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s e l e c t i o n s from the CD Release Concert, "HARRIER ANGEL -- a rock remedy for the re generation"

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MOVIE SHORTS from LIVE performances
Give In To It
Bad Dream on Easy Street
One Thin Dime

Live full-length tracks from the CD release concert online now:
Take Me For A Drive
Do I Love You

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Won't you come inside?

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p e o p l e Music and lyrics by Cassandra von Braun
Music direction by Sandy Martin with with Didi Stewart in the title role of Naomi Jones, Amber Casares as Angeline, Michael Mazola as Harry Gunn, and Mike Ihde as Buffalo. Nicole Bockman sang backups. Instrumentalists were Adam Feldman on keyboards, Jim Peterson on lead guitar, Chuck Parrish on rhythm guitar, and Kenny Wenzel on flute, keyboards, trombone, and bass. Sandy Martin played electric bass and pedal steel and Steve Bankuti played drums. Narration by Casssandra von Braun. Recording at Club 39 by Bill Smith. Sound system and audio recording at Somerville Theatre by Robbie Jarvis. Videography and photography by Jerry Cacavio, Geoff Morgan, Mike Ihde and Robbie Jarvis

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