow -Sunday, April 6th, 2008

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Okay, Great? So, how do I make money off of them?

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Cadets -Friday, April 4th, 2008

Apologies for inconvenience to any cadets attempting to incorporate information posted here about the Sexadecimal system that has not yet been incorporated into the page at

Going back and forth between a casual blog like this and the almost equally casual Concept page may make it difficult.

Nonethethless, I gather it has become apparent how convenient it is to use a graphical system of expression (like the Sexadecimal) for what is otherwise known as a "hexadecimal" system which can look looks very much like a decimal system except for the ungainly use of AA, BB, CC, DD, EE and FF, which bear no obvious correlations to a "native" base-16 system.

A base-16 system is convenient and intuitive when expressed in numerals that emulate relationships graphically.

Here is a font, in both PC and Mac versions, for use in a base-16 ("Sexadecimal") calculator. Feel free to use it, with compliments!

I very much enjoy my forays in reading Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science however I find it highly complex and difficult to assimilate for ordinary uses. The Sexadecimal system, by contrast, uses all the familiar laws (associative, distributive, etc.). The most important improvement over the usual expression in a "hexadecimal" system is the introduction of graphical "mirroring" of the figures so that relationships among systems become apparent.

The small matter of the lack of the "0" (zero, cipher) can be worked out in the same way we work out difference of numbering in scripting languages (where counting begins with "0" instead of with "1").

It is a small matter to track, and may prove useful going forward for further differentiating components of systems in play.

goomuloo -Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

I'm Paul from Canada, a retired Author. I've only been at this about 4 months now, and I've hit the ground running. I'm only really getting around to visiting all the forums now. I still have a lot to learn but I'm getting there.

All the best,


thanks -Monday, March 31st, 2008

I appreciate it! Every day I think of things to write here, but it's slow-going getting caught up after the crazy schedule last week. And I haven't felt quite myself since then.

I had to work a couple of 18 hour days off site. The wild one at one point telephoned at 10:43 pm and tried to convince me to drive back over there to work some more even though there was nothing on my desk. I had the phone on speaker and J walked in and heard the conversation. He was incensed that anyone could be so manipulative, thoughtless and plainly insane.

I'm afraid it's more than catching up on things neglected during that charette. This may have actually made me ill. My bill was more than $2 thousand US for working virtually around the clock for a few days.

At the time it seemed like a good idea, but now it's obvious it was just the opposite. Remind me not to do that again!

At this point I don't even know when I'll get paid. They were strangely vague on that point, although the piece came out well and in good time for the client's preparatory meeting. The piece was a pitch book for a huge law firm to a Fortune 10 company.

J asks me if I am depressed. I don't know the answer to that. Depression is something I usually identify only after it lifts. I'm not a depressive type, but have been irritable and tearful on occasion this week, I thought from lack of sleep but probably also from the psychological battering at the hands of two people standing over my shoulder second guessing every decision, trying to make me work faster even though the one who is supposedly writing it hasn't stopped procrastinating yet and still hasn't given me any copy to use in the "design." Theirs was the most ridiculous process I've ever had the bad luck to engage.

Tomorrow should be sunny and warm, and everything will seem better.

There is a happy note about THE FINAL SCENE  the company at First Parish are performing "Nicole"

and apparently having a lot of fun with it. I will see it for the first time on Saturday. They tell me the band is very good. -Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Hi all ! Thanks for this site !

work for hire and non-disclosure -Friday, March 28th, 2008

Yeah, if they say it's "proprietary" that means they're claiming it's their "property," but if they never paid for it, then I guess it's still your work, eh?

legal eagle said something like:

Sometimes you are asked to agree to non-disclosure but it turns out void on the basis that it was "work for hire" that wasn't remunerated timely.

browser -Friday, March 28th, 2008

maybe it was the browser u tried. That one seemed to come through ok.

Jourgenz -Friday, March 28th, 2008

It's test.

I could't post a message...

enteneSap -Friday, March 28th, 2008

Hello. Let's get acquainted!

My name is Jessika.

chevalier de la table ronde -Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Gouton voir si le vin est bon!

get back to ya -Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Sorry to disappoint. A bit too much going on at the moment, working off-site far too many hours. I'll try to send a note later today.

I have to admit I really enjoy being on a major charette, though. Theater is much the same kind of thrill ride with surging energy levels that rise up to meet voracious demand of a customer.

See you on the flip side -- xoxox, xtocasz

Peacet Manc -Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Nothing seems worth doing. Oh well. Not much on my mind today. I guess it doesn't bother me.

qmyryfe -Friday, March 21st, 2008


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Peacet Manf -Friday, March 21st, 2008

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petaalut -Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

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Excellent forum with fantastic references and reading.... well done indeed...

Wow! Good resources here, Enjoyed the visit!

Sensbachtal -Monday, March 17th, 2008 Just wanted to say Hello to everyone.

Much to read and learn here, I'm sure I will enjoy !

Floroskop -Monday, March 17th, 2008


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the will of the people -Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Yesterday I heard an African American who is a delegate say that since Obama will have the most popular votes, the most states, and the most delegates, he must be the Democrat Party nominee. She said if the Clintons try to steal it, black Americans will stop the convention. If by some chance she gets it anyway, she said black Americans would never vote for Clinton. Clinton cannot get elected without the black vote, so ipso facto Obama must be nominated. Following on this (I surmise) the New York Times today reported that the superdelegates (high ranking public officials who really control the voting at the conventions) would bow to the will of the people. To me, this sounds like they are expected to swing to Obama.

One scenario that has not been much discussed is that if, at the Democratic Convention, the Obama and Clinton camps are hopelessly deadlocked, the rules allow for the convention to throw the process open to an as-yet unknown entity. In such a case, delegates would be asked who else they would be willing to support in the general election. Theoretically the nomination could finally go to someone like Joe Biden or ? who knows.

As for the elections in November, it's a bit soon to suss that. An awful lot can happen between then and now.

XXXLObamaLobby -Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Klinton vs. Obama. How you consider, who will win elections in Unated States of America?

wedjoeldrop -Saturday, March 15th, 2008

Hi Friends,

i am new here and i am from Canada. i love cricket and i am a big fan. Nice to meet you all guys and hoping to learn more from this forum.


zwcqmhi -Friday, March 14th, 2008


It sites good, but it seems themes are similar:


New York -Friday, March 14th, 2008 I don't think those guys were from New York, do you?

No Replica -Friday, March 14th, 2008

Sorry, everything here has to be original

; )

No replicas allowed. Also, please consider how you would feel after you had gone to all the immense trouble of creating something, and the knock-offs came and ripped it off.

Anyway, please don't hawk the counterfeits here, OK?


hey, you multicasters -Thursday, March 13th, 2008

So many trips to the well from you guys! I hope your multicasts of are not depriving their author the rewards of having gained your interest and esteem -- yes, I mean you and the other "special uses block" cadre of of Internet2 pioneers.

Even I know that nobody takes a second look, studies and stares if they don't like what they see. That much I learned early in life, from the flashing gold of my hair and what it meant that men could not look away.

You be good, hear?

Dr. Doktor -Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Trusting humanity with free and fair elections could be considered inherently humorous, at least I think so -- and so I wrote

A camp is a "campaign." If this performance isn't reckless and witty, then I swear to do it over. I really do! NOT!!

Another funny thing about this song is that nowhere on the web site has it been linked, yet people are playing it anyway. How do they find it? Now that is funny. I think the guys at my favorite local radio station should give me a jingle and we can produce a proper version of the "Camp Song" in their production department with various hosts performing verses of their own devising. It would be a good way to cheer in the presidential race, maybe bury the hatchet and get behind the best candidate together.

You politicians: try to remember why the founding fathers trusted humanity with the power to govern. It's scary, I know -- radical as all get out, and flies in the face of the demands of the power-hungry. But have a little faith. There is magic in the ballot.

The only caveat I can offer on the foregoing is that those participating in the democratic process must subscribe to that amazingly brilliant yet simple French denotation: Good Faith. Those participating in democracy must have good faith. Without it -- as the Fabians well know, and as the enemies of democracy also well know -- democracy can quite easily be used against itself, to vote democracy out of existence. Therefore be of Good Faith, and be thankful for pointing out the existence of this seminal principle to Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus and probably also (I do believe) Napoleon himself.

