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Stristollo - Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

good site


casz - Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

I'm doing a little PR work for a great neighborhood cause. The steeple of First Parish Unitarian Universalist in Dorchester, at the top of Meetinghouse Hill, has been a Dorchester beacon nearly forever, but it now rests sadly in the parking lot across the street until repairs can be completed. A Steeple Restoration Project is underway, but there is much remaining to do to raise funds from grants and generous supporters.

It is to the latter group that Michael Pratt and company belong once again this year as they rehearse for FUNDRAISER IV -- "Pop'n Country  a musical revue" which goes on April 20 and 21 at 8pm, and April 22 at 5pm. Cost is a mere $10 for an evening of wonderful live entertainment in support of a great cause.

Incidentally, "One Thin Dime" is included in the program, and I am thrilled. Michael and Lia Macrina are performing the tune as a duet, and from what I've heard so far I believe it's going to sound just awesome. They are both accomplished singers, their voices blend phenomenally well, and they and the rest of the cast do not stint at the hours it takes to really pull a show like this together.

I saw the show last year and was amazed at the energy and professionalism of this group. They are a real testament to the brilliance and dedication of performers in this area, and living proof that if works on the national stage are not emerging out of Boston lately, it is certainly not for want of local performing talent.

First Parish Unitarian Universalist in Dorchester is a congregation that was gathered in 1630 in England. They set sail for the new world and by 1631 had established their first church here. The church and the congregation are a historical treasure, so I hope those who can will donate, even if you can't attend the show.

We will be shooting video at all 3 performances and hope to put together more fundraising materials from the footage.

Please visit

All assistance is sincerely appreciated.

casz - Saturday, March 17th, 2007

well, i guess you guys are on the record now ; )

thanks for posting -- march madness usually just irritates me, not being a real basketball fan, but at least now you have given me a reason to be interested

let us know how it goes for your faves.

AlbertoGonzo - Saturday, March 10th, 2007

Who in the world would believe that Memphis could win 20 games in a row this year?


I think they're gonna get beat though. Probably in the round of 8.

Thanks for the great posts. I appreciate it.

AdrianDaMan - Saturday, March 10th, 2007

The Blue Devils are going downhill fast this year.

I predict they'll lose in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. Bet on it!

cosmos will save the cosmos - Saturday, March 10th, 2007

"Beauty will save the world" is the motto of the women, infants, children, craftsmen and artisans (w.i.c.c.a) of Griselda's Fat Farm of Studio Art.

I thought it was curious this week to read a reference from antiquity where "cosmos" is used synonymously with "beauty."

As you may know, "cosmos" usually means "the world in its aspects of order and harmony" as opposed to "chaos" which is "the world of disorder and cacophony."

Now I think our avuncular Leo (Tolstoy), who on his death bed uttered the deeply resonant words taken by the w.i.c.c.a. as their by-now famous motto, may have exercised the gift of simplicity with his last breath. "Order and harmony will save order and harmony."

How true.

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viivic - Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Great site. Admin cool boy

Arianadiv - Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

Super :)

Best regards to you and to your project.

good night

casz - Sunday, February 4th, 2007

Thanks for letting the world know that this is a place where some good is coming! I really mean it, sincerely.

Acknowledgment of virtue is indeed a mighty act, and so important as to be essential in this interactive age.

And is isn't really something one can do for oneself, is it?

So without your voice these truths, arts and observations could be drowned in all the cacophonies, non-sense, silliness and caprice we hear, here at the beginning of our new age.

[I love it when the syllables repeat even as the meaning goes on, like in the sentence above: "hear, here". It breaks the mold of the underlying rhythm, going "thump-thump" on a salient point. I really wanted to say, "hear, here, near the beginning of our new age. But I decided that would be excessively exhuberant -- adding an extra "thump" via the rhyme. My word, just look what it does to the pulse! anyway . . . ]

It does look like a lot of people are getting a clue, by the number of visitors linking to the site and discussing its contents in blogs and bbs all over the world. YAY!! blessings and peace be among ye.

It is truly so thrilling to see visits like the one from the astro physics department of a London university yesterday.

I believe there may be at least a chance that people are getting it that there is a transparently obvious and simple way to look at parts of, if not all, the data.

It is a way that does compute, that was arrived at (or, more properly, is arriving) through poetic and artistic questing rather than method science.

But, if the ancient
writings have any sway,
we know that is
really quite okay.

LOL! It LALLA ("Looks A Lot Like Art")!!

I begin to realize on a very personal level the degree to which the internet is such an incredible blessing. It is because of the way my work can keep on working even when I am doing something completely different.

And because of it, my dear readers have perhaps begun to notice and feel the binary force of mind that infuses and inhabits all in this amazing and beautiful picture we all inhabit.

It has been a very busy five weeks, between the Creative Continuum program recently completed and the follow up meeting I had Friday afternoon. This meeting took place between myself and certainly the most distinguished executive I have ever had the pleasure to give presentation.

