<bgsound src="http://www.nine3.com/Concert/sounds/liveTMFAD.mp3" loop=1> A Call To Take You In My Arms (Fat Cats Exploiting Artists Again) Harrier Angel, Act I, Take Me For A Drive

Take Me For A Drive, Cheri

The manager said it was an iron clad contract, we had to open up the house
So we jumped in the Chevy, drove twenty-seven hours just to prove that we were serious
Now we're howling like a banshee, hauling ass for Nancy -- sure ain't working for the dough
'cause it was $eventy-five hundred for the man up in the office, and fifty bucks for me and Beau

When it's a cold world, my baby is floored
With high-lift cam, fueler heads and it's never been bored

I'm talking long, broad hot rod covered in chrome, to drive my baby home

Truth in this situation includes the fact that the man up in the office put in a word that launched our scene in a very big way quite a few years back, and he let us out of a contract, too, asking just one thing in return: that we would come back here someday and play a gig for the same rate we would have made playing at his place back then. We shook hands on it and went on what now seems like our merry way.

"Meaning it was sheer terror at the time."

"And now we know."



So anyway when the man called us up about playing tonight, he reminded us that we had a deal.

I said, "I remember that night," and Beau said, "And I remember that handshake. And that means something, so just say when and where, and . . . we'll be there!"

So while this song is true -- because while it literally was "$eventy-five hundred for the man up in the office and fifty bucks for me and Beau" -- in reality this was the least we owed him.

The interest of full disclosure is compelling, so we want to tell the whole story, and it's the reason we're happy to be here tonight.

So thank you, Joe. For you, we've got nothing in our hearts but love.

Nicole Bockman as Cheri