One of the biggest conundrums of this election cycle is what we can do about health insurance. Part of me wants to share my ideas (radical as they may be) and part of me wants to play it safe and wait for the whole system to topple over from sheer lack of sensibleness, then spring the practical realities of a Fat Farm of Studio Art on a desperate world when presumably dealing with the problem must (of Necessity, one of the four goddesses of Mind) become far more realistic than it has been for a long time.

But in all seriousness, I think we should start a discussion about granting something like a 50% credit on unused premiums to be used for the elective surgery (or other treatments) of one's choice down the road. We might also consider making these credits transferrable. It might remove a person's incentive to run to the doctor for every little problem to have a little nest-egg building toward that . . . (insert your most cherished physical improvement here) or rhinoplasty or tummy tuck or whatever it is you need and want but have no realistic hope of ever being able to afford.

I was raised to be a hypochondriac. I think I may have mentioned my dear mother, a registered nurse who somehow came to believe doctors are on a par with movie stars, and nurses are blessed in direct proportion to how much of a doctor's, any doctor's, attention can be channeled towards oneself.

A reason to visit the doctor was the single most potent factor a child in my family could ever introduce for drawing the attention of Dearest Nurse Jessie, our beloved Mama.

Fortunately I was not the eldest child, so was able to observe from a very early age the horrors that could result from a successful childhood campaign toward one of these cherished visits to the doctor by older siblings.

This was actually a tragedy on some scales, so I would like the tone here to shift appropriately. It was extremely unfunny, e.g., that one child was so enamored of the idea of "exploratory surgery" that she faked a chronic abdominal problem in order to have this procedure, whereupon she was obligingly split from stem to stern, from port to starboard, in search of the elusive cause of her trouble. This happened to the same sister who faked polio at the age of only three years old as a strategy for depriving me of parental attention and affection. I must have been under two years old myself, but I remember so very clearly looking out through the bars on my crib at the adults gathered around my sister -- their hushed and worried voices so dire -- and the look she shot me that said, "See, I know how to erase you. I can fix it so you don't matter at all.

I think I am not the only child who could recognize a threat like this. Why do baby animals run away and hide? It's because they know they are going to be eaten if they don't look out. Obviously, that's built in as part of the survival mechanism, isn't it?

Needless to say, my poor sister has been ill her whole life through, and there is no longer any hope of sorting out the real from the fanciful, yet her need for medical attention continues to grow more insistent with each passing year.

So I had to choose to be healthy. Now I am the insurance company's favorite and the doctor's least favorite type: fully insured, but very rarely gets medical advice from a practitioner. And thank heaven I took upon myself the responsibility for my own well-being.

I think I already told you how at the age of 24 my doctor told me I had cancer. To my shock and mortification, she replied I should be glad it was a particularly slow-growing type of cancer and that I would probably live between six and ten years. I think we did not understand each other at all from that moment on. She didn't seem to fathom that I could not be glad that I might live to the age of 35, just as I couldn't fathom why she would say she couldn't be my doctor any more after I declined radiation and chemotherapy.

I think I also may have mentioned that a good friend's husband had the same condition, took the prescribed medications, surgeries and therapies that I had refused, and he died right on schedule at the age of 35.

So the insurance companies love me, for I am literally money in the bank for them. And the practitioners care for me as little as any living person, for they need nothing so greatly as billings from the fully insured.

And so here I remain, alive and kicking, with more energy than I know what to do with, having paid thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in health insurance premiums, and the only thing I try to do for good health is to be self aware, willing to research and learn what is right for me, and to spend a few hundred dollars a year for readily available nutritional support that is not covered by any health insurance plan.

The Fat Farm of Studio Art connection is obvious, is it not? It is a place of well-being, creativity, literacy, and community where, through co-operative agreement and sharing of knowledge, people can get what they need to be happy and productive, healthy, wealthy, and wise -- in the words of the classics, "Il riso e la migliore medicina. Chi mangia bene, vive bene. Buona salut» » la vera ricchezza." (Translation: "Laughter is the best medicine. Who eats well live well. Good health is true wealth.")

The scourge of the military industrial complex has a twin demon in the medical industrial complex. Because of the ponzi scheme we call our health insurance program, it would appear the official system is near breaking point. Thankfully there are millions of people working together to educate and provide the population for the means to living strong healthy lives.

Perhaps the linchpin will be an addition by policymakers of a device to de-incentivize people from practicing hypochondria. If Dear Nurse Jessie had the hope of getting a cost-free eye-lift a few years down the road through using her earned good health care credits, perhaps she would have resisted all those medications and all those trips to the doctor's office trying to cure her tummy ache instead of suffering through the failures of all those efforts until in the end she finally decided to drink the chilled juice of a boiled cabbage, which is what was the old wives tale said she should have tried in the first place. This is only one example, a minor one, of the dozens I may one day cite if the litany of familial hypochondria ever has its moment. Some in our clan don't enjoy it, but the fact is on the whole we are strong and healthy.

"Let your medicine be your food, and let you food be your medicine." I'll try to look that up on the Old Testament and give you chapter and verse as soon as possible. I know it's in there someplace.

And hey, by the way, you jews, christians and muslims -- here's to the Old Testament. That much, at least, do ye have in common.

in peace profound,

your cristobal

greets -Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Welcome, and a big hello. Hi, John! and hi, Alberto, Optise, enedyLethy and the rest of the readers, even you lurkers -- we know you're out there.

zahara -Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Hi, I am a newbie to this community and I am John from US by the way and looking forward to meeting everyone!

Alberto Skotinio -Saturday, March 8th, 2008

Hey! This is really your Work?! Cool! I never earlier did not see sites like this! Tnx!

Optise -Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Hello guys

Your site is great . Bye

enedyLethy -Monday, March 3rd, 2008


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zellaagine -Monday, March 3rd, 2008


Finally I found your site, I am so happy!


An urgent need -Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

FOR RELEASE March 3, 2008

HTTP:// 617-436-0527

Dear Friends,

This year marks the fifth and final show in the First Parish Church Steeple Restoration Project musical fundraiser series. Since 2004, the project has raised more than $55,000 thanks to the dedication of our talented and resourceful troupe of players and the generous support of the community.

I am happy to let you know that a couple of my songs will be performed in the show April 25-27. I hope you can come and will consider supporting the show as a sponsor or advertiser, as well. Your help is greatly needed, as the sad condition of the steeple plainly tells.

So much of our greatness as a country is a direct result of what the early colonists did in their founding of this church in 1630. The facts are inspiring!

I feel fortunate and am happy to find myself living in this historic area, only a few minutes away from Meetinghouse Hill. The beacon on the steeple is one of our nation•s noble landmarks, a light through the ages of our nation. It must be returned to its place as soon as possible.

Please join me and the tried and true parishioners and friends of First Parish in Dorchester in supporting this most worthy cause.

Thanks, sincerely.

NowOrNeverLove -Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

Any good forums on Dating Advice. I found and some others, but they seem to be all new and not many posts. I am looking for a good forum sorta like but with a LOT of people on it. I hate waiting days for answers. Everyone knows how boring it can be to join a dead forum :-(

Also, meet Prince -Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

The country of our back yard is a principality, that is, it is ruled by a prince. And this is he.

This cat is the only known survivor of the first litter born in our garage. He is a non-alpha male, which probably accounts for his longevity. Also, he no longer resides here but graces us with his presence a few times a week.

He will not stand still for the camera, so you cannot quite see that his fangs are bared, in a typically regal expression.

He is the only cat who ever spoke in plain English to me. On the web I have seen a few videos of cats who can speak, which may seem unlikely. But I didn't even think of training him to do this. One day when I went out to the porch, and he was there, I said, "Hello." And he quite clearly replied, "Hello."

It broke my heart when he moved on, but I understand that as a male he could not stay in his birthplace. Sometimes if I haven't seen him for awhile, I start to miss him and my heart cries his name. He usually shows up the next day or soon after.

When the tomcat who stayed here got too old to dominate, a new male soon arrived to take his place. He is a persian  and very fierce, as persians are amazing fighters  so he is called Beast.

In the beginning Beast tried to resist visits from Prince to the feeding bowl, but I explained to him about Prince being top cat and with no other measures Beast immediately began to defer to His Royal Pinkness.

All the cats here now understand that special treats and extra quantities in double quick time usually attend a visit from Prince, so naturally they have come to appreciate him, too.

Your wish is my command -Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

Here is some blue sky for you. The condensation trails from air traffic are adding to the excitement of this breezy March day.

Happy Birthday, Robin!