I showed four packages of material, all inter-related among my projects as examples of enterprise, metaphysics, music, art, mathmatics and polemics.

What will come of it, I cannot say. But I must say it certainly took a surprising amount of time to pull it together.

I'm lucky to have enough space to maintain many of the old computers I've used over the years.

I sensed it would be foolish to migrate things to the newer machines without revisiting various elements to make sure everything still worked with the updated technology.

Since I've never had time for that (it's most important I should keep doing more new stuff instead of re-doing old stuff over and over for no good reason), I just kept the old machines working, too.

Well, in order to pull together all the pieces of the aforementioned four packages, I finally did have to revisit many of the elements and, lo and behold, it caused me a royal PIA over many hours.

The good thing is, now I have this stuff in updated form, and it should be much easier to give comprehensive presentations in the future. If this organization decides not to act I can more easily present to others who may. It is now obvious that the need to perform this gathering process was a big part of why I haven't gone out there pitching a lot more.

Okay, well this was a good long post.

It reminds me I need to get some kind of archiving system going so this page won't be such a load.

Cheers, darlings! I needs must needs must go.

marcuswotznika - Sunday, February 4th, 2007

Just want to say that you have a really informative and amazing site.

Really helped me further, much thanks :-)

2007-01-30 07:04:55

Confidential to the visitor from Turkey who keeps trying to download all of nine3: The server (new this year) doesn't permit site sucks. I gather it is rather foolish to discuss on an open forum what kind of traffic the site is receiving. Suddenly a lot more people start going through the "black hole" sites that hide identity, and I miss my fun with the stats whilst enjoying morning coffee.

But I feel bad for this one. Each morning recently it looks like the traffic is sky high, then it turns out to be just another day where the Turkish server downloaded everything three or four times.

What's so important about having nine3 on your machine, anyhow?

Why don't you drop us a note and let us know!

2007-01-29 16:18:02

Speaking of weird modern cities, does anyone know what kind of atmosphere and culture to expect in Dubai?

Isn't that where they are building out into the sea a number of islands shaped like palm trees that at night from the air will look a lot like a cluster of neon palms? It looks cool -- smooth, not particularly kitchy. Or maybe I just like neon palm trees.

2007-01-29 14:21:27

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2007-01-28 20:57:38

I'd have to agree that most of the cruises are tacky "like disneyland on water."

Or, It's like hanging out in Singapore and having it float into the water (-:

2007-01-26 20:23:36

I am conducting research on blind people in the workplace.

If any of you have heard of stories of brave or newsworthy challenges or have stories to tell me regardingt the topic, please do reply.

2007-01-26 06:59:44

I saw a blog from a guy on one of the lists I subscribe to,
and, the blogger asks, "Why do so many successful entrepreneurs go right back to building another company after they've sold their previous one?"

Hey, I know the answer to this!

Having just finished a sort of MBA (a mini, especially for artists), I can tell you that it is taken as common wisdom (i.e., part of the package of information, knowledge and language given you in the package called the MBA) that selling your company as soon as you are able is the most reliable way to get your money back. Most successful entrepreneurs follow this model of Create/Sell/Create/Sell ad infinitum as their definition of the naturally occurring business cycle.

Further, if you properly differentiate your business with a new company, you can make lots of money at the outset. However, where ever there is money to be made, competition will rush in to grab a piece of the pie. Therefore, before you find you have to start lowering prices, reducing payroll, or doing any of the things that indicate reduced earnings (almost the only thing Wall Street cares about), you need to cash out.

2007-01-26 06:54:20
How long will it take to return to being the country we were before?

I know what you mean! Although, after awhile, it becomes another routine and isn't all that bad -- just an extra hour or two tacked on at one or the other end of your travel.

A friend moved to Singapore some years ago. His salary there is about eight times his salary in the US. (He is a professor.)

Apparently it is very clean there, as you can get arrested for the slightest infraction, including chewing gum in public (which is illegal because of the potential to cause disease through improper disposal).

Otherwise, the country does sound quite a bit like a theme park -- maybe "Future Land".

Enjoy your travailles -- ; ), and thanks for your inputs.

2007-01-26 06:50:35
Travels / travailles

I'm glad there are some areas where being in the poorer way shows one of its advantages
; )

But I sometimes wonder about the sages assertions like "the meek will inherit" and "the small ascend."

There is a lot to be said for simplicity.

2007-01-26 02:32:39

Sorry for the rant, it's off-topic, but everyone might want to think about this. I have traveled in over 45 countries and as I now fly mostly in US, I now see that the majority of poor countries are able to make it easier to travel by air. It is a sad moment for me every time I go to an airport.

2007-01-25 22:08:33

I am going to Singapore in just one week. All I know is that people have referred to it as "Disneyland run by a Dictator". This is supposed to be a VACATION! Has anyone on here acually gone there for vacation?

