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The Deer Exercise for Men

The Deer Exercise achieves four important objectives. First, it builds up the tissues of the sexual organs. Second, it draws energy up through six of the Seven Glands of the body into the pineal gland to elevate spirituality. (There is a hormone pathway that leads from the prostate, connects with the adrenal glands, and continues on to the other glands.) Concurrently, blood circulation in the abdominal area is increased. This rush of blood helps transport the nutrients and energy of the semen to the rest of the body.

When energy is brought up into the pineal gland, a chill or tingling sensation is felt to ascend through the spine to reach the head. It feels a little like an orgasm. If you feel a sensation in the area of the pineal gland, but do not feel the tingling sensation in the middle of the back, do not worry. Your sensitivity will increase with experience. If after some time you still cannot sense the progress of energy, certain problems must be taken care of first.

Self-determination is the third benefit derived from the Deer Exercise. If one gland in the Seven Gland system is functioning below par, the energy shooting up the spine will stop there. A weakness is indicated, and special attention should be given to that area. For example, if the thymus gland is functioning poorly, the energy will stop there. The energy will continue to stop there until the thymus gland is healed. When the thymus is again functioning normally, the energy will then move further up along the spine towrad the pineal gland. If the energy moves all the way up to your head during the Deer Exercise, it indicates that all the Seven Glands are functioning well and that there is no energy blockage in the body,. If you do not feel anything during the Deer Exercise, a blockage is indicated. The movement of energy can be felt by everyone if no dysfunctions are encountered.

The fourth benefit of the Deer Exercise is that it builds up sexual ability and enables the man to prolong sexual intercourse. During "ordinary" intercourse the prostate swells with semen to maximum size before ejaculating. During ejaculation, the prostate shoots out its contents in a series of contractions. Then, sexual intercourse ends. With nothing left to ejaculate, induce contractions, or maintain an erection (energy is lost during ejaculation), the man cannot continue to make love. But, if he uses the Deer Exercise to pump semen out of the prostate in small doses, pumping it in the other direction into the other glands and blood vessels, he can prolong intercourse.

Under ordinary circumstances, when the Deer Exercise is not used during intercourse, it will be harmful to interrupt orgasm or prolong intercourse by ordinary means. Under ordinary means, the prostate remains expanded for a long time, unrelieved by the pumping action of the ejaculation, until the semen is carried away by the blood stream. But the prostate is somewhat like a rubber band: it must be allowed to snap back to its original form, otherwise continuous extension will bring about a loss of elasticity. When the prostate loses its elasticity, its function is impaired and it is damaged. The Deer Exercise prolongs orgasm and intercourse, but it protects the prostate by relieving it.

The Deer Exercise is a physical exercise as well as a mental and spiritual exercise. It improves one's sexual abilities as it builds up the energy reserves within the body. Over time, the mental processese are heightened as well, and the outcome is often a glowing feeling of inner tranquility, which is a necessary prerequisite for the unfolding of the golden flower.

This exercise may be done standing, sitting, or lying down.

First Stage — The purpose of the first stage is to encourage semen production

Rub the palms of your hands together vigorously. This creates heat in your hands by bringing the energy of your body into your hands and palms.

With your right hand, cup your testicles so that the palm of your hand completely covers them. (The exercise is best done without clothing.) Do not squeeze, but apply a slight pressure, and be aware of the heat from your hand.

Place the palm of your left hand on the area of the pubis, one inch below the navel.

With a slight pressure so that a gentle warmth begins to build in the area of the pubis, move your left hand in clockwise or counterclockwise circles eighty-one times.

Rub your hands together vigorously again.

Reverse the position of your hands so that your hleft hand cups the testicles and your right hand is on the pubis. Repeat the circular rubbing in the opposite direction another eighty-one times. Concentrate on what you are doing, and feel the warmth grow. For all Taoist exercises, it is very important — indeed, it is necessary — that you concentrate on the purpose of the physical motions, for doing so will enhance the results. It will unify the body and mind and bring full power to the purpose. Never tro to use the mind to force the natural processes by imagining fires growing in the public area, or any other area. This is dangerous.

Second Stage — Tighten the muscles around the anus and draw them up and in. When done properly, it will feel as if air is being drawn up to your rectum, or as if the entire anal area is being drawn in and upward. Tighten as hard as you can and hold as long as you are able to do so comfortably.

Stop and relax a moment.

Repeat the anal contractions. Do this as many times as you can without feeling discomfort.

As you do the second stage of the exercise, concentrate on feeling a tingling sensation (similar to an electric shock) ascend along the pathway of the Seven Glands. The sensation lasts for fractions of a second and results naturally. Do not try to force this with mental images.

Some teachings suggest that thoughts should be used to help or guide energy flow. Those who make these suggestions misunderstand the nature of energy.

There are six forms of energy: mechanical energy, heat energy, sound energy, radiant energy, atomic energy, and electrical energy. We emit electrical energy. The electrical energy in man differs drastically from that used to run a house, for example. The electrical current in the average house fluctuates at 60 cycles per second; in men, 49,000,000 cycles per second. The latter figure is about half that of light, which travels at 186,000 miles per second. So when a man starts to think or breathe, the electrical energy will have already reached its destination. Our thoughts, breaths, etc. are too slow to guide the flow of electrical energy.

What occurs at the unconscious level was not meant to be subject to the control of the conscious mind. If the conscious mind interfere with something it was not evolved to control — helping or guiding electrical energy through visualization, thoughts, etc., — it can cause a great deal of damage. Its interference with the natural progress of energy can cause schizophrenia, brain damage, and a host of other problems. Taoists call these calamities "Disintegration into Evil."

The Deer Exercise is extremely safe — provided, that is, it is not supplemented with techniques of other teachings. For show, various incompatible techniques are often thrown together to create spectacular techniques, but the results are often disastrous. Lao-Tse said, "My way is simple and easy." And true Taoist methods ARE simple and easy.

NOTE A   At first you may find that you are able to hold the anal sphincter muscles tight for only a few seconds. Please persist. After several weeks you will be able to hold the muscles tight for quite awhile without experiencing weariness or strain.

NOTE B   To determine whether the Deer Exercise is having an effect on the prostrate gland, try this test: as you urinate, try to stop the stream of urine entirely through anal muscle contractions. If you are able to do so, then the exercise is effective.

NOTE C   Pressure is being placed on the prostate gland as it is gently massaged by the tightening action of the anal muscles. (The anus can be thought of as a little motor which pumps the prostate gland.) Thus stimulated, the prostate begins to secrete hormones, such as endorphins, etc., to produce a natural high. When the prostate goes into spasms, a small orgasm is experienced. By alternately squeezing and relaxing the anus during the Deer Exercise, a natural high is produced without having to jog ten miles or endure the side-effects of running.

NOTE D   Do this exercise in the morning upon rising and before retiring at night.

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