I am beside myself trying to get practice materials completed for the players at First Parish. A simple thing -- the CDs of the songs with and without vocals -- is the sticking point. It's maddening how the new technology and the old intersect at the corner of Conundrum and Boondoggle sometimes. The problem is apparently iTunes commandeering the audio files, compressing them in some kind of proprietary AIFF file that is not really an AIFF file insofar as it won't play on regular CD players, but only computer vesions.

I feel like a fool using the oldest computer in here to make two CDs for every one needed because I can't get the files with the vocals together with the files without the vocals onto one disk that will play on all players! I'm sure it will be very inconvenient for everyone to have them presented this way!

So here I am rushing about, getting short of time to get to the rehearsal, distracting myself from the horrible routine of it all by writing here. If I weren't in such a hurry all the time I might have stopped and sorted out this technical problem last week.

And I might not have taken 45 minutes this morning to bake Oatmeal Raisin cookies for the cast.

Ah. Only three disks to go (out of 10 needed).

More later, I hope. I wanted to post an entry with some thoughts on toughening up and not pretending that entering the world of writing for the musical stage is like stepping into a world of love.

As singers and players we all want more wonderful new work. Audiences want that, too. But you begin to see how Art itself may ultimately be limited, truncated, and curtailed because of the fierce competitive spirit of the business model.

Everyone says they want the same thing, great work that speaks to the human condition.

I suppose it will easily be considered inflammatory if one were to attempt to talk about the difficulties in concrete terms, eh.

Staill -Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

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serving at this outpost -Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Exciting indeed is this period of foment at the beginning of the new era.

A scene from "The Razz"

will be included in the fifth and final installment of Michael Pratt's fundraiser for restoration of the steeple at First Parish.

(click "The Steeple Project" in the left navigation column)

This year's show is titled "The Final Scene" and promises lots of surprises -- more about this as we get further into rehearsals. The first mailing to advertisers and sponsors went out today. I am very happy to be able to contribute.

But back to the subject of the new era dawning . . .

From the number of queries I've received, there is reason to hope that ever increasing numbers are practicing the deer exercises and counting by nines.

To summarize briefly, from an earlier post:

Following is a diagram of one cycle of nines, with the figures "\" and "." representing action and cessation from action. Please remember: "When you act, then act. When you stop, then stop." Do these cycles multiple times daily.

/ / / / / / / / / /
/ / / / / / / / .
/ / / / / / / . .
/ / / / / / . . .
/ / / / / . . . .
/ / / / . . . . .
/ / / . . . . . .
/ / . . . . . . .
/ . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . /
. . . . . . . / /
. . . . . . / / /
. . . . . / / / /
. . . . / / / / /
. . . / / / / / /
. . / / / / / / /
. / / / / / / / /

One of the great insights of this particular approach to advancing number is, you will quickly discover, the things that happen without your willful action, during the periods of cessation from action. As every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and that fact is no less apparent in the deer as anywhere else in the physical world, practitioners readily discover the lovely and various sensations brought about through cessation from action. This bliss surpasses by many degrees yet is not is not unlike in KIND to the way the sweet smoke of the incense rises curling through the pealing of the chapel bells.

In this exercise, you will experience in the periods of cessation the realms of reverberations set into play by the periods of actions.

On this small scale you will immediately feel how and why it is that everything has its season.

Tonight I am posting here a picture of the moon from my back porch, just as it was getting ready to be eclipsed. This feels like a magical night.

Here, too, is a picture of the First Parish, as it once looked and as it looks now with its steeple and its beacon light removed for renovation.

I have come to like very much the Unitarian Universalist philosophy of the pilgrim founders of this church. Essentially non-dogmatic (as "universalist" implies) and unifying ("unitarian"), it is a comfortable fit for people who believe, as a sage once said, "The heaven is for heaven, but the earth was made for the children of men."

If you would like to contribute to the "Steeple Project" checks can be sent to:

Steeple Restoration Fund
First Parish Church in Dorchester
10 Parish Street
Dorchester, MA 02122 USA

Osiris -Monday, February 18th, 2008

The Afghan carpet, ca. 1975, is a great source of delight.

One of the benefits of living in a formerly fine neighborhood is that when the old homes are dissolved, many of the beautiful furnishings find their ways into the antique and thrift shops where they can be bought for very little.

I couldn't resist including this for the beautiful color, much needed in February.

The top picture of Osiris is the source of the multidimensional icon from previous posting, which I thought might be informative. The subsequent depiction of Osiris along with an elaborately elevated scarab clearly connects the sacred energies of fundamental creativity.

it's your life -Monday, February 18th, 2008

Honesty is the best policy, eh.

Something tells me (i.e., email I received) that you are not really from New York.

From this fact, the question inevitably arises about whether you are also not fat ; )

How do I know but that you are a tiny little slip of a thing desperately trying to fit into a Size 0 (presumably, the state wherein one is effectively as close as possible to erasing oneself).

No one can live your life for you. Surprise! You have to live it yourself.

Therefore, know thyself.

You may be fat, and yet perhaps you are a scaredy cat, secretly preferring to mourn quietly your fate as a component of the wallpaper, that no one shall notice without pity.

How should I know?

But in general . . .

get busy! Focus, concentrate, drive forward. If you really try to accomplish something meaningful in this world, you will hardly have time to stop to eat, let alone hound around the couch noshing like a starving pet whose every indulgence may not be dismissed without assumed suffering.

This is Lent, for heaven's sake. Deprive yourself of something. Next year at Ramadan, learn to enjoy hunger for the inspiration it brings you, if for nothing else then for what it feels like to be most of the world's human population (and members of the animal kingdom, too) -- i.e., a part of nature, and by nature, hungry.

If you decide to embrace your hunger and discover new vitality and animation,

perhaps you will also discover that just as you prefer NOT to take it so easy on your hungerbug, one day you will enact a decision not to take the easy way out whenever possible everywhere else in your life, as well.

That would be my choice for your process.

With blessings, and profound peace,

your xto

Spoigargitate -Sunday, February 17th, 2008

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Offepurry -Monday, February 11th, 2008

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archives coming on line -Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

I am in the process of archiving much of this page.

I put the raw file at the archive link above and will complete the format as soon as I can.

In the meantime, many of these pictures no longer refer to the posts. In due time that will be fixed, also.

I have been greatly cheered by the many positive posts and emails I have received with comments and queries about this material.

Thanks for interest! More to come !


Lie to Pollsters -Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Today was the first time that participating in the democratic process as a voter did nothing to elevate my mood or my hopes for the future.

For some years I have maintained a policy of either refusing to answer to attempting to mislead pollsters who seek to gather information about election trends. I wearied long ago of feeling my opinions and leanings would serve most those wishing to manipulate the process, and so hoped by deception to do a small part to derail the so-called strategists, pundits and pollsters.

What do you think? Would the process eventually return to something more direct and straightforward if millions of voters decided henceforth to lie to pollsters?

I think it's worth a shot.

Rounding -Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Cf. entry of August 8, 2007

Description of Counting by Nines, as Nature counts, according to claims made in many ancient documents

I'm sure it has not escaped many students of the sexadecimal expression of number* often discussed in this blog and soon to be incorporated in the sexadecimal concept page at

that the use of the "Pi" or "Fat 3" will enable fine subtleties in rounding that will be a great service, specifically in clarifying and enhancing developing trends and patterns in calculations.

The dozens of ways the human pulse is taken by physicians in the Ayurvedic, Chinese and other traditional medical arts suggests that the way modern western medicine takes the pulse (counting how many beats per minute) is almost certainly egregiously oversimplified. By the same token, the conventional expressions of number in a decimal system seems hopelessly inadequate to reveal the truth in the midst of a multiplicity of systems and conditions.

Among one or two other virtues, the sexadecimal system, allows for the interplay of great subtleties in counting, as well as reveals at a glance an immediate awareness of pattern in number.

Ever more impressed with the idea that all lines curve, I am almost prepared to say that the exact value of Pi is a benchmark for infinity -- that Pi is indeed the curve factor, or the curve driver and thus by definition (i.e., it is moving ) is an infinitely divisible ratio that will prove extremely useful.

Speaking of rounding . . .

from a small book © 1890 by Worthington Co., 747 Broadway, NY entitled The Queer, The Quaint, The Quizzical -- a Cabinet for the Curious, following are a couple of entries on ancient and antique clocks, and I quote:

The first clock which appeared to Europe was probably that which Eginhard (Secretary to Charlemagne) describes as sent to his royal master by Abdallah, King of Persia. "A horologe of brass, wonderfully constructed, for the course of the twelve hours, while as many little brazen balls dropped upon bells underneath and sounded each other." The Venetians had clocks in 872, and sent a specimen of them that year to Constantinople.