2007-01-19 03:16:56
Our Team's Presentation

Exhilaration is like a sailboat in a fresh wind. I've slept so little in the past week and a half but would never guess based on how well I feel.

We managed to put together so many exciting ideas despite what I said before about having been deflated ue to the content of the NDA. Our presentation was successful, especially for me, since the Big Firm Who Must Remain Nameless attended with the President of New Business Development in tow. I was fortunate to be passing through the door when he arrived, and without knowing who he was I welcomed him.

After my presentation, he gave me his card and invited me to call.

This is huge.

2007-01-15 12:32:41

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Best regards authors.

2007-01-13 17:56:19

Very interesting site, has a lot of helpful information. I will be glad to see you on my site

Great thanx. Alan

2007-01-12 20:11:15

Immersed in an exciting "mini MBA" program for creatives, it has been such a delight to have begun receiving posts from visitors on this board. Thank you all sincerely.

At first the new course was over stimulating, and I couldn't sleep. Now we are deep in the slog of it and with so much work to do, there is an entirely different reason why I can't sleep: there just isn't time.

I've done a bit of recording of class sessions and interviewing on DV, and it's hard to capture all that I want day by day and keep it logged so it will be useful and easy to edit when the time comes (very soon) to put a final presentation together.

For some years I've been working on an experimental performance venue for presenting my multi-dimensional theatrical pieces. The problem our team has been given could have been easily solved through adapting my concept to the client's needs, and we would have been able to do a fairly highly developed model, too, given the fact that much of the concept, art, and verbiage already exist and simply needed to be adapted to the present situation.

I was excited that the entire team sparked to the idea, and we were off and running.

The problem is that we were asked to sign off on non-disclosure (NDA) a few days after the client's presentation had already been given. That isn't exactly by the book, is it? But it's understood this was a sort of gentleman's agreement and anyway the client didn't really give us any critical information, in my opinion. It appeared to be mostly a formality, and we were assured NDA would be "just a standard form."

Alas, when the forms were passed around for our signatures, a little paragraph about "work for hire" turned out to be in the document. That is, the client will own everything they learn in the solution we present, and we have no rights to it at all. Since I already own copyrights on the basic concept, our adaptation obviously had to be taken off the table.

Right now it feels like we have deflated. I know everyone is trying their best to come up with a plan we likes as much as the original one. There just isn't much time, and this development is an actual reversal, squashing momentum.

So your comments here have been very welcome. It looks like about 6% of those who are looking at this actually feel moved to post a note. I would certainly like to think that those who have something to say will step up. You'll be glad you did!

We are, after all, all in this together, eh. Around here, our work is to come up with a rock remedy for the re generation. "You can change the world. Rearrange the world." I truly believe that.

2007-01-12 13:34:40
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Good luck and keep up good work. Best regards.

2007-01-12 02:36:02
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2007-01-11 22:35:33
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I learned a lot of interesting things from it alles gute :)

2007-01-11 06:33:36
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2007-01-09 08:07:33
I like your site very much indeed.

2007-01-03 09:02:43
See! Be!! a Captain of the Old So[u]l

Asymptote -- !

I have been wondering where is the critical point of coincidence between this plane and its mirror in the mathematical realm.

{See if you are unfamiliar with my hypothesis.)

Today I was looking up "angstrom" (working on concept for a new logo for a name that has a prominent "A"), and I discovered, on the same page, "asymptote."

"Hey," said I.

"Asymptote seems to suggests some very interesting things about how to arrive at accurate results in my dynamic system of number."

When using pi as a moving constant (which I propose literally is the engine of the dynamism (animation) of the world my system attempts to describe, it can be kind of tricky to think of exactly at which point "sums" occur.

Here is the way it appeared to me (American Heritage Dictionary, 1973)

Eureka! {once again, nevertheless with feeling}

Parenthetical to those who didn't visit the concept page above :

(I decided when I heard about pi for the first time around the age of ten years, that what we think of as an anomaly in number (pi) is actually a massive clue to the next level of understanding in calculation. If we could think of a numbering system that uses pi as "one" somehow (i.e., the basic unit), we would be able to see many properties of the world (and number) that are opaque to us now.

(Truly, this is the thought I had at that age. I suspect the same things occur to many children when they hear about pi for the first time, only they have the sense, perhaps, to accept the explanation that it can't be explained, forget about their curiosity, and just move on.

(However I did keep wondering about it. I would have loved to be a scientist or mathematician, but the draw of music, poetry and art was strong. I got little formal training, yet more or less casually, for the past forty-some years since then, I have been trying to formulate such a system and trying to look at pi in a way that is useful.)

Recently I have begun to wonder whether pi (which in my system is constantly "moving" : it is a moving constant) may in fact be the mathematical reflection of the force physicists seek, the mysterious "dark matter" that "unifies" the electrons and allows matter to "cohere" and "adhere.") Anyway. I think they should look at pi more closely.