The French historians describe a clock sent to Charlemagne in the year 807, by the famoous eastern caliph, Haroun-al-Raschid, which was evidently furnished with some kind of wheel-work, although the moving power appears to have been produced by the fall of water. In the dial of it were twelve small doors forming the divisions for the hours, each door opened at the hour marked b the index, and let out small brass balls which, falling on a bell, struck the hours -- a great novelty at that time. The doors continued open until the hour of twelve, when twelve figures, representing knights on horseback, came out and paraded around the dial-plate.

The dial in use among the ancient Jews differed from that in use among us. Theirs was a kind of stairs. The time of the day was distinguished not by lines but by steps or degrees, the shade of the sun every hour moved forward to a new degree. On the dial of Ahaz, the sun went back degrees or steps, not lines.


There are many more old clocks described in this book. It is interesting that the pursuit of accuracy and elegance in timekeeping inspired many different wonderful forms of clockwork, ways at looking at data, solutions to a single problem.

In profound peace,
Yours, Cristobal

*a hexadecimal system of number framed as an abacus analogy, through the use of numerals that incorporate visual cues to facilitate divisibility and show pattern in calculation.

BTW -Thursday, January 31st, 2008

HTML coding isn't allowed by posters. Your thoughtful inputs in plain text are welcome.

Apologies to those whose HTML-laden messages have been disallowed.

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casz -Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Awesome to hear from fans and supporters. Keep it coming, won't you?

It's a huge boost, offsetting the crazy spammers who sometimes leave threats when I erase the drivel they want to advertise through sites like this, so I'm very glad to hear from you.

Also happy to have a naturalist in the gang. Send a pic of your turtle and I'll put it up.

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a different point of view / perspective -Thursday, January 17th, 2008

The sketch on the envelope (middle, right) I drew quickly when considering how the dream tile figures in a multi-dimensional grid. It shows the lines and points of a nine three configuration projected from the complete quadrilateral of the equilateral triangle.

As for the meaning of the figure on the dream tile, as it fits within the sexadecimal concept system, perhaps it is the continuum of the infinity sign, seen from a different point of view than the usual symbol conveys.

The Egyptian falcon (far right, nineteenth dynasty) depicts simultaneously two different conditions of falcon identity (rising and falling / soaring and settling). It appears that such dual depictions were used in instances where sensitivity to point of view and multi-dimensionality were important.

Modern artists have attempted much the same type of expansion of awareness in what we call "cubism," although with considerable cheek IMO. In the case of the envelope sketch, I am asking whether, if ancients could find a way to express instances where multi-dimensionality of mind must be considered, we might rediscover the same necessity if we hope to advance beyond a simple linear mode of awareness.

casz -Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

HARRIER ANGEL can easily assume the scale of an epic, therefore in writing the book it is very difficult to decide "what to leave in, what to leave out" (to quote Bob Seger) -- but of course that's always the big question.

At this time I happen to be baulking at sending out a particular submission, I feel I should rewrite, write other scenes, other episodes, with new characters and new songs.

So far the book stays close to the classics in terms of it being a work of ideas about people striving to create, engaged in shaping a better world.

OTOH, the length and structure work great in the present form.

Anyway, before sending it out this time, I had to indulge this need to convey other levels and content.

Here are a couple of what might be called "microscenes," minuscule components of the story -- a few things to think about that may be lost in a bigger picture.

Each character could play in any number of these "illuminations."

The Naomi version uses the little movie I mentioned yesterday.

Hope you like, cx

Hello from casz -Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

I put a new little movie up -- got it down to a reasonable size for the web. Let me know if you have trouble downloading it.

It's a slight reminder that life presents quite enough sadness and misery on its own, so even if suffering is your game it won't be necessary to choose madness in order to enjoy your just desserts.


lixMidlidstiz -Monday, January 14th, 2008

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rock remedy for the re generation -Monday, January 14th, 2008

Thanks to you all : ) for your support and love.

But, no -- not skeptical, not today. Today I am skeptical of little. Today feels like arrival, where the quest for feeling good and feeling better all the time is righteous, and anything is possible.

Compelling stuff! That's as Elijah Digger said in the hexagram, "Already given! It's all in the pipeline."

To those who write here in code, please do excuse the revisions exercised upon your scheming.

I will put something new here today. And soon I will add the ringing of bells, perfected in the sanctum, which we sent with the sweet smoke of burnt offerings that HEaven loves so well, carried far and wide in the rings of their reverb, carrying your prayers from your very own lips to the ears of his towering majesty.

Rosvel Corby -Monday, January 14th, 2008


Impressive webpage! I like it a lot! I'm looking forward to the next update

I know, you're probably skeptical. Right?

Benno Schreiber

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pamelakworkoutgirl -Saturday, January 12th, 2008

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wizard -Friday, January 11th, 2008


The kindness of strangers -Thursday, January 10th, 2008

I really appreciate your inputs, so thanks. Deniel, how I wish you would listen to the entire piece!

It delivers a release. It costs mere pennies to listen to it on Rhapsody or Napster or some of the other places where the entire songs reside, so do check it out. But it's important to hear it in order, so do listen according to the order on

I was reading Thayer's Beethoven and learned how his music was designed to work the psyche in specific ways to achieve the climax and denoument, and when I decided I should do the same (according to his principles) I found they were already there. That was amazing, but probably not that surprising since I studied and play Ludwig's music extensively as a youth. As well (not sure if I mentioned this already) I once had an amazingly vibrant dream about being invited by Beethoven to his wake, which turned out to be a banquet where his body on its bier was presented as the entree. It felt like a sacred event, somewhat scary, but I nibbled obliging on his digits! When I awoke, and looked in the encyclopedia, it turned out to be his birthday! From that time, I thought I had somehow incorporated him.

I have an amazing plaster bust of him which I will post here as soon as I can.

BTW, for beemnency's query, if the "name" line aobve is not a person, it just means it's me again.

Today I have to meet someone about a web site design. Oy, trying to make progress on writing and music (and succeeding in some areas) but when business comes in I gotta take it -- it's the money, of course -- even small amounts are welcome.

Blessings, good people. I hope your New Year is ripe with promise!

beemnency -Thursday, January 10th, 2008 subj ?

Deniel Clinton -Thursday, January 10th, 2008

All i can say is WOW. I am amazed. This is incredible work.

Working together -Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Hi, Mario! Thanks for checking in anyway. I hope you get your bearings. The new year always holds fresh promise, doesn't it?

Your post's tone and cadence remind me of an almost dear friend who quickly turned cold. Your post made me miss him.

It was my fault. I knew him only from his posts to a well-known artists forum and a short personal correspondence. Once or twice we spoke by phone. It was exciting as we clearly had a great deal in common. We were planning to work together ("collaborate" -- the buzzword people seem to love so well simply means "work together" but I could never understand why it had to be spelled with two l's ; )

Anyway, he came through for me -- did a couple of really cool things at my request -- then I failed to fulfill my end. I learned something there.

Usually it's the other way around. I do my bit, then the other party fails to come through for me. I still feel badly about this fellow. He wanted me to sing and play on one of his tracks, so the fact that it was about music makes it even worse. Music is my great love and privilege to be able to write and play.

But I do know why I crapped out on him. He is an angry person. After 9/11 his usual political vitriol grew increasingly virulent. Apparently he is a left-wing democrat who hates George W. Bush uncontrollably. He was never rude to me, but I could see it was only a matter of time before I would have to take the tongue-lashing, too.

That's what scared me away. I'm not strong enough to remain emotionally detached from a brilliant, creative friend who might level against me such attacks as he proved capable of unleashing on others.

I do subscribe professionally to the credo, "Never complain, never explain." Acts speak for themselves. "If you're going to do it, don't bitch. If you're going to bitch, don't do it." Anger is one of the seven deadly sins, a fact long forgotten in a time when anger is the prime mover of the now decades-long gangsta, / hip-hop / hoodlum domination of pop music culture. But I must keep my distance. To me it is mental poison, bringing torment and a real struggle for sanity. Powerful creative works do come of anger, I'm sure, but only indirectly with the pain transformed through time and distance in my case. It is a fundamental case of waste.

I can't tell you how many times I have suppressed the desire to describe in this forum the devastation of, for example, a house guest who criticized me -- and how long it took to get over it. And this person was someone of no consequence. With a brilliant creative partner I was already half in love with, I knew the danger.

Anyway, for me, "working together" is the true miracle of humanity. It's amazingly difficult to find the right people, i.e., those who can and will truly "collaborate" in good faith. After a rocky beginning, accepting as partners people who could not fulfill this seemingly simple requirement, I think I'm on the right track now, and 2008 holds great promise.

Mario Anderas -Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Not much on my mind lately, but pfft. I've just been letting everything happen without me these days. Eh. I've basically been doing nothing worth mentioning.

dream image -Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

Perhaps it is due to the darkness of winter, the short days, that I want to sleep so much. My dreams have been extraordinarily vivid and sometimes I am reluctant to leave them for life in the conscious mind.

On the radio yesterday I heard a popular physicist speaking about the origins of the universe and string theory, and for all my questions I resisted the temptation to call him and ask, remembering the last time I attempted to query a (Nobel prize-winning) physicist from Boston University, only to realize later that radio talkshows record your comments to the call screener, play them in the breaks, and the hosts and their guests are then able to decide in advance of ever speaking with you what they are going to say. In my case, the screener decided after I had uttered only about 20 words that they would put me on right away.

Needless to say, the twenty words I was entitled to utter turned out to be insufficient for eliciting a perfect response (i.e., a response to my question ) but served, rather, as a mere catalyst for the scientist filling air time with something to spout while touting his newest book.

Or something he thought interesting enough which my question had caused him to think of saying.

Conversation actually holds little promise where it is the objective of a controlling party to jump at the chance to address a narrow sense of the intended query and then sign off.

I think "flummoxed" may be a good way to describe the emotion I experienced when this happened and I realized it's probably just the way of the so-called world of talk radio.

So yesterday I didn't bother calling in the program.

Today I slept until 9:45am, waking several times to a dream of the figure at right. In the dream, it was a tile of which I was very awkwardly carrying three examples. I found the shape annoying for carrying. It kept slipping this way and that in my arms. The color, also, I did not like because dun is not a shade I would very often find useful for decorative purposes. Moreover the figure on the tile seemed rather unlovely and not appropriate for any of my projects. I had the sense that it meant something, but I didn't know nor care what but only felt irritated that it would not look well as a tile in the project for which I was delivering it.

Each time I would awake, I would shake off the dream, then return to my slumber, and the same dream would return. At one point of annoyance of having to carry these oddly-shaped tiles, the Adobe Illustrator interface I use daily in my working life emerged as a solution. In the dream, I discovered I need carry only one tile with me, then click-option-drag on it to create extra tiles as needed.

And so I decided today, upon arising on New Year's Day 2008, to render the dream image for your consideration in this forum. It was a quick drawing, but it looks quite the same with the possible difference that the ovals were more vertically compressed and the connecting lines proportionally longer.

I think now the figures is a component of my number theory.

A central precept of the concept

predicts that Pi cannot resolve to a finite number, no matter how many places the calculations allow, for the reason that Pi is the ratio describing a moving target. The "Fat 3" (as I sometimes call Pi) is literally an infinitely dynamic description of the moving curve / trajectory of the unverse. Pi is the "curve factor", which explains why it figures so prominently in geometry.

"Cosmos/Beauty/World will be served when men see that every line is curved."

I believe hearing the flavor-of-the-day physicist on WRKO Boston's New Year's Eve drive-time radio show must have somehow suggested to me the image of my dream. He had spoken of a universe shaped like a bubble that is expanding, and said there is strong (though as yet unproven) suggestion that there are actually multiple universe bubbles that are all doing the same (expanding) at the same time.

But have the scientists as yet dreamed there is a link between the one and the many?

I think my dream image shows another way of imaging these phenomena. It is one, and yet it is many. Moreover, the one and the many are linked.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! -Monday, December 31st, 2007

Winding up 2008 !

Hope everyone is safe, well-loved, and hopeful of a future where individuals can find charm and amusement in human differences, show greater patience to others, and enjoy the gifts of becoming more generous oneself.

Thanks to all for your wonderful support in 2007.

Anna Replica -Saturday, December 29th, 2007

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Gigix Barabanovc -Friday, December 28th, 2007

"It's not because of fate, it's because of Tequila" That may be the best thing I have ever read in my whole life!

Frank Hobbel -Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Hey there!

winter days -Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

The air must be very still to allow such powdery fluff to cling to every branch.

zoupfeexincopy -Monday, December 24th, 2007

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half-remembered certainties -Monday, December 24th, 2007

My mailbox has a few inquiries from visitors who would like to know more of the sacred mysteries, and while we are now in a period when sharing these openly is permitted, nevertheless it is important to consider cases where the adage "a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing" should be considered before sharing some of the information.

An example is the use of the herb Fo Ti as a male tonic and support for burgeoning hair, skin and nails.

This tonic is also said to restore youthful color to graying locks, and I can personally attest to its effectiveness for this purpose. My hair (blond) started fading to white about two years ago.

I confess to a certain level of vanity in this area, and at first I delighted in seeing my reflection with hair that was getting paler and paler, like platinum.

To the aphorism of the vain that says "You can never be too rich or too thin" it should be added that "You can never be too rich, too thin, or too blond " because the truth is a head of pale gold hair does attract attention like little else.

But when a pronounced white streak began to appear obove the temples, I changed my mind.

I started grinding about a tablespoon of black Fo Ti root with coffee beans each morning. Fo ti mellowed the coffee and reduced acidity without noticeably changing the flavor otherwise. It was delicious, and the coffee would no longer provoke the immediate need for solid food.

Several months later, I noticed some of the white hairs had blond roots, and over time the color has returned entirely, moreover the individual hairs are thicker and now shoot from the follicles giving body and life unheard of in my youth.

Long ago I stopped cutting my hair, following the historic example of shamans and philosophers who believe special properties may accrue through the practice. In my case, the hair length naturally maxxed out at about three inches above waist-length. Since introducing fo ti, however, the growth period of follicles has increased so much that my hair falls to waist-length.

Now here is the "half-remembered certainties" or "a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing" qualification.

Natural fo ti contains alkaloids that build up toxicity over time. Fo ti cannot be taken every days without presenting problems for the liver and other vital organs UNLESS it has been soaked in fermented black beans which draws the alkaloids out of the fo ti root.

At times when I have run out of black fo ti root and tried to use the capsules commonly available from the vitamin and supplement section of the market, I have been dismayed to discover the product is pale, nearly white -- clearly untreated. Moreover, the staff usually knows nothing about the dangers of untreated fo ti.

I could cite dozens of examples. It truly gives one pause when considering whether to recommend certain practices to people who would benefit from them, but only if there is a context and respect for the whole story that assures ongoing observance of ALL the necessary facts.

So my mailbox contains letters from people seeking advice in a number of areas relevant to the sacred mysteries, and although I would very much like to respond as openly as possible, I cannot do so without reasonable certainty that the questioner is equally open and candid.

When I ask questions that are only selectively addressed by the petitioner, I can have no confidence that my suggestions will only help, and not harm. Not even a certified physician (of which I am not one) can suggest treatments without in-depth understanding of the complete system, habits and propensities of the patient.

Otherwise the realm of "a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing" will stand where actual teaching and learning belongs.

For this reason, I have come to appreciate the secretive habits of those schools where the pursuit the sacred mysteries carry the potential for doing harm where the sincere desire to understand the depth and context of any condition is absent, and I often hesitate when asked to advise others.

A fundamentally pragmatic approach can be a real danger, as i the case of those who might begin using fo ti root because they have read about its tendency to improve hair, skin and nails, but without knowing the product should be black in appearance, because it has been processed with fermented black beans to remove harmful compounds.

It is more than a little scary for those who know this caveat to purchase a product that has clearly not been properly prepared from a person who has not learned the whole truth about the product and its proper preparation.

This is just a simple example of misinformation and disinformation at play in our so-called highly advanced cultures.

There are numerous far more insidious reasons than simple ignorance, mental laziness or forgetting that explain why and how the whole truth on any given subject may be concealed.

In reading journals and newspapers and watching televised news programs, have you noticed that whenever the subject is one where you actually have some formal level of experience and expertise that there are enormous gaps and inaccuracies in the reporting? Of course you have. Let this be a guide to your credulity in subjects where you do not have such formal knowledge and expertise. Be assured, the same level of inaccuracies lie in every realm.

I got the idea for this post after a recent public television documentary narrated by Peter Coyote based on the best-selling, Pulitizer prize-winning book Guns, Germs and Steel

"Jared Diamond's revolutionary theories about the course of human civilization."