I had an opportunity to pose a question about this in sound byte form to NOBEL LAUREATE SHELDON GLASHOW the other day on a radio talkshow, but I screwed that up. I hope they will still give me a minute sometime. With a little more practice, perhaps I can avoid being insane with nerves. When I spoke about my hypothesis to the BU super computer team a few years back, their jaws hit the floor, and they offered me an account on their machine on the spot. It would have been great to be able to take them up on it. Too bad about my computer science degree (the one I never even started working on.)

The concept.html page gets many visits from universities from Cambridge (MIT) and Leipzig to (today) Saskatoon (no kidding).

Another component of my system is a simultaneously binary, hexadecimal and double hex "abacus" in it that lets you graphically crunch huge numbers very fast, almost "at a glance" as it were.

(This is the hex system: To get to the figures for the duo-hex system, continue rotating the figures through all quadrants. I haven't completed the graphic for this yet.

Ho-boy. I have burned more than an hour here, and didn't even get around to the subject I came here to write -- essentially, a plea (however well reasoned) for the means to put forward HARRIER ANGEL.

There are actually some real opportunities out there at the moments -- huge ones.

And here am I, still trying to face down the painful fact about myself that indeed I am absolutely terrified. I now have two or three strong, mature female artists in my camp, women I can turn to for advice, women I can TRUST not to be the sort of ambitious, vicious tyrants I have given myself over to in the past whose sole intention is to fleece the flocks for their own opportunities even it (especially if) it means leaving me plucked clean and reduced to a pile of quivering anguish, roadkill in young male ego's relentless drive to fame.

As they mean when they says, "Love like you've never been hurt," -- boy, is it tough to stop reacting to the past.

I just need to make those phone calls. If I will do it, the money will be there.

Please, God! Please God!

gotta go! for light life and love,

2006-12-31 09:30:13
THREADING, and a beard

Wordplay has a subtle effect on mental processes.

We had Christmas Eve dinner with a native Arabic-speaking friend I'll call Little Egypt. This lady is Egyptian [of Italian extraction] and a passionate dancer, like any woman deservedly called Little Egypt.

I complained that I have a hard time finding much in the Koran that hits home with the sort of coup de grace that convinces me that I am in the presence of truth. I usually expect to be inspired in some way when reading books of religion and philosophy, e.g., the Koran or Bible, Mahabarata, Upanishads, Urantia, Cantos, and the like.) But so far I've failed to "get" the Koran in this way.

To illustrate a fundamental of the Arabic language that explains why it may be I am having this problem, Little Egypt quoted some poetry and a traditional proverb in Arabic, and then translated into English. The spoken Arabic had an exciting inner rhythm with many "rhymes" and "slant rhymes" i.e. repeating sounds that had a clearly poetic effect sonically. It was clearly very much like music. Little Egypt said in Arabic a single word can mean many different things, depending on various inflections, which can be stresses, drops, lilts and so forth.

When translated into English, the "sound meanings / relationships" were absent, and I confess I found sense of the words rather odd, if not just silly, conveying little to be certain about philosophically or narratively, at least that's the way it struck me -- and very much the same way as the Koran itself strikes me.

As an English-speaker (with no other languages except a little French, Spanish, Italian and German [in descending order of familiarity]), my response to the Arab proverb was to draw almost a complete blank. My brain just went, "Duh. Huh?"

This isn't a criticism of Arabic per se. I'm certainly not knowledgeable enough to level such. And I sometimes (often) have a similar blank response with zen koans, e.g. However I am just a bit uncertain why it is supposed to be useful or interesting to pay attention to expressions that are not even trying to express anything specific. Anyway.

The beautiful-sounding Arabic proverb translated something like this:

"I went up to the door and knocked on it."

The door spoke to me. "What do you think are you doing knocking on me like that?" he said.

I said to him, "This knocking is making my knuckles hurt, and I'm sick of it."

After a pause in which she contemplated my utter mystificaion, Little Egypt said, "The meaning comes from the sounds themselves. It makes sense because of the sound."

In other words, in Arabic wordplay is paramount, perhaps something as it is to the compulsive punster in English?

Maybe to foster better understanding between cultures, ability to follow thoughts and ideas in this way should be searchable. It seems to me it needs to be considered a form of "threading." Like the way Cat Stevens named his first four albums by repeating syllables from previous album titles, and then turned out to be a muslim sage.

I suppose by now everyone is aware of a sense of "threading" used on the net that means "creating flow of thoughts and ideas through electronic decisionmaking that allows us to keep track of many different "threads" according to subject, writer, date, etc. -- right?

In English, rap lyrics might be one body of our verbiage that could be threaded by this system. Perhaps the rhyme and repetition driving the expression would in the end somehow demonstrate something in the way of a thought or an idea.


Strangely enough, this came to mind because ever since I hit menopause I've noticed a "beard" of extremely fine, pale fuzz growing along my jawbone.

Before you conclude that this is a hopeless non-sequitor, I should mentioin that I'm a pale blond with copious amounts of hair on my head, and very little hair elsewhere.

Any hair that needs to be removed is far too fine to be captured through waxing. I shave my legs, but have been warned not to try shaving my new facial hair as that would only encourage it.

My skin is tough (it doesn't get fine wrinkles), but I do have multiple chemical sensitivity, and this precludes the use of depilatories.

This is where, finally, we arrive at the other sense and form of the idea of "threading."

I decided to try cosmetic "threading" , something I read about in the New York Times a couple of years ago that is apparently an ancient asian technique of hair removal. "Threading" of this type is a way to remove hair by running a loop of twisting thread along areas needing depilation.

This is digital manipulation in a non-pejorative sense, requiring clever timing and motion as well as co-ordination of the fingers of both hands in directing a ripping, twisting thread across hairy skin.

It's a little tricky to get the hang of this technique, but -- WOW! -- is it fast! and it feels good and works great, too.

I even did my eyebrows, which I rarely bother doing because even though it is only about 20 hairs on each side that need to come out to clean up the line, tweezing is far too painful and time consuming, and thus "doing my eyebrows" has been reserved for special occasions when I really want to look my best.

Now that I have reached a certain age (the one where you discover wearing jewelry really helps), it will be really swell -- and it will truly help no end, to have no downy fuzz growing along my jawbone, and to have my brow graced even on everyday occasions with two clear, winglike lines -- tangible enhancement made possible by the ancient art of cosmetic "threading."

So cheerio-O-0! It's NEW YEAR'S EVE!! and already I have already taken a step toward the more lovely and perfect me of 2007. So be it! On with the program.

2006-12-28 18:41:35

Very exciting to see a visit from VOICE OF AMERICA, who were listening to

Red River Valley

If anyone visiting here has any pull with Voice of America, won't you please send them a note and ask them to play this new version of the beloved American classic?

Perhaps because of my pleas for support sending "Harrier Angel" on tour to Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan and other places where Americans fight for human freedom, it is possible Voice of America may be considering adding "Red River Valley" to their playlist.

That would indeed be a testament to the power of the internet.

"If they want the answer
Why angels should be born,
Say just because you wanted it,
Juice and fruit and thorn."

Among the poor and ignorant of the world are a small but significant number who have been taught only to hate and to love only death. I believe this sad and most unnatural condition should not be too difficult to break down. If despots must send some to their deaths in the name of religion, at least let them go not of misguided so-called choice, but in innocence, loving life as all living creatures by nature are blessed to do.

I pray you do not underestimate the power of art to melt the human heart.

2006-12-28 18:12:12

Our first piece of spam showed up on this board today. By its absence you may surmise it was not difficult to remove, thanks to the server support mechanisms.

After looking into this, I see it will also be fairly easy to archive entries when this page gets too cumbersome. Perhaps it should be done monthly.

2006-12-27 19:04:11

Among the problems humankind has brought upon itself, I've decided almost conclusively that sibling rivalry is at the root of most of them.

I don't even remember how the barnyard pecking order came to take over as the order of our universe. For all I know it might even have been my own invention and therefore I am the one responsible.

Perhaps this is the safest belief to assume, or at least the one most likely to light the way out of here.

I need to go back home to visit my family.

Does anyone know how to make yourself do something you do not want to do?

I am still having fun here on the opposite coast from Them. For years they seemed glad to be rid of me, but suddenly I am wanted.

I met a woman -- like me, largely rejected and ignored by disapproving folks who made no bones about their disappointment with her. She told me her family had started demanding that she should come "home" and visit, but when she did, she discovered it was only because they wanted to be mean to her in person.

I don't know why I bring that up.

I know my brother Paul loves me right. I want to see him, and my mom. Paul and wife Natalie are buiilding an amazing house.

It will be grand. I will finish this class and then make plans for the spring to go out to the west coast.

It has been ten years since I've been in Pendleton.

2006-12-25 21:19:08

Thanks for the welcome

Christmas Day falls on December 25. It is preceded by Christmas Eve on December 24, and in some countries is followed by Boxing Day on December 26. Some Eastern Orthodox Churches celebrate Christmas on January 7, which corresponds to December 25 on the Julian calendar. December 25 as a birthdate for Jesus is merely traditional, and is not thought to be his actual date of birth.G'night

2006-12-24 19:28:26

Nice info, big thx.

2006-12-21 10:42:30

Contemplating the plummeting phoenix -- the Year '06.

Such a busy time. My brain is brimming with thoughts I would love to commit to the blog, but alas! a lack of time at the moment.

I am encouraged, but at the same time somehow pressured, by the number of readers of this new experiment. I am eager to share my thoughts yet somehow unprepared as yet to put aside the time to express them in this format.

If you have a specific qustion or comment, I will gladly respond. Aside from that, there are too many choices among things I would like to say.

On a practical level, I am participating in a sort of "mini-MBA" program geared for creative professionals, which promises to be very interesting.

And, of course, the pile of lyrics is growing, along with the desire to devote some months to setting them all in music.

Songwriting can be unpredictable. Sometimes songs fairly leap out full blown, and then other times it takes three tries, and six weeks of solid solitude and some suffering, like it took to get "Duncan's Song."
Today I will leave off with one of the aforementioned lyrics -- a bit of humor for a wild child in the 21st Century.

Here it is:

Electromagnetic induction means
you let it spin and cut the line
when it stops and goes, the current flows
a binary force of mind

Why are all the wires drawing
signals out of range when
By the law of self induction
I must resist the change

What I know is what I know
It comes in through my radio
And what does it say in your dossier?
And if I tell will you take it well?

Why are you hearing sounds like static on the phone
signal to noise improves when you own
the messages and the messages
and the messages are all one
so if your head can take a minor audio tweak
you suddenly find your core information
is travelling peak to peak

So what¥s the frequency, Dan?
a hundred percent out of phase
just flip your periodicity, man
next time you enjoy the exchange


What I know is what I know
It comes in through the radio
So what does it say in your dossier?
And if they tell, will you take it well?


W. Fandango -- oh, where is he
He once explained all this so well to me


All I know is all I know
It comes in on the radio
And what does it say in your dossier?
Well, if I do tell, can you take it well?

copyright Cass von Braun, all rights reserved

2006-12-14 09:07:06

Considering all the variables . . .

"how long" a practice takes before the practitioner becomes successful is entirely impossible to say! I once knew a young man who was born knowing everything about this -- for some it may be inborn! "He just knew."

This particular young man also had a 2nd full set of adult teeth that had to be extracted (so painfully) when he was in his early teens. Perhaps he was truly an advanced specimen, eh! He was from the ghetto, but in his youth he immediately formed what seemed like a deep and exalted relationship with a young Lebanese American lady from a family of considerable means. I have every expectation that this young man was destined to become what the master calls "the superior man." He was wonderful and beautiful.

To become such a being -- "the superior man" -- is the quest of us all. How long it takes depends entirely upon what stage one is in to begin with and what you have to work with -- i.e., your "instrument".

There is a lot of discussion about such matters on the web, you have only to search.

I should put up a special board with the archives of all the discussions that have appeared at nine3.

It is properly a part of the Sacred Erotic practice taught at Griselda's, of course! Griselda's Fat Farm of Studio Art (FFSA) is the utopian society that mainly exists in the musical play, "Harrier Angel."

In my imagination, through the magic of "DRAMATURGY" (another sacred art!) this world will somehow spring to life in the near future -- "It LALLA!" (Looks A Lot Like Art!) That's an invocation at the Fat Farm.

It's fun, TRY IT!

"It LALLA!" Say it, and Griselda's lives.

2006-12-13 18:36:32

ok thanks! How long do you have to practice for this technique to work, especially for injaculation? Also, what have you heard from other people who perfected this technique?

2006-12-13 05:05:35

We have had the deer exercises for men and women on-line since the mid- to late nineties. We have no claims as the originators of the technique, of course, as it has come down through the tao, dating from perhaps thousands of years BC. It was already ancient when Lao Tsu commented on it.

Scouring an antique store in Cambridge, Mass. more than a decade ago, I came across an amazing book, The Secret of the Golden Flower (Richard Wilhelm translation, foreword by Carl Jung). It was pretty expensive by my standards, but I couldn't resist. This is the book that introduced me to the eastern metaphysics involved in "growing the soul." The deer exercises are an important part of it.

2006-12-13 04:50:15

hi there,
are you guys the originators of the deer technique?

2006-12-09 06:53:46

There has been a nice3 response to my appeal to visit Harrier Angel's page at iTunes to purchase the new setting from "Red River Valley" as it appears on the CD.

Another case of "Ask and it shall be given." I love that.

And, with that, I'd like to add that "Harrier Angel" is a "song cycle" that builds to a climax and releases in a true catharsis. People who own the CD itself tell me that listening to the whole thing makes the time just fly. It's especially good for commuting.

The tracks are at
the CD (in a beautiful package) is at

It is actually a little less expensive to buy the CD itself. Roughly, you get 16 tracks for less than the price of 15.

I realize this CD costs more than the average CD at, however since "Harrier Angel" is a work for the musical stage and not a "band" per se, where everyone in the band contributes to the cost and the musicians don't have to be paid, the cost came in at around $25,000 out of pocket, not counting any money for me as writer and producer. $25k is actually an amazingly good price for something that sounds like a major label release (according to Scott Billington at Rounder Records, and plenty of others, e.g.) We were blessed with wonderful (mostly Berklee College of Music) professionals working for relatively low money, an incredible music director who poured her creative brilliance into the harmonies over hundreds of hours that were certainly not remunerated, and an absolutely great engineer, Joe Moody at Danger Multitrack in Providence, RI. Plus, it took more than three years!

"Ask and it will be given," eh? That's so wonderful. BTW, I've noticed in other areas of my life that responding to a request in this way may be enacting divinity. And here is a curious thing I've also noticed: in this "cause and effect" system that is our world, the "effect" part of this "causal" relationship is that the giver may then ask for something on the same level and find it granted quite expeditiously.

Not sure if I figured this out myself or read or heard of it somewhere, but I started testing it in terms of finding parking here in Boston. In Boston it is notoriously difficult to find parking.

I found that if I am up-to-speed on my giving, I can ask ("pray") for a parking space just as I am setting out. By just "thinking" the idea, e.g., "I need a parking space across from Berklee (or the Museum of Fine Arts, or wherever) for one hour," htat parking space will be there when I arrive. The trick is simply that if a bum asks for spare change, give it.

I know a lot of people say it is wrong to give money to bums who will probably just spend it on drink, ergo you are aiding and abetting. But how do you know sit is not the divine plan that this person shall bottom out as soon as possible?

In the "ask and it shall be given" equation, it is not your call to decide what should be done with the coin. ("Judge not.") Your job in this situation is to enact the divine by being the agent of fulfillment.

Just try it sometime. It's really amazing how well this works. Of course, it has to be something on the same level. You're not going to get a producer for your show just by giving a buck to a bum.

And, BTW, you probably should not exploit the situation by overstaying the amount of time you really need. Don't ask for a parking space so you can make it to your music lesson on time, and then decide you might as well stay for another hour or so because it's such an easy walk to Newbury Street and you have some Christmas shopping to do!

2006-12-07 18:45:01

Hi, Sandra. Your English seems not at all bad for the short time you've been studying.

What is your native language?

Since you say you are from Syria, I am guessing it is Arabic, which I understand is a very difficult language also.

It is nice to hear from you. Good luck.

2006-12-07 13:19:49

I'm Sandra,

from Syria,

and I'm 14 y.o

Hi, All

I've studied English sinse Summer .

It's very difficult for Me! Really hard!

I want like to meet girls and practisice My English with them.


2006-11-28 06:33:09

There has to be an exciting and fun way to access sexual bliss that has nothing to do with power, rape, sadism, slaughter and mahem, doesn't there?

No kidding!

I found it in tao. "Tao" simply means "the way." And in the words of the master, "The way is easy and fun."

Hate your rape fantasies? Wish you could stop having them? The Tao of Sex will set you free.

A big part of the message of HARRIER ANGEL and FIN DEMONIUM RAZZ is to revitalize. Music's pulse-pounding rhythms get right to the point. I just want people to realize the old violent, animalistic impulses do not have to take over once the libido gets its head up.

"The sex stuff" here takes you on a different path -- one that uplifts instead of dissipates.

"Did we ever believe it possible humanity would rise above the animal appetites whilst repressing sexuality?" Apologies to those who may think it shameful to quote oneself. (That's on the page and, yes, I wrote it.)

But just look at what has happened to some of our muslim brothers. The more they hide the female, the more intense is the fixation to peek. In extreme cases, the sight of a wisp of hair or a wrist and an arm causes the head to rise. How sad is that? Better to look at a naked lady, or a scantily clad lady -- and get used to it and realize it's natural, and fully okay in every way, to enjoy it.

Maybe coming to this realization will be the very first step some ever take toward self-discipline.

Do The Deer, Brother! Admit it, you don't want to blow yourself up.

That stuff about the sight of anything female causing evil because you like it so much . . . well, I'd like to say there's much more to it that.

It's another case of "The things they say they're doing don't explain what's going down." The veil is a political manipulation having nothing to do with heaven.

I'm not that old, but I remember when "the veil" was re-introduced. It happened in Palestine, at the beginning of the so-called jihad, during my lifetime. It happened after the founding of Israel, at the the beginning of the jihad. The veil was meant as a sign that the female was "one of their own" and therefore not to be raped.

The scenario is in many ways very much like apartheit in South Africa, isn't it? Something ignorant people are encouraged to believe as a way of controlling them. Without education, people quickly forget how recent and how bogus something like apartheit and the veil really are.

Get educated, people!

Here's to bare booty on the sacred stage of live theater.

Help me get a production of HARRIER on stage, and it will prove a revolution. The scene at the end of the second act, "Give In To It, Do Not Give In To It," taking place in a "Garden of Eden" of burgeoning potentials and great hope. If we're lucky and get the right kind of producer. it might even have a few pretty little breasts bouncing around in the sunshine.

"Hearts have dreams like soap bubble sheens, colors round a sphere, one puff they appear. And faith and hope are like soap bubbles, a moment in the air -- in graceful disarray, bulge, float awa-a-a-a-a-ay!"

"Give In To It, Do Not Give In To It." That's the eternal passion play of our carnal state. We all live with it --, and how we make our choices in the face of it proves who we are.

That is why we call it the "Sacred Erotic." It is a magic mirror in which we can see ourselves.

2006-11-27 04:58:21
waltzing bear
This is all over the map with the rock music and the sex stuff. I like it, but I don't get it.

2006-11-17 05:59:39


I guess this is going to be my bulletin board until I can figure out how to put a decent one in place. There is so much work to do on this web site . . .

First of all, thanks to everyone for your entries here.

I realize the CD costs more than most out there, but it's actually $1 less than if you purchased the tracks separately on iTunes.

Unlike most albums, there is no "filler" here -- every song is a great one, and the overall effect of listening to each song in succession is even more powerful. A lot of people tell me they listen to the CD in the car or at their desks, and it just makes the time FLY.

All lyrics are included on the album notes, so that is added value.

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons for the price is found in economics and marketing. According to the benchmarks, I should have manufactured 4,000 CDs just to give away for promotional purposes to try to get market penetration. As it was, I could only get 2,000. The total cost of the CD was around $25,000 -- not including (pardon the pun) "one thin dime" for my work writing and producing.

In other words, this is a high quality disc and a high quality project. People in the industry (a couple of really big labels) have told me that it is a spectacular piece and sounds like a major release, and that a few years ago, they would have been able to offer me a deal for distribution just based on the quality of the disc. But things have changed so much in the industry that now they need a marketing plan and a tour schedule before they can go ahead. I am trying to get these things in place, but in the meantime any purchases at $15 help tremendously, and I know you will be rewarded many times over if you buy it. Thank you for your feedback.

2006-11-13 09:43:25 Maria How come your album is so expensive? I'd get it if it didn't cost this much.

2006-11-01 10:36:49 M S

Just a quick word of thanks!... for posting the words/music for Red River Valley in PDF for free :)

2006-10-31 12:48:05


I LOVE your CD. It reminds me of Rocky Horror, it's in my heavy rotation : )

2006-10-30 12:47:54 xto

The energy we refer to travels not only through the spinal column but also through the system of glands, which must all be attuned and without blockages before its eventual rise to the top of the head where the pineal gland can at last be bathed in vital life force and thus awakened. It is the proper preparation of the physical instrument which enables this.

describes the five sacred rituals used for getting the "propellers" in this glandular system spinning in sync to provide the conduit for the upward flow of the vital life force. This is a natural process that cannot be affected by any efforts of the intellect in isolation from other factors. I have recently seen a number of animations on the web which depict these exercises in detail. There seems to be consensus about the method and sequence of these ritual exercises.

2006-10-30 12:45:32 xto

The deer exercises are a pleasurable way to strengthen the reproductive glands which typically are weak, especially in western men, due to the serious misconception beginning in the last part of the 20th century that masturbation to the point of ejaculation is perfectly harmless. Except for this relatively short period of experimentation with self gratification, masturbation has otherwise been held to be a weakening, dissipating and ultimately limiting and even harmful practice.

I am emphasizing the deer exercises precisely because they can and do supplant harmful activity with a pleasurable yet efficacious alternative under cultural conditions which encourage a bad habit in people who have become so dissipated that it does not occur to them that they are being harmed by a behavior (too frequent ejaculation) even though that behavior makes them feel dull, exhausted, depressed and anti-social. The best way to accomplish this is indeed a difficult challenge.

Just as Dr. Benjamin Spock repudiated his own assertions on child-rearing made in his callow youth, I hope western culture will one day re-evaluate ideas about the harmless fun of masturbation, pornography, sado-masochism and the litany of other practices and predilections which reduce and even eradicate the ability of the human instrument (the body) to attain its self-realization.

Perhaps Mantak Chia has experienced a sensation in the spine like fluid rising up a straw, and thus confuses the effect of attunement with its cause. I believe the sensation he experiences must be something like simple capillary action: when the energy level in the vessel is rising, and the fluid within the "straw/spine" immersed in that body will naturally and spontaneously rise, also, through the phenomenon we know as capillary action.

I believe the purpose of rituals like chanting and counting by nines during meditation are helpful to the processes of attunement and self-realization precisely because they do disengage (distract) the intellect from its compulsion to "think" that such "thinking" comprises the activity of mind.

In the ancient schools, the intellect is described as but one component of mind (it is the swiftest part, because it runs through everything). The other components of mind are time (the wisest part, for it finds out everything), place (the greatest part, for it contains all things), and necessity (the strongest part, for it rules everything).

2006-10-30 12:37:25 Chris


I discovered your "Deer Exercise" recently and have a few questions. You made the comment that energy cannot be forced or guided. This was new to me since my main introduction to sexual energy flow concepts was through the writings of Mantak Chia. Could you comment on his theories? For instance, he recommends "sipping the energy up the spine like through a straw". This would seem to contradict what you have written. So, in my ignorance, I'm asking how to qualify all of what I have read. Any assistance is much appreciated. Chris

2006-04-07 11:40:12 political junky

Hey, this looks promising. I've been hoping to see something like a bulletin board, or a place to leave comments, on your web site.

2006-04-06 17:18:03 Aznornrinda

Tell me, "What kind of ism isoo?"