At one point the narrative asserted that in certain areas of Africa the populations had developed antibodies against malaria.

The slightest knowledge of malaria will remind the reader that malaria is caused by a parasite, and the body does not develop antibodies against parasites. In fact, the resistance to malaria in those regions is a direct response to presence of sickle cells -- a serious defect in the red blood cells.

Wouldn't it be a more obvious conclusion that the high rate of sickle cell in populations of that region is the result of the failure of malaria to kill people with sickle cell?

Unfortunately, I cannot go into the details of this condition in depth here (as I must finish this entry soon so my holiday preparations will not be neglected. I still need to go to the fish market for tonight's soupe da pÕche , and the black cake for tomorrow's dessert takes four hours to make!) , but suggest reading any encyclopedia on the subject if you would like to see a shocking illustration the "germs" portion of Diamond's argument getting shot through with a million doubts.

For all the benefits of life in the "information age", the admonition, "don't believe everything you read" in the multimedia age needs to be stressed again and again.

It's Christmas Eve. Here's a blessing for peace through knowledge and understanding,

for light, life and love,
your cristobal

Alvaradosas Munija -Friday, December 21st, 2007

Hi Friends!

You have many friends that post in your guestbook - it is cool! best admin Kunstler bbss19w

great visitors -Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Thank you kindly for your comments.

I visited the web site and although I cannot read Russian, it would appear you are a scholar inquiring along metaphysical planes. Your input is appreciated.

If other visitors wish to submit urls to their web sites, I will gladly consider leaving them here for other visitors to peruse if they are in any way related to human culture, art, science, metaphysics and "The Way" i.e., Tao, which to me appears to present humanity with a non-dogmatic approach to attunement with the great One.

To me it seems apparent that all the cultures of the world have adopted various dogmas to assist populations lacking depth in literacy and general education in making choices that will bring the group (if not all individuals within the group) nearer to the attunement that will enable civilizations to arise that make individual self-realization a practical reality.

In the words of the King of Thailand, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, quoted earlier in this forum, it is a matter of "following your higher nature." This point of view clarifies the simplicity of each act. I think the king is a great genius, and I am glad to learn he was actually born at Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

You can read more about him here:

I often seek the advice of I CHING, who constantly refers to "the superior man" as the ideal to which the hexagrams refer. To me it seems His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej is as near as anyone could hope to find to personification of the superior man.

In following links about King Bhumibol, I discovered several interesting correlations between my own work and the work of the Thai royal family. Perhaps most importantly, the work of Queen Sirikit in developing local arts and crafts in many ways resembles my own efforts to iconify such arrangements through the invention of Griselda's Fat Farm of Studio Art, which is the setting of HARRIER ANGEL.

I see propagation of the arts and crafts (as well as the arts, crafts and sciences of well-being practiced in the fat farm enviro) as a broad solution to human needs in fields of economics, psychology, medicine, and more.

With the grace of heaven, these gifts may soon be brought to the public at large through cultural movements like Griselda's and Queen Sirikit's. My greatest hope is that this will occur before calamities and abject necessity bring them upon us by default. Ultimately these are the practices of survival and well-being. I know human higher nature will bring them into existence without the desperate pressure brought by a collapsing society.

When I wrote HARRIER ANGEL, I deliberately tried to set it twenty years in the future (from 1989, when "Red River Valley" -- the first song -- was written). This I did because I believed it would take at least twenty years to bring the piece to fruition, owing to its cultural iconoclasm, psycho-sexual-political satire, and other factors.

The piece almost received a production at my alma mater, Stephens College. More about that later, for those who care to inquire. The reason I mention it here is that my old professors had many a discussion on the project (to which I was privy to but a mere three letters in correspondence and perhaps two actual discussions -- this, it turns out is a commonplace in theaters considering new productions. I found it quite surprising that a work might be in discussion for years without the author rarely, if ever, being consulted). At any rate, when I mentioned that I had merely extrapolated on what I felt were currents and trends in American culture at the time, to make them more pronounced (issues such as homelessness, literacy, political correctness and male sexual incontinence) and thus place them "in the future" by twenty years, one of the professors said, "I think it's more like 60 years. And what's truly most ironic to my mind is how this piece could save the Democratic Party, if only they would take a look at it."

I really enjoyed the irony of that comment, because I'm a staunch independent, never having been politically aligned with either American party.

This gentleman, Professor Beiger, also compared HARRIER to the rock theater genre invented in Sam Shepard's THE TOOTH OF CRIME. I happened to see a production of that show last year (at La Mama) and think Beiger was absolutely correct on that point. And, although I never read the tome, he also referred to Random Lives, a book that may be out of print (at any rate, I couldn't find it) as an example to cite in the description of the cultural milieu in which HARRIER ANGEL convenes, a world of a great civilization in decline, where good people have somehow failed to avail themselves of the tools of self-realization (succumbing to consumerism, drug addiction, group think, and more --or, less -- and where families may commonly endure incarceration, homelessness, drug addiction -- and so on).

I pray we won't see advancing tragedies in these realms before such an "arts and crafts" approach to liberation through following higher nature takes root once more.

your cristobal

annonal -Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

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bruce -Tuesday, December 18th, 2007 I LOVE the music for this show. JUST LOVE the music. I think you do really great work.

Nick -Thursday, December 13th, 2007

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thanks, and tough luck to the goths & the death metal guys -Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Hay, yourself. Where you from? Thanks for commenting.

For those who have left messages advertising their recordings that have disappeared from this forum, I did remove them, I'm sorry but I don't see how your style fits here. Maybe if you post some of the lyrics I will see you are driving at some of the same issues addressed here after all. I did listen to the samples of a few tracks, and suggest perhaps you are in the wrong genre yourselves? Your band names, song titles and graphics are certainly goth and deathly enough, but the music is strangely like baroque chamber music played on electric guitars. Again, do send the lyrics if you want reconsideration.

Thanks for thinking of us ; )

FreeStoring -Monday, December 10th, 2007


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senks :)

my furry friend of questionable lineage -Saturday, December 8th, 2007

I met the strange critter again on the porch the other night. I was really glad to see it hadn't been injured or discouraged by our last encounter. This time it readied itself for leaping off the porch, then hung back in case it might not have to leave after all, thus saving a trip back to the feeding bowl. I spoke to it, and it seemed used to people, as calmy as it looked at me out of the corner of its eye and seemed to smile pleasantly.

I ran inside and grabbed my camera, and when the creature saw what I was planning, it leaped off the porch and ran through the back yard, climbed the fence and trundled along the top, leaping down into the neighboring yard.

I'm not truly convinced it is an overgrown ferret. I think its body is about 2 feet long -- truly too gigantic to be a ferret. The tail is what gets me. It tapers not at all, with rings of light reddish brown and dark brown or black fur. Of course, the end of its tail could have been chopped off at some point, so that isn't the critical feature in determining what kind of creature it may be.

Its body is heavy, not lithe, but elongated instead of round like a raccoon (which also visit here). It is a slow runner, and a slow but powerful climber. But the most distinctive thing is that long pointed white face with a ruff of short hair around it.

Perhaps it is an escapee from the Franklin Park Zoo, which is less than a mile from here.

I shall extend my searches for a picture of its species to regions outside of North America.

Better luck next time taking its photograph.

Welcome -Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Thanks for writing. Life is good in Khazahstan, I hope. Why don't you tell us a little about yourself and let us know how it's going.

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here I am in Worcester -Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Playing on Bob's computer. Greetings from Central Massachusetts.

cars are us -Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

You know how I feel about cars, so imagine the fun of getting to do the designs for a charity event gala previewing the 2008 models, and then attending the show and seeing my work in action, sponsored by some of the biggest names in the industry. The colorful columns in these pictures are part of the package I designed for the show. I'll be putting these on the portfolio site as soon as the animations for some of the other pieces are complete, but I felt like putting something new here today.

For those who don't understand how the automobile figures in progress toward human enlightenment and self-realization, just imagine asserting independence and freedom, expanding experience and awareness, or any of the other "automotives" without that prime mover of modern human being, the automobile.

I love my car. It's a gold Chevy Jerry bought to look good with my hair, back in -- holy cow, could it really be ten years ago -- 1998! Still drives like a dream.

"Take me for a drive, Jerry
Take me for a drive . . ."

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Bargain hunting is not among our topics here, so please don't post advertisements (for products) for such services.

Thanks, cristobal

currency traders -Monday, December 3rd, 2007

Thanks, glad you enjoy it. I visited your web site and saw it is a Foreign Exchange site. Sometimes I remove visitors notes and links if it seems they are using this forum for self-promotion that is unrelated to what we are doing here, but am leaving your link here because it appears to be on point in subject matter, even though (I am sorry to say) I don't read a word of Russian.

I like the fact that you have a game that enables prospective traders to play at currency exchange and trading before putting their capital on the line. Very cool idea.

I was on a project that was part of an academic program (a minor MBA) about this time last year. The prospective company were seeking ways to increase their market share among active traders, and our team recommendations to the firm (a big American investment company) centered on development of a game that would do what it looks like your game already does.

So if they haven't gotten started, they're obviously going to fall behind.

If I had a few "mini-Me's" I would definitely send one of them out to learn the active trading game. A friend in the field always tries to get me to learn the ropes, insistent that I would be good at it.

In truth, it's a little sad that I don't have time for it when you consider how the markets are bouncing around, and how these savvy cats, "on" with the active trading scene, are making even more money as the markets go down than when they go up.

It's getting crazy out there! It was so upsetting to see the markets boomeranging all over the place in '06, and me without the time to look at everything closely and try to make the best of it, that I never even checked to see how the investments had done in the end -- and this year has been even more histrionic.

I get an inkling that this capitalistic game that enables civilizations to grow and advance through the creation of wealth has a strong spiritual and cosmic component because of its tendency to enable self-realization for potentially the entire human race.

It is an area that would require some hands-on experience before I'd feel qualified to say how big an impact it could have on one's personal advancement, however.

Certainly, it could present some setbacks, too -- in spiritual terms as well as material ones, needless to say.

My friend in the field often says he feels like a parasite, making money this way, and constantly looks for ways to give something back. His religious tradition is Hindu (specifically, American Hari Krishna), so perhaps there are elements of superstition or some other component I'm personally unable to assess at this time.

Does anyone have thoughts to share on this subject?

annonal -Friday, November 30th, 2007

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I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this forum.Thanks!

by myself -Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Thanks for your lovely compliments.

At the moment, your humble artisan cristobal, aka cassandra, is the little only member of the firm. All designs, and most of the illustrations and photography, are my work. I hand-code html (and, if you insist, CSS ; ) and also use the major software for all of the above.

I'm well-versed in a pretty broad range of skills from projects in fine arts, advertising and commercial art, as designer, illustrator, photographer, writer and presenter.

I'm looking to add a couple of clients, so if you would like to discuss a proposal, do let me know.

My portfolio is at

Haven't touched it in a couple of years at least, but have tons of more recent work, so just ask if you'd like to see anything more.

naisioxerloro -Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

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Ivan -Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

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identity -Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Great artists often claim to have taken key elements of their meaning and identity one might say carelessly, through simply opening a book at random and taking the first thing that came to hand. I decided to follow that example when I rented my first commercial space for a studio. Picking up an atlas, pointing at the page without looking, and choosing the nearest thing that made any sense whatsoever, I got the name of my first graphic design studio, which became known as Cristobal Designs.

There is a wealth of treasured personal experiences and many stories that came of that choice, but the details will have to wait. For the moment it must suffice to say the name always seemed a perfect fit, served me well, and remains incorporated in my identity to this day.

It made sense to me, then, that when the studio changed to reflect my expanding art forms, and needed a new name and a new identity, I would try the same method of getting a name. I was in the library, and there was a geometry book on the table.

I thought there must be lots of good names for a studio in a geometry book, so I took a stab in the usual way. My finger landed on "Nine Three Configuration," and there was nothing else at all on the page except a few drawings of nine three configurations, the definition, and some descriptions of some of the interesting features of these figures which I had never even heard of until that moment.

After some consideration, and as fascinating as it was, I thought with some regret, "No, sorry. This is just too arcane. It will not do."

I cast about for another book and quickly pulled out a volume of an old Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary (3 volumes, ca. 1948), opened it in the requisite manner and stuck my finger down on a page. When I looked where it landed, I saw it was a continuation of the same complicated definition of the figure I had been reading about only a few seconds before.

For a moment I thought I had forgotten to look at another book when deciding not to use the first result. Then I looked again at the other book, which still lay open on the table, still open to the page about the nine three configuration. There it was -- the same name twice. I had it on two pages of two separate books, "Nine Three Configuration."

It was very strange. I thought I must be dreaming. How could the same figure be drawn on the open pages of both books?

I haven't felt that sense of the uncanny in quite that way very many times in my life.

I had to admit I liked it. I wished that we could be a nine three configuration, by all accounts a figure of some very considerable mystery and power, what with its harmonious relationships with infinity at every turn. Was this something I should actually consider?

People were waiting for me to tell them the name of the studio so they might start sending out faxes, answering the telephone, renting a theater, casting the show. We needed a name. I thought about it for a half a day and then decided to go with it. It seemed like I had come to this naming method so that something might be given to me, and here was something, indeed -- rather clearly given to me, twice -- and I thought, who am I to question this? I decided I would figure it out later.

I drew the logo in one hour, and we set out.

Come Inside -Saturday, November 10th, 2007

There are things you do not know you do not yet know you do not know.

We are vibrating strings upon a cosmic bow.

John -Friday, November 9th, 2007

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kelsey -Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

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a word for the, like, unwise -Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

A friend asked why the unlikely word "like" gets such wide play in American conversation. I confess I'm not sure why it happened, but I think I may know when.

The first time I noticed language going amiss was in 1970, during the summer after graduation from high school when I got the plum summer job I might never even have known existed in the mean little rodeo town where I grew up.

Other summers I had worked in agriculture as a truck driver hauling wheat, a dirty and sometimes dangerous job with long hours that for females paid less than half what the males were making but was still a step up from the nurse's aide job that was the other dirty, poorly paid position a teenaged girl in Pendleton, Oregon might expect to perform.

But my status in the town had risen unexpectedly that summer due to my acceptance at a (relatively) prestigious college "back east" in Missouri. I think this fact may have accounted for the boyfriend I acquired that summer, too -- an intelligent boy also scheduled to attend a (bona fide) prestigious college back east, a boy whose mother happened to work in the local state office of employment.

Until then I never knew that there existed one or two decent summer jobs that might be had by people unrelated to the correct blood or property. I learned that a few such rare jobs were kept secret, and never advertised -- to be meted out only at the right time, and only to the right person, from the desk drawer of my beau's mother. At the time I didn't know the young man had told his mother he was going to marry me, but I imagine this fact qualified me in her eyes, perhaps even beyond the prestige of my future alma mater. Therefore did the plum job come out of the desk drawer, especially for me.

Thus I was hired for a summer position at the Federal Aviation Administration, where my job was to update the FAA regulations which resided in large 3-ring binders that almost completely covered one wall in my little office. With no information about the actual content of the changes to be inserted, I received large packets of instructions detailing which old pages should be replaced by which new pages in the much larger packets of official new pages (and pages and pages) of regulations. I don't remember exactly how long I pursued this incredibly boring task before I asked my boss, "The Chief," if he knew why we were making all these changes.

As it turned out, 1970 was the year the federal government decided that the words "supervision" and "supervisor" (and all other forms of the word) would no longer appear in the FAA regulations, to be replaced by "oversight."

I simply couldn't believe it. "But an oversight is an error," I protested. "Why on earth would anyone want to call supervision 'oversight'?"

The chief not only did not know, the chief also didn't care -- not at all, not one bit. It simply didn't matter in the slightest to him, which fact he made abundantly clear. And so, between the two of us, the subject summarily dropped. But it didn't drop in my estimation. I'd read my George Orwell. I knew what language does. It governs thought. Evinced by the ridiculous notion that henceforth no one at the FAA would "supervise" anything or anyone, but would instead begin performing "oversight," I was quite sure something big, and bad, was happening.

A couple of short months later, I flew from that very airport -- on my very first jet flight -- to college.

My college, which you may as well know was Stephens College, was then in its heyday, with more than 1500 young women in the entering freshman class (as compared to around 650 for the entire student enrollment today). In our class were students from every state in the nation, and from several foreign countries.

I remember very specifically that E.E. from Michigan was the first person I ever heard use the word "like" as conversational filler.

E.E.'s father was an engineer, and the family had travelled widely and lived in many places as he moved from project to project, a background his daughter's personality and accent reflected very well. Exceptionally adaptable, and an exceptionally tall, pretty girl with the palest of pale complexions, fine brown hair and the biggest blue eyes imaginable, she had a knack for maintaining herself as the center of attention that extended well beyond what even her apparently unlimited natural sex appeal could hope to muster, and that knack was a great slowness of speech even further extended by judicious insertions of the word "like" in the maximum possible places.

It was irresistible. Not only did it allow staring at this vision of a girl far beyond the moments that would otherwise be considered decent, but it also seemed to convey significant weight and profundity to utterances otherwise devoid of any particular distinction.

I can't say to an absolute certainty, but it still seems to me that E.E.'s personality and habits were widely admired and imitated right from the beginning, and she may very well have been responsible for the establishment of the random and frequent insertion of "like" as a requisite for the newest and coolest in hipsidipsitistical expression. At any rate, by the time the freshmen returned to the bosoms of their families for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I noticed the verbal-extender "like," like a veritable Hamburger Helper for thought-free communing, running rampant through American speech. They even started saying it in Pendleton -- something I hope I didn't have anything to do with, but to which I may, in fact, actually have, like, contributed.

a word in desuetude -Monday, November 5th, 2007

Playing with this number theory carries the pleasant necessity of establishing terminology. "Sextant" is a great word so little used ("fallen into desuetude" -- LALLA!) that I should like to assign it as the sexadecimal corollary to "quadrant." That works, doesn't it?

Which is to say, the regions of the graph in a sexadecimal number system shall be referred to as "sextants."

While looking for a suitable picture of a sextant to display next to its modern counterpart (see Nelson's sextant, at right -- from The American Heritage Dictionary ), another fascinating picure appeared on the same page. It is the sexpartite vault, and I think it a very good beginning to assist visualization of the multidimensional calculations enabled through my system.

Values occurring beyond the plane may be mapped on a dome something like this.

By the way, this is probably the right time to start calling the axes defining the sextants x, y, and zrather than the entirely useless x, x, and x shown in the dictionary drawing I copied as the base art of the animation. In that case, the axes were so named because they merely denote the intersections of the axes. For our purposes, however, it will obviously be necessary to differentiate the three axes.

I'll update the drawing as soon as I can.

look familiar? -Sunday, November 4th, 2007

Long ago I copied an engraving from an old dictionary of the Complete quadrilateral of the equilateral triangle. It seemed significant to my number system concept

but I wasn't sure exactly how.

Periodically running across this drawing in my papers, I would ponder it and observe that the particular nine three configuration for which this studio is named seemed to lie upon this figure.

The question of the sexadecimal numbering system's grid for graphing calculations has remained open. However, lately in wondered how to describe the grid upon which calculations in sexadecimal could be graphed, it seemed obviously that the four quadrants created by the familiar x,y axes would be inadequate (and possibly completely irrelevant) to calculations in the sexadecimal system.

This week I had a little time but needed to be at my desk to receive work anticipated to arrive soon, I decided to render my old graphite drawing in Adobe Illustrator. When I did, it suddenly appeared that a dynamic, multidimensional field could indeed be described with the three axes (pictured in the red broken lines, at right) of the complete quadrilateral of the equilateral triangle. This, I believe, becomes quite apparent through the illustration at right.

To test whether any four points are co-planar, look at the proof here:

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the king's birthday -Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Okay, enough already, you crazy spammers. The King of Thailand is turning 80! A nation, and millions throughout the world, celebrate him and the gifts of his wisdom.

The king enjoys his birthday exceedingly. (As it is one of the most important holidays of the year in Thailand, why in the world wouldn't he?) You can see a picture of him saluting his troops from his yellow Mercedes limousine at right, and also at

I nicked the Thai pix from there, and it's certainly worth a visit to see some of the other amazing sights at the royal b-day celebrations.

The actual birthday is December 5, but celebrations kicked off last year on Dec. 2 when all the armies renewed their allegiance. This year, since he is eighty years old, it would appear the celebrations have already begun.

We heard from him today in his capacity as royal soon-to-be octegenarian, when he said, "Remember to follow your higher nature."

Here at nine3, non-dogmatically speaking, we are all for that.

Therefore, to commemorate the occasion of the existence of such a man as His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great, who "took a sacred oath to rule with Righteousness, for the Benefit and Happiness of the Siamese People, which He has done magnificently, garnering tremendous respect from His people" [quoting the aforementioned url],

we will henceforth allow no nastiness, i.e., expressions of lower nature, here in the guestbook.

Anybody caught may well get blocked. (This means you, you crazy spamming advocates of the self-promoting would-be husband.)

Remember the words of the king, who wants only that we reap the rewards of being good, and kindly do not post that here again.

Blessings, and peace profound,

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Your expressed appreciation is very much appreciated !

Hey, does anybody want to see HARRIER ANGEL in Europe?

I got the email from the EMERGENZA folks inviting us to submit to the festival. If you guys want to start an email campaign to back me up, I'll send them a disc and see if we can play some of their dates.

It seems obvious that the ownership of women by men is an example of an atavism -- a throwback, reverse of evolution, reversion to a more primitive state -- now established in human societies of various backgrounds and traditions. In some societies, the problems are much more widespread, to be sure. Yet it is not a difference of type, but only of degree.

It can happen very quickly, especially where women relinquish responsibility for their own souls.

"Naomi" is a dirge, in the mirror of the soul it reads, "I MOAN." As she bewails the death of self, she says, "Nay, oh me, I moan, nay, oh me!"
"What makes his ove so stony
Naomi, Naomi
What must he know to let her go?

Oh, background,
Oh, backbone.

Woman gave herself away,
She never really cared
She saw that he would wipe her out
It didn't make her scared.

I heard her calling him,
"I want you, I want you."
Help me see this through.

Will he-man still be killing
Naomi, Naomi?
Until the end of time?

Hoe that ground
Hoe that bone

" "Naomi" is one of the top selling tracks from the show.

Check out the sample at

The thing is, we have only to sing the songs for the alchemical reaction to begin. In our hearts, everyone knows how to do it. Everyone wants the same thing.


Be who you are.
for light, life and love,
your cristobal

xto -Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Very nice poetry --

, and music that is simple and smooth enough to stick to the bread in they head, like some nut butter for afternoon audio snacking.

I recommend it.

Thanks for sharing.

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For those who would be the heroes of their own lives, a reminder -Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Ever striving to evade a life of hopeless puddling, I am inspired by the words of Gongora, the great Spanish poet whose verses Picasso transcribed in illuminated pages. At right is Picasso's plate. Here is a translation:

Less soon the swiftest arrow streaks away
to the appointed mark and bites it deep;
no chariot racing soundless over sand
wheels round the goal more silently,

than hastening, than stealing to an end,
our lifetime runs. Let all who doubt
(brutes deprived of reason they will be)
in each repeating sun their comet find.

Carthage bears witness  and still you will not see?
Lycius, your risk is great if you persist,
pursuing shadows, clasping hollow shams.

You'll know scant pity from the passing hours,
the hours that gnaw away at passing days,
the days that eat away at passing years.

"Heroic Sonnet"
By Luis de Gongora y Argote
Translation by Alan S. Trueblood
Illuminated page by Pablo Picasso

A noble light

Mike Pratt is a wonderful performer
The RAZZ -- Nicole

The RAZZ -- Nicole
The RAZZ -- Nicole

In Brookline's Larz Anderson Park, a belvedere situated for communing with trees -- the perfect place for an oracle
Following the marsh inland, you arrive at the millstream behind the old Baker Chocolate factory, converted to residences in the 1980's
The scale of the garden scene creates the mood of childhood for wanderers by the marsh
This is a principality, i.e., it is ruled by a prince, and this is he
dynamic symmetry

March Sky
The moon was about to be eclipsed

Osiris in the world
Osiris with the scarab, Elijah Digger
New Year 2008 dream image (tile)
sexadecimal concept grid
New Year 2008 dream image (tile)
sexadecimal concept grid
depiction of horus in instances where sensitivity to point of view and dimensionality is paramount
Massachusetts December, 2007
Complete quadrilateral of the equilateral triangle and a nine three configuration
For the hero, to make much of time
For the hero, to make much of time
For the hero, to make much of time The King of Thailand's birthday
What's in Roman mortar? Oh, wait. I think I remember this. It's piss. And vinegar. The Japanese figure denoting totality, used here to exemplify a non-dogmatic ideal that through containing all systems of belief nevertheless subsumes all dogma Metaphysics/Physics -- this is all of a hierarchy. That's what's meant when it's said, ''As above, so